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Looong time ago when I walked away from this rollover crash without a scratch. Fell asleep at the wheel & drove up the side of a mountain at 3AM and rolled back down. Ended up in the middle of the road upside down hanging by my safety belt. Just as I crawled out of the door window and got to the side of the road, another car came speeding around the corner and slammed into my car. Then he backed up and took off and disappeared. Cops showed up and wrote me a ticket for zero tolerance but then had the decency to drive me home. Weirdest night ever, but hey I made it out alive. Guess it wasn’t my time to go🙂 . Thx @lexususa for making the SC300 a rock solid car that saved my life🙏🏼 . . . . #tbt #lexus #crash at Santa Clarita, California


Spending time with the niece before #stagecoach☺️ at Stagecoach Festival


Sunday with the riffraff at Coachella or Sunday with this baby instead?!? #nochella #720s at Newport Beach, California


Headed to San Diego for a few hours🚁🚁 at Hawthorne, California


Isn’t this what center consoles are for? 🤔😆 at Los Angeles, California


For you fellas in SoCal who want the best cut hands down, go see my barber @wester_barber or @californiafades310 @arod23pr & the rest of the crew at @elegancestudio💈💈 . Edit: I have no idea what the name of the song is or what the lyrics say😆 (repost from Wester’s IG, he’s from Puerto Rico) at Elegance Studio


A very Happy Birthday to @arminvanbuuren - one of the most important & influential people to me personally. No matter what life has thrown at me over the last 16 years, Armin’s weekly A State of Trance show every Thursday has always been there to help me escape when needed & to keep me focused when that was needed too. From all of the times when I thought I’d never make it through something difficult to when life couldn’t get any better, it was the power of music that carried me above & beyond. Armin, I can’t thank you enough for all the positive impact you’ve had on me personally & for the beautiful people all around this amazing world we live in. I’ve been with you since you only spoke Dutch, and now you speak better English than I do. There’s few people we can say actually made the world a better place, but you’re one of them. And this is why you’ve been voted the world’s #1 DJ 5 times now. Have a good one, man.👍🏼 at Hollywood Hills


Christmas in LA...Hey, we try 😆 . . #christmas #losangeles #california at Los Angeles, California


3 stallions running wild through Beverly Hills 🐎🐎🐎💨💨 . . #fbf #losangeles #california #beverlyhills #458spider #488spider #ferrari at Beverly Hills, California


Amazing sunset tonight🛶🥂 . . #losangeles #california #newportbeach at Newport Beach, California


Hard to say goodbye to this beautiful machine but summer’s over & she’s now back to stock and in the arms of a new owner. She was certainly one of the most beautiful cars I’ve ever owned inside & out but I’m happy that she’ll be staying in California so maybe we’ll see each other again. In the meantime, I’m working on the new baby. Who thinks it’ll be another Ferrari?!?🤔😋 . Have a great week y’all & let’s pray for the people & families of the shooting victims in Las Vegas.😔 . . #losangeles #california #supercar #ferrari #458spider at Los Angeles, California


Cruising around Newport Beach with my chauffeur Ms. @joanna_mer_ka_do 😎 . . #losangeles #california #ferrari #458spider at Newport Beach, California


Who'd you rather: Ms. @joanna_mer_ka_do or my 458 spider? 🤔😎 . . #losangeles #california #supercar #ferrari #458spider at Newport Beach, California


Sunday Funday Gangnam Style😎🇰🇷 . . . #seoul #korea #ferrari #gangnam #488spider at Gangnam Seoul Korea


Bummed I can't make it to Monterey for car week. I guess I'll just have the streets of LA all to myself😈 . . #losangeles #california #supercar #ferrari #458spider at Los Angeles, California


Lunchtime😎 . . #losangeles #california #supercar #ferrari at Costa Mesa, California


These are the sounds us car guys (edit: & gals) live for☝🏼 . . . #losangeles #california #458spider at Newport Beach, California


She wanted to have a drink by the beach so I obliged🥂...Enjoy the rest of your weekend y'all🤘🏼 . #lagunabeach #california #supercar #ferrari #458spider at Laguna Beach, California

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