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AmIrite? #deadpool #robliefeld #christmas #marvel


Tonight! Robbie and Toddy and the rest of the Image Comics gang are on your telly for the season finale of Robert Kirkman’s Secret History Of Comic Books! I’ll be live tweeting at Twitter - @robertliefeld is my handle! #robliefeld #imagecomics #youngblood #deadpool psssst, catch The Goonies playing right before it!


My wife brings home this new LIFE magazine, Rise Of The Super Hero special from the market. Really cool stuff on how important the comic book Super Hero has become to the culture at large. Watch @amc_tv tonight for an hour long special on Image Comics! #robliefeld #deadpool #imagecomics #stanlee #toddmcfarlane #marvel


So, it’s been 27 years since I put pen to paper and conceived this nut job into existence. Dec. 11, 1990 seems like yesterday. Happy Birthday, Deadpool, leave some cake for the rest of us!! Thanks to all of you for all the support! #deadpool #robliefeld #newmutants #xforce #cable #marvel


TONIGHT, 7pm pacific @amc_tv!! The season finale of Robert Kirkman’s Secret History Of Comic Books, IMAGE COMICS!! I have seen this episode and I can guarantee that everyone who has supported Image over our 25 years will love it! It conveys the fun and camaraderie that was shared during this seminal period in comics! #image comics #robliefeld #jimlee #toddmcfarlane #jimvalentino #marcsilvestri #whilceportacio #eriklarsen #robertkirkman


#Repost @joshbrolin (@get_repost) ・・・ How ironic that I wake up to this this morning while I was thinking of the purpose of trolls. What is the purpose of a bully? Someone who finds satisfaction in making someone feel less than. I had this troll yesterday, I have quite a bit, and for no reason (not political, or otherwise) felt the need to shit on my professional and personal life. Why? It happens all the time and this time I think it hurt because I went on his page and saw that he was a father to a young child. And I thought, this is how it all starts: the shootings, the hate, all the vitriol. “Let me see if I can, unprompted, make someone feel like shit about who they are. I just want someone else to feel like shit”. I was bullied as a kid. It’s horrible when you feel you can’t fight back. Now, I can handle it, this kid shouldn’t need to. Nobody should really need to. —- ....JB #Repost @danawhite ・・・ Meet Keaton Jones a very smart little boy who is being bullied at school. This video is heartbreaking!! I want to bring Keaton to Vegas and hang out at UFC Headquarters. If anyone knows how i can reach the family please let me know. Thank u everyone # # # KEEPING KEATON IN THE CYCLE because it’s a reminder to me and to everyone that we should be kinder to each other. Build someone up instead of tearing someone down today. Leave a positive comment instead of something mean. We can do this! #keaton


If my #2017bestnine looks like it was invaded by a familiar face, you are correct. This is the year CABLE came to life on film! Just wait until you see Josh Brolin bring him to life in Deadpool 2!! What an amazing year it’s been! Creatively it has been so incredibly rewarding. Look out 2018!!! #robliefeld #deadpool #marvel #cable #xforce #thanos


One last memory of a great evening out with my oldest boy. Fun times, Luke! I am your Father!! #starwars #lastjedi


What a great night at STAR WARS:THE LAST JEDI! We all love Star Wars, right?? I’ve loved it for 41 years and man I was nervous to see this latest installment. I could not have been more elated and impressed. Rian Johnson clears the highest of bars. I’m certain you will share my excitement towards Last Jedi! Can’t wait to see it again. And again! I avoided all spoilers for the last 3 months, I strongly suggest you do the same! And the comic book tribes were well represented, so much fun hanging with Robert Kirkman and Jim Lee! My son Luke was even more elated than I could imagine. It’s a great adventure with tremendous emotional pay off! May The Force Be With You! #starwars #lastjedi


First rule of Star Wars, if your son is named LUKE, he goes to Last Jedi Premiere! #starwars #lastjedi #robliefeld at Shrine Auditorium & Expo Hall


Hey, Crazy Pants!! What are you doing?? This is the last weekend to take part in my FREE COA’s with every order offer at my website! Link in my bio! Do it now, before supplies run out!! #robliefeld #deadpool #cable #xforce #marvel #domino #robliefeldcreations

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