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We enjoyed seeing all the C_Two artwork submissions in a @drawtodrive challenge! Red was very popular... and we agree, she does look great in red. The judges chose their top three winners - congrats and keep on creating. #Rimac #CTWO #drawtodrive #hypercar


Have an electrifying 2019 everyone! #Rimac #CTWO #hypercar #bestof2018 #2018bestnine


2018 in a rearview mirror: another noteworthy moment was the announcement of a strategic partnership with Porsche, as it bought 10% stake in the company. We have established further collaborations with automotive manufacturers, as their main supplier of electric powertrain technology. Collaborations publicly announced in 2018 are with CUPRA and Automobili Pininfarina. Furthermore, in just over a year, the company has more than doubled, growing to 450+ people in several locations in Croatia, and a joint venture with Camel Group in China. #Rimac #CTWO #hypercar #bestof2018 #2018bestnine


#Rimac #CTWO #hypercar #2018bestnine


2018 in a rearview mirror: Looking back at all the milestones we have achieved, we picked out a few noteworthy moments to share with our fans. The launch of the C_Two at the beginning of the year was by far the most significant moment, finally showcasing our dream in the making. The development of the car continued intensively all throughout the year, as we are creating a hypercar for the global market, and that is no small feat. 2019 promises a lot of news, as this will be a year prior to the start of the production. We are looking forward to taking you on this journey, so bear with us! #Rimac #CTWO #hypercar #bestof2018 #2018bestnine 📸 @gfwilliams


The selected details of the Rimac C_Two. . . #Rimac #hypercar #CTWO #bestof2018 📸 @theautofocus


Are you ready for the new year? Where’s the party? We’ve got a calendar packed with action for 2019, can’t wait to share it all with you. #Rimac #hypercar #newyear


We wish you a very merry Christmas! Enjoy the festive season with your loved ones.


Season’s greetings from all of us at Rimac. #happyholidays


It’s always inspiring to walk around our facility and see all the machines in action. Another big year is ahead of us, and we are looking forward to sharing all the upcoming milestones in the C_Two development with you. #Rimac #CTWO


Alive with technology, the #Rimac C_Two has a distinct aerodynamic profile and some active parts improving performance and adaption to different driving scenarios. More about the development on the link in bio.

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