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The reason I was excited to see ONLY THE BRAVE is because the film hit home so hard. 9 years ago, 2008, the fire jumped the freeway & embers hit the hills surrounding our neighborhood. Top pic is us & our neighbors watching to see if we were in imminent danger. 20 minutes later our hill lit on fire & we packed as many photos and artwork that 2 cars could possibly hold. It happened so fast! The embers travelled miles in minutes, suddenly it was upon us. I jammed my car, Joy took our 3 kids and we drove away. The last pic is our house, that’s our back balcony as our surrounding neighborhood was engulfed in flames, taken from my back hill. We left as the fire trucks were rolling in. I’ll never forget the giant plane flying low and dropping retardant on all of us as we were packing up. It didn’t seem possible to hold the fire at bay. I fought back tears the entire drive to Joy’s dad’s house, not because of the lost stuff but the memories and uncertainty ahead. It’s terribly traumatic. A father of my son’s friend called me and said “We are gonna do our best to save the neighborhood.” Early next morning I snuck back up and the neighborhood was indeed saved. I’m still stunned. The fire burned up to the property line of my back fence, the hills were charred, my pool water was low, used in defense by the brave firefighters. I met Fireman Bob & Fireman Tom and thanked them repeatedly. They smiled, it was their job they said and they were happy to do it. They worked all night to save our homes. I still see them at the coffee shop & diner and always, always thank them. Last week they were gathered at the Subway in between fighting the Canyon Fire. HEROES ALL. This film celebrates and honors ALL first responders and their courage and bravery. It’s wonderfully entertaining & uplifting. #onlythebrave #joshbrolin #firemen #hotshots


Whenever I see the above pic with Spider Man and The Avengers, I do a double-take and chuckle to myself. The obvious influence that Spidey has on my original approach to Deadpool is crystal clear. “He’s Spider Man with guns & swords” was my elevator pitch. Then, they let me tie him to Wolverine’s origins w/Weapon X/Workshop and I made him a Merc due to my love of Boba Fett! Talk about a pop genre mash up!! Thank you for loving him over the years so, so much! And thx Joe Kelly for breaking that 4th wall. #robliefeld #deadpool #marvel #xforce #robliefeldcreations


Just received these CGC 9.8 Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe Again Variant covers Signed by myself and @therealstanlee and put a few up in the store. Link in bio! Happy Monday! #robliefeld #stanlee #deadpool #marvel #wolverine #spiderman #hulk


Original Deadpool/Venom Remarque during Rams/Jaguar game! Up at my shop along with plenty of other exclusives now! Link in bio. #robliefeld #deadpool #cable #venom #marvel


Assorted #deadpool and #cable sketches from the sketchbook. Mostly un-used, never know when they’re going to be enlisted for a cover or page! #robliefeld #xforce #marvel #robliefeldcreations


The director of Bone Tomahawk has done it again! @brawlincellblock99 is freaking awesome! The single best and most dynamic performance of Vince Vaugh's career, he's amazing as an honorable but terrifying criminal. Don Johnson as bad ass old guy is my favorite Don Johnson ever. Writer/Director Craig Zahler is 2 for 2, what a talent! Highly recommended if you like Grindhouse, Tarantino-esque fare! So good I've watched it twice today! On iTunes and Amazon right now! #brawlincellblock99 #vincevaughn #donjohnson


Sans lederhosen... and I have no idea what’s going on with Joy’s shoulder. #oktoberfest #robliefeld #oompapa


IT’S A WRAP!! Congrats cast and crew for your amazing work on Deadpool 2! Congrats to Ryan, David, Josh, Zazie, T.J., Aditya, Rhett, Paul... all involved!! I may not sleep until June 1st! Holeee crap I can’t believe this happened, my babies are all coming to life at a theater near you this summer!! So excited!! #robliefeld #deadpool #cable #domino #xforce #marvel #robliefeldcreations #arobliefeldjoint


These are a few of the NEW exclusives that I’ll be bringing to @stanleecomiccon in 2 weeks! Quantities will be limited and my VIP packs are alway the best value! Link in bio! #robliefeld #marvel #deadpool #cable #xforce #newmutants #robliefeldcreations


A pair of Remarque’s on virgin Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe Again variants. Up at my store shortly. Link in bio. #robliefeld #deadpool #stanlee #marvel #hulk #wolverine #spiderman


I know you're probably buried under 2 tons of Hellboy make-up right now @dkharbour but I cannot tell you how psyched I am for Stranger Things 2!! The entire family is preparing to park it in front of the Telly on Oct. 27, brother!!! That new trailer!!! Out of my mind!! #strangerthings #netflix


In all honesty, I didn’t get the chance to draw the classic New Mutants line up much. By the time I arrived, the book was in need of a shake up and I was brought in to change the direction of the series. The work that Bill Sienkiewicz did with Chris Claremont was the pinnacle of the series up until that time. Then, years later, a friend of mine, a man called Cable, came along and turned everything upside down. The New Mutants film looks outstanding, check out that trailer that dropped today, it really echoes the classic line up at its all time best! I love the confidence that Fox has brought in varying the approach to all the X-franchises. Such a great universe to play in. I should know. #newmutants #robliefeld #marvel #20thcenturyfox #joshboone

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