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Racing Services 94 Wins, 8 Championships Indy/Nascar/Drift/Dogbox/QC Rear/Car Builds/E46/S550/ 6XD Sequential gearbox [email protected]

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Bigger shop coming! 2000sqft being added by end of year for 6000sqft total. The 6XD sequential has taken off world-wide n need more production n assembly areas. Not to mention bigger custom build projects. Thank you everyone around the world for trusting RTS with your race builds... RaceTechServicesInc.com Ph: 714.290.5276 @ssmanufacturing @gforcetransmissions #aredrysump #rtsss6XDsequential #rtsquickchange #rtsracing #rtsdriveline #rtsengineering #rtse46anglekit #rts #rts #rts6XD #rtsproperracingparts


" LASSST CALLLLL " ONLY 4 units left at the Special $12500 Discounted pricing!!! SAVE $3000 NOW. Thank you all for such an amazing response for the 6XD, the STRONGEST torque rated 5 and 6spd sequential in world @ 1800ftlbs THE LAST 4 UNITS ARE FREE SHIPPING IN USA... After these 4 unit are gone, the MSRP to be 15500. Or more.... [email protected] PH: 714.290.5276 RaceTechServicesInc.com Thanx for your amaaazing support. RTS 🚘 / SS manufacturing 🚘 @ssmanufacturing @gforcetransmissions #6XDsequential #RTSS6XD #rtsdogbox #rtsdriveline #rtsengineering #rtssequential #sssequential #rtsss6XDsequential #transam #transamtransmission #driftingtransmission #rtsracing #rts #rtstransmissions #rtsrick


Still Handsome as ever the past 5 years, Coby of course, ya ya Daddys ok also hahahaha. 11yrs old thru 15yrs old Mr Coby... Thnx for all your support ragarding Coby, PAWS UP...🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾


Happy 15TH Bday to my tuff little Coby boy, the only loving consistant thing in my life past 15yrs. I pray everyday i get another 5yrs wth him. New bed, new racoon, triple layer doggie cake... yaaaaaaa I know of one other pomeranian that is 20yrs old, so its possible... 🐻β™₯️🐻β™₯️


SUPER SUMMERS OVER SPECIAL... RTS BLACK Thermal Edition available now, $200 Option. SAVE OVER $200 ON EACH PRODUCT !!! **HD Spool upgraded 800hp versions $2600 ***Torsen upgraded 800hp versions $3000 ***RTS1000 "Unbreakable" Spool 1000+hp series $3750 **RTS1000 "Unbreakable" Torsen 1000+hp series $3950 SHIPS FOR $200 ANYWHERE IN USA... Email: [email protected] SHOP: 714 290 5276 WWW.RACETECHSERVICESINC.COM


RTS E46 BMW Billet Hi Angle kit up to 74Β° angle, Billet Uprights, Hub brgs, rack stops, non binding inboard clevise toe rod assys, camber plates, LCAs, mounting blocks, all grade 8 hadware, lighter, stronger, and better geometry than any kit on the market. 2" adjustable track width, full 5" droop for MAX weight transfer/grip, clear anodized, F1 rated heims n monoballs, big brakes n rotors wth light weiggt rotor hats, ***All double shear mounting points which no one else has, simply proper racing parts*** STAGE 2 complete kit less brakes $2790 STAGE 3 complete big brake kit $3990 STAGE 4 complete PLUG N PLAY KIT 13" cross drill/vented big brakes, CUSTOM podium proven 2way FEAL shocks, 5190.00 Make your 2019 race season count... [email protected] 714 290 5276 phone...


RTS General manager Coby n Shop manager Hunter decided to take over my new chair. Always flexing their muscle around here. Coby going to be 15yrs old next week so he deserves it, πŸ‘


RTS Race Winning, Championship Winning car builds are going to be mass produced. 6 month lead times are setup as a minimum... FD Legal E46 BMW Rolling chassis for the USA DRIFT or ROADRACING community Fully Caged, Pedal box n masters, big brake pkg all around, steering column setup, RTS Billet suspension front n rear, RTS special front X-member for lowering engine and better steering rack placement, RTS rear subframes for winters QC, 1000hp or 1400 hp race axle options, RTS 800hp or RTS1000+ QC rears, RTS Upgraded G101a, GSR or 6XD sequentials dogbox options. Full glass bodywork optional, and also full turn key LS engine pkgs available. Email us for pricing. [email protected] RaceTechServicesInc.com 714 290 5276 Shop.


WOW so the journey begins of the 1st production run for RTS/SS 6XD sequentials dogboxes and a few 5XD ones for a special race series... THANKS to all our Pre-Pay clients whom took advantage of the Special $12500.00 pre production pricing and part of racing history... Its going to be a special XMAS for you guys. Welcome to the RTS family... @ssmanufacturing @gforcetransmissions #aredrysump #rtsss6XDsequential #rtsracing #rtsquickchange #rtsdriveline #rtsengineering #RTSS6XD #rts6spdsequential #6XDsequential #rtsrick #6XDdogbox


More RTSFDE46 Front n Rear Billet suspensions back in stock. Also RTS LS/LSX/RHS tall deck Billet engine plates to mount into any car build. Just in time for all the new car builds going down over next 6 months. [email protected] 714.290.5276 anytime, we dont sleep, lol @ssmanufacturing @driveshaftshop @fkrodends #rtsracing #rtsss6XDsequential #rtsengineering #rtsquickchange #rtsdriveline #rtse46anglekit #RTSS6XD #rtsrick #rtse46 #6XDsequential


Coby n Hunter Gridlife Saturday and Petsmart shopping Sunday... Now back race shop for more work...


Gridlife weekend RTS Rick will be there to answer any and all questions regarding 6XD sequential dogbox, highest rated sequential at 1800ftlbs. Pics and data flyers will be handed out to everyone interested as over half the first production run is accounted for at the 2500.00 discounted pricing. Please dont hesitate to say hello to me n Coby n Hunter. RTS Rick 714 290 5276 to locate me @gridlifeofficial @formulad @ssmanufacturing #rtsracing #6XDsequential #rtsracing #rtsss6XDsequential #rtsquickchange #rtsdriveline #rtsengineering #RTSS6XD #rtsrick #rts1000 #rtsdogbox #rtstransmissions


Uber????? Wheeeew 1230am just loaded this RTS1000 unit into a trunk of an Uber drivers car to deliver to @faruk.kugay in Atlanta 3.5hrs away for @gridlifeofficial event tomorrow... Nooo one can ever say RTS doesnt go extra milessss to help all our clients.


Heavy work loads, doubling up on dogbox rebuilds for more Pro teams. Appreciate all your trust and business in the racing world. @formulad #rtsracing #rtsss6XDsequential #rtsquickchange #rtsdriveline #rtsengineering #RTSS6XD #rtsrick #rts1000 #rtsdogbox #rtstransmissions


WOW all in 10 days, two Pro Drift teams failing Standard Winters QC units, as teams dial more grip n power into drift cars standard units no longer hold up. RTS1000 units designed by RTS with Winters 2yrs ago have been unbreakable thus far. Dont find yourself breaking during a promising race weekend/event. RTS1000 Spool or Torsen units shiping out everyweek. SPECIALS RUNNING NOW: Spool is 3860.00 DELIVERED IN USA Torsen is 4260.00 DELIVERED IN USA [email protected] Ph. 714.290.5276 #rtsracing #rtsss6XDsequential #rtsquickchange #rts1000 #rtsdriveline #rtsengineering #RTSS6XD #rtsrick #rts6spdsequential #wintersquickchange #wintersperformance


Thank you all for such an amazing response thus far! Glad to have clients n teams claiming their 6XD sequentials. Lets keep it going!!! There is still some left on the special discounted $12500 pricing and free shipping offer. Thanx for your amaaazing support. RTS 🚘 / SS manufacturing 🚘 @ssmanufacturing @gforcetransmissions #6XDsequential #RTSS6XD #rtsdogbox #rtsdriveline #rtsengineering #rtssequential #sssequential #rtsss6XDsequential #transam #transamtransmission #driftingtransmission


"World Release" of 6XD sequential gearbox, RTS and @ssmanufacturing joined forces to produce the most versatile, modular, and strongest sequential dogbox in the world with custom internal gear sets, and shafts by @gforcetransmissions Some highlights of versatile RTS-SS 6XD... >8 different inputshafts in stock >250+ ratio combinations in stock >Fits direct into current 4spd dogbox pkg >All internals are oil pressure feed >8 minute drop gear swaps change ratio stacks taller-shorter for different tracks n series >22" 24" 26" shifters match current dogboxes >Use your current nascar dogbox driveshaft >Delivered 100% complete add oil n race! * The First 25 prepaid clients receive 6XD at only $12500 And as a Bonus of our appreciation those 25 will automatically become authorized 6XD selling agents! * After the first 25 special discounted units are sold, Public pricing will go up to $15500 Get your state of the art sequential n also make great $$$ [email protected] Www.RaceTechServicesInc.com/products.html Ph: 714 290 5276 #rtsss6xd

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