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X-FORCE! My original line up is returning for all new adventures with a much younger Cable to provide additional conflict and drama. There is tremendous potential here, should be a fun ride. It was weird drawing a younger, slimmer Cable, it took me a few tries to get comfortable but that’s always the case no matter what character or new depiction. Look for this variant in stores this December! #robliefeld #cable #deadpool #domino #warpath #shatterstar #xforce #marvel #robliefeldcreations colors by Romulo Fajardo Jr.


Today’s #CaptainMarvel/Brie Larson trailer drop has me all geeked up, so much so I had to grab my Ms. Marvel comics from the 70’s. Before she was your Captain, Carol Danvers was “Ms.” Marvel and powered through her own series, launched in 1977. Chris Claremont did all the heavy lifting back then, known for portraying strong women, his Carol Danvers was among the best of his work, he authored the majority of this run. This period of comics, known as the Bronze Age, was my peak comic collecting era. #captainmarvel #marvel #davecockrum #chrisclaremont


CAPTAIN MARVEL! Long time fan of Carol Danvers, the character Brie Larson is playing in the upcoming film release. Her 1st appearance in the Marvel Universe occurred in Marvel Super Heroes #13, created by Roy Thomas and Gene Colan, Dec. 1967. She has a long and glorious history in the Marvel Universe. #captainmarvel #marvel #avengers


Signing off for the night, celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Battlestar Galactica with this little trivia morsel, reminding my geek brethren and sisters of the mighty @rickspringfield contribution in the pilot as Apollo’s younger brother, Zack! A few years prior to his Jesse’s Girl mega success! Man did I love this show! #battlestargalactica #rickspringfield


CABLE! New bust from my friends at @gentlegiantltd coming your way in December! My time traveling super soldier will look great on your shelf! #cable #deadpool #robliefeld #xforce #marvel #robliefeldcreations #pouches


Love this kid. @chaseliefeld #proudpapa #ucla #bruins


How GREAT does DOVE look on the upcoming Titans show? I’ll tell you, I still can’t believe the production was able to secure the services of Minka Kelly for the role of Dawn Granger! Bringing Dawn to life is one of my proudest career achievements, 30 years strong this past summer, and seeing her in flesh and blood and with such impressive costume design is a thrill! Hoping the show is a huge smash for everyone! #dove #hawkanddove #dccomics #titans #robliefeld #barbararandall #karlkesel #robliefeld


AUSTIN!! How is it that I’ve never been to a show in Austin?? I’m correcting that next weekend, hope to see you there! My VIP Packages are available at my site, link in my bio! #deadpool #cable #XForce #domino #hawkanddove #robliefeld #marvel #wizardworld


This is what it’s all about! Met this lovely talented young lady this evening while we were out at dinner! I love meeting young artists and she showed me her terrific work, including this Deadpool illustration I’ve loaded here. Great meeting you @blueeyed_blonde32 #deadpool


Wandering the shops before the movie and picked these up at a toy store. My boy KANE will eventually make his way to the silver screen alongside Deadpool, Cable and Domino. Who do we see portraying him? I’ll check your suggestions below! #robliefeld #deadpool #cable #domino #xforce #marvel #robliefeldcreations #Kane at Buena Park, California


Added the new Kabukimono Deadpool from @Bandai to the ever crowded shelf. #cable #deadpool #xforce #robliefeld #marvel #robliefeldcreations


The concert was over and the rest of the band exited the stage leaving the surviving members of the Hotel California/The Long Run era of The Eagles, including founding member Don Henley along with Joe Walsh and Timothy B. Schmidt to exit together, triumphantly, to the cheers of a crowd that adored them. The Eagles are the soundtrack of my younger life. Their music holds so many great memories for me, those perfect harmonies engrained in my head forever. This is the 2nd time Joy and I saw them with Glenn Frey’s son, Deacon, who is the spitting image and voice of his late father. What a great concert, they played an epic 3 hour set. Vince Gill has blended with them so effortlessly he is a perfect addition to the band. Great memories with my wife. This was our 5th time seeing them since 1994 and even with Glenn Frey gone, we agree it was their best and most inspired performance since we saw them reunite for the first time in 14 years back in 1994. My favorite of all time.

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