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@bobbarrettphotos in action on his Ace. Photo by @stuhbaker. #ritte #ritteace #rapha_rcc


@edelhelfer from the Portland Bicycle Studio Away Team at speed.


Lake view. #rittesnob 📸 by @jacky_carving at Lago di Toblino


Another Ace ready for the road @rittetaiwan


Yow! @cyfac_calvin has a MurderAce that's ready to cut ya, cut ya real bad with those @blackinc wheels. 📸 by @cyfac_calvin


Is it crit season yet? 📸 by @jaydelili #ritte #ritteace


A rare 8055 Track in action. Be sure to catch it at CityLimits fixed crit Oct 21st. Photo by @nomates.cc at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


@james_alexander and his original Bosberg. That's a handsome combo. 👌 #ritte


It is very rare that I post something from another cycling company here. But it’s also very rare that I come across a product that is so beautifully unique. In a world of plastic squares, there’s a cycling computer that is truly as beautiful as one of our Rittes: carved from aluminum, intricately detailed, with precisely-sweeping analog hands and state-of-the-art guts—each assembled one at a time in Finland. Make no mistake, the @omata One is as useless as a fine diver’s watch and as costly as a hand-tailored kit. It exists not to push the boundaries of what a computer can do, but to perfect the aesthetic of your ride. It is the steel bike in a sea of carbon racers. It is a fine beer among health smoothies. It may not be the practical choice for most, but it’s my choice. And I’d love to see more of them complementing some of the Aces and Snobs out there. 1000 will be made this year, you can preorder yours at omata.com at Helsinki Finland


@robbiedou got the latest Ritte kit. Now his life is complete and he can join the Elders on the ark ship orbiting Europa. #blessed


Riding into Monday like... 📸 @ysekiguchi25


@sean_sako from @sako7official might be as swanky as his Ace. 📸 by @_robward at Cape Town, Western Cape




Check this @ritteaustralia Snob built up by @skunkworks_bikes 🇦🇺 at Rapha Cycle Club Sydney


@hyunhovv ascending. #ritte #ritteace


It's been a long time since we've come across a really well executed #jockeypose - This one is brought to you by @jeffsack with his mint condition Bosberg 3.


A lovely shot by athlete @jan_wiedemann_paracycling of his Vlaanderen. #ritte #paracycling


@meazini and her Bosberg. at Han River, Seoul, South Korea

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