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Kannapolis, NC. RacingServices 92 Wins, 8 Championships Indy/Nascar/Drift/Dogbox/QC Rear/Car Builds/E46/S550 Parts, [email protected]

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Busy weekend here unloading two more E46 solid straight chassis for more prototype parts and a new build to sell for Pro FD 2019 Big shout out and thnx to @duarte.hq @drift.hq for connecting all the dots to find these 3 solid super low cost chassis... I will build these all day long for the prices we just paid... @drift.hq @film.hq @ssmanufacturing @formulad @driveshaftshop @advancedclutch #weldonpump @borlaexhaust @optimabatteries @tiltoneng @csf_radiators @wilwooddiscbrakes @gforcetransmissions @cbrperformanceproducts @fuelsafe @fkrodends #wintersquickchange @scottheintz2568 @xrpracing @krcpowersteering @meziereenterprises #powerbastards #RTSS6x #rtsrick #rtsdriveline #rtstransmissions #rtsquickchange #rtse46anglekit #rtse92 #rtse92anglekit at Kannapolis, North Carolina


Thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart for the prayers n positive wishes, my Coby is on road to recovery! You can see Hunter waited in lobby for his big brothers return. Time to lay on daddys leg for endless love till he is 100% again... Again thank you allll... RTS Rick Coby Hunter


I hate to ask but i must, PLEASE PRAY he makes it, my 15yr old boy Coby is undergoing surgery right now, risky at his age especially with very bad heart murmor he has, 50.50 chance he will return to his daddy n brother Hunter... He is my world...


RTS 2JZ SUPER SALE... Tilton Racing clutch w/Race Spec FLYWHEEL (Thicker than Standard, No Flex, Better Inertia carry), LowProfile ARP flywheel bolts! TWIN 900ftlbs rated = 1247.00 TRIPLE 1200ftlbs = 1357.00 USA shipping = 61.00 Order NOW ! [email protected] Phone: 714-290-5276


Here is 1st place qualifying lap for @dm.motorsports this past weekend in willow springs ProAm series @charlie_justdrift which we went on to win entire weekend... Looking for sponsors to help wth new Pro2 RTS built car for this amazing young gun 2019... @str_racing @aerodetailproducts @driveshaftshop @optimabatteries @fuelsafe @team_imr @ruggedradios @millennium_motorsports #wintersperformance @fealsuspension @gforcetransmissions #rtsracing #rtsquickchange #rtsdriveline #rts1000 #rtse46anglekit #rtsdogbox #rtsrick


WOW 1st Qualifer AND 1st place WIN. Hmmm RTS and @dm.motorsports turning out to be an amazing combo thus far... Leading ProAm championship strongly with only 1 event to go... Looking for Sponsors and New Sponsors to support RTS and @dm.motorsports 2019 New Pro2 car build, Please feel free to contact us sooner the better... @str_racing @aerodetailproducts @driveshaftshop @optimabatteries @fuelsafe @team_imr @ruggedradios @millennium_motorsports #wintersperformance @fealsuspension @gforcetransmissions #rtsracing #rtsquickchange #rtsdriveline #rts1000 #rtse46anglekit #rtsdogbox #rtsrick


Eez fusion with @alessio_hancock @bf_mayhem @team_imr chilling n going down memory lane. We have been thru alot together in past 3yrs, 2015 Pro2 championship, 2016 Rookie of the year and 1st Pro1 podium, Fastest ets at every track, and next goal Pro1 championship...


RTS CONGRATS to @branden_sorensen for making history books by winning @Hyperfest USdrift event at VIR, becoming the Youngest (14yrs old) Pro2 driver ever! RTS is proud to have been a part of it overseeing and making changes on both @amanda.sorensen12 (15yrs old) and @branden_sorensen the past 3 long days. The 2016 PRO1 RTS built car Branden used wins yet another race weekend, but lots more work to be done to both cars, BIG things in the future for the Sorensen kids in @formulad future events... RTS thanks all my sponsors! @driveshaftshop @advancedclutch @fealsuspension @fuelsafe #weldonpumps #weldonpump @borlaexhaust @gforcetransmissions @ssmanufacturing @oraclelights @cbrperformanceproducts @wilwooddiscbrakes @tiltoneng @cosmisracingusa @212gloves @ruggedradios @millennium_motorsports @holleyperformance #wintersrearends #rtsracing #rtsdriveline #rtsrick #rtstransmissions #rtsquickchange #rtse46anglekit #rtscobynhunter at VIRginia International Raceway

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