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Sometimes it's just the subtle things we change in life that make the difference. at Beverly Hills, California


Coming soon: another opportunity for more IG followers to drive my baby...What was so funny, last time the people who got to drive were so perplexed that someone would actually do this that even when I showed up with the car they still thought it was a scam and were looking at me like "is this for real"? 😂. Anyway, more details later. You guys have a good weekend✌🏼 at Costa Mesa, California


As promised, over the weekend I chose 3 random IG followers to learn how to drive a Ferrari and yesterday they all got a chance to drive my car. After a quick class, I must say they were all very different people but all did very well! Here's a bit about them: . @alexabboud (Alex) was first to drive and he's a young guy who's passionate about cars and was simply looking to enjoy the experience and pick up some motivation in the meantime. He's starting out in Real Estate and moved here from out of state to have a fair shot at success. He really had a good time and was very appreciative of the opportunity. You're very welcome & I wish you the best of luck, Alex! . @n54_joey08 (Joseph) was next and he came down to LA/OC all the way from Bakersfield to get away & enjoy the weekend with his girlfriend. He's another young guy who's more of an entrepreneur and who is at the stage where he's trying to strategize how to start his own business and work for himself. In the meantime, he's attending business school to learn the business side of things. I have no doubt he will succeed and whatever he does. Good luck Joseph! . @joanna_mer_ka_do (Joanna) was last and she was actually the most confident driver of the 3. While both Alex & Joseph drove perfectly, I think they took it easy out of respect for the car & me and that says a lot more about them than they know. However, Joanna was in the mood to forget about everything else for a moment and just really enjoy the experience and so I let her drive however she wanted and she seriously drove like a pro. I didn't have to coach her at all and I wasn't worried she was going to curb the wheels or scrape the nose of the car or anything😆. We grabbed a bite to eat & talked about life and the challenges we both have and I think we'll probably be friends for a long time. Thanks Joanna for being so cool & fun and I hope you had a good time. 👍🏼 . . #losangeles #california #newportbeach #ferrari at Costa Mesa, California


Who's ready for the weekend? I'm giving lessons on how to drive a Ferrari this Sunday. A couple of you will be able to drive my car & highlights will be posted here. Am I crazy for doing this? Yes. Almost as crazy as those peeps from the gym in my IG story right now🤡...Anyway if you're interested and in the LA or OC area, comment below or hit me up via DM. . . . #beverlyhills #california #ferrari #458spider at Rodeo Drive


Morning guys - make it a great week💪🏻 . . #beverlyhills #california #ferrari at Rodeo Drive


Happy Independence Day America. Let's drive some cars, shoot some guns, drink some beer, n hang out with family & friends 🍻🇺🇸🤠 . . #losangeles #california #usa #ferrari #freedom at Los Angeles, California


We goin on a test drive in 2 weeks...This is how it should be with relationships too, start off with a full "test drive" & make sure you're "compatible" before wasting each other's time. Ya know, get the important dealbreaker stuff out of the way first😈😝 . #losangeles #california #mclaren #720s at McLaren Newport Beach


Gorgeous day today. Who knows this spot? 😝 . . #losangeles #california #ferrari #newportbeach at Newport Beach, California


Bath time . #losangeles #california #ferrari #458 at Tustin, California


Danger danger it's hump day y'all😜🍑🍆 . #losangeles #california #oc #ferrari at The OC - Southern California


When she came into my life a few weeks ago, the first thing she said to me was "babe, I want to get some bolt ons." Of course I immediately told her "you don't need those baby, you're beautiful just the way you are."..Then she said, "but babe, I'll let you touch & play with them whenever you want and I'll never say no." 😳🤔After thinking about it for a minute, I wondered why she was even asking me, so I asked her "why are you asking me, oh wait, you want me to pay for them don't you"!? She winked & smiled and so yeah, here she is with her new bolt ons 😒😭💸 . #losangeles #ferrari #458spider #tagmotorsports at TAG Motorsports


She's on her way home😍. @tagmotorsports @jplogistics . #losangeles #california #ferrari #458spider at TAG Motorsports


She's getting some tint & @xpeltech ultimate paint protection. Thank you @stickercity for the friendship over the years and for the great work you do🙏🏼...Next stop Tag Motorsports👀 . #losangeles #california #ferrari #stickercity #458spider at StickerCity


When you begin to see the start of the week as fresh new opportunities for success & growth, Mondays suddenly become more exciting and more meaningful than the weekends💪🏽 . . #losangeles #california #beverlyhills #ferrari at Rodeo Drive


I don't know wtf this is but I want it😃 . Enjoy the rest of your weekend y'all . . #losangeles #california #wtf at West Los Angeles


Double trouble! Beautiful day on Rodeo with my bro @producermichael . . #losangeles #beverlyhills #rodeo #shopping #coffee at Rodeo Drive


Headed to an LA Angels game tonight. Gotta represent (the other side of town)😆✌🏼 . . #losangeles #california #dodgers #angels #la at Angel Stadium of Anaheim


Rippin through Beverly Hills with @producermichael 🏁🐎🐎 . . #losangeles #california #beverlyhills #ferrari at Beverly Hills, California

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