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직장인의 주말 ✈️
Jongbin Francis Song
맑은 하늘 행복한 하루 🍽✈️🙏

🆘 Please read. . When did I become like this? It’s hard to remember when these mental illnesses invaded my mind and made a mess in my life. Not so long ago I would have been ashamed of sharing this with you, but not anymore. I can’t do group therapy (because my social anxiety won’t let me), but I can definitely write messages that might help other people feel better and understood. . Some people try to make me feel better by saying I should be happy to have such a beautiful family — which only makes me feel worse and even more guilty. See, I don’t choose to be the way I am. I don’t choose to starve myself because I cannot eat, I don’t choose to suffer from BDP and disassociate from my own mind and body when I’m overwhelmed. I don’t choose to have breakdowns and I certainly do not choose to hurt the people I love when I’m literally not myself. . I’m tired, but I’m also here for you. I know this is a fight thousands of people fight every day. So if you need me, I’ll be there for you. Regardless if we’re friends or completely strangers. You have my support. . Lots of love you all of you! ❤ // Photo by


I had the pleasure of being interviewed today by the beautiful 👌🏻! Check her YouTube channel here: #/c/FlaviaMonteiroTV ❤️! We spoke about La Peau Sauvage, immigration to Canada and eating disorders. I had a great time! ✨


My kind of Saturdays ☕️🐱


Another beautiful shot from 📸❤️! It's important to celebrate the people we love. We never know when will be the last time we'll see them. So say "I love you" as much as you can and be kind to each other. ✨


Love of my life! ❤️ Without you, @jeremiahsins, I don't know what I'd do. Thank you for always being by my side. I love you to the moon and back! 🌚❤️ // Photo by


Picture by 📸! She's having an exhibition tomorrow at 5757 Ave. Wilderton from 6pm to 10pm! ❤️ I'll be there at 8pm! Come join us! There will be wine and finger food! 🍷🍪


Happy world cat day to my beautiful princess @ellie_ragdoll and to all the cats in the world! ❤️


Photo by 📸✌🏻️




Back in Montreal but already missing my vacations in Rio! at Armação Dos Búzios, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil


Time to go back home ✈️🇨🇦


Missing my lovely princess already! 😪 I love you, @junocacau ❤️


Happy birthday to the sweetest person in the world! 💝 Everyone who knows my Mommy would agree with me! 🎂 Eu te amo, mamãe! ✨


So much love for our beloved @ninehermann ❤️! We wish you the best of luck in this new beginning! ✨ Te amo muito, Patinha! 🦆


I missed my dog brother so much! ❤️


So much love! ❤


Having a husband like you is the biggest blessing in the world 🙏🏻✨ at Cristo Redentor Rio de Janeiro


There are no words to describe how much I love him! ❤️ Best-bestest-ultra-friend! @danielraposo87 at Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro

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