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Racing Services = 89 Wins, 8 Championships, Indy/Nascar/ProDrift/Dogbox/RTS1000 QC Rear/Race Engs/Crew Chief/Car Builds! Special E46 / S550 Parts!

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RTS first ProAm race ever and its 1st ProAm WIN with @dm.motorsports @ericmartinezdrifting . Honored they trusted me with their race car and my handy work, lol RTS 3 weeks long hours of redoing most everything, but special thanks front suspension & steering rack relocation items @binkindustries , 2way FEAL shocks @fealsuspension , new engine block @millennium_motorsports , @brotherrhee westech dyno tuning. And Some awesome tires @vitourracingusa these tires are the BOMB in my book!!!!! Great teams are made up of great people in my RTS world... Also very proud to say 2 of the 3 podium winners of Pro Am series were RTS cars! @romecp @dm.motorsports #rtsdrift #rts #rtstransmissions #rtsdriveline #rtssetups #rtsteam #teamrts #rtsvitour @gforcetransmissions @driveshaftshop @tiltoneng @holleyperformance


NICCCE, 10 more RTS1000 covers heading out to clients today... RTS1000 "When You NEED the Very BEST" ***Deemed Unbreakable thus far*** #rtstransmissions #rtsdrift #rts #rtswinters #wintersrearends #rts1000


Daaaaam another 5 RTS upgraded Winters QC units heading to D1 racing teams. That makes 15 RTS Upgraded units shipped this past month. RTS1000 Units LAAAAST. RTS1000 units have been labeled as "Unbreakable" by many high HP teams. Get yours ordered today! RTS1000 Spool 3850.00 RTS1000 Torsen 4250.00 Racetechservices@gmail.com 714.290.5276 Shop.


Another @formulad driver gettn all the RTS upgrades handled and proper shifter stops installed in his T101 box... @faruk.kugay @gforcetransmissions #dogbox #rtsdrift #rtsdriveline #rts #rtstransmissions #rtsdogbox


THREE 2nd place podiums 2017 with @alexheilbrunn , RTS E46 BMW "STAGE 2" basic Hi Angle kit AND "STAGE 3" w/ big brake pkg are in full production, up to 74° angle, lighter, stronger, proper rack stops on rack, NO BIND toe rods, ALL double shear mounting points no one else has, 2" adjustable track width, more droop than any other kit, simply proper racing parts. STAGE 2 complete kit less brakes $2740.00 STAGE 3 complete big brake kit $3990.00. STAGE 4 complete big brakes, AND 2 way FEAL shocks, 5190.00 Racetechservices@gmail.com 714.290.5276 phone @ssmanufacturing @team_imr @wilwooddiscbrakes @fkrodends @driveshaftshop #e46anglekit #e46m3 #e46 #m3 #bmwdrift #bmw #bmwm3 #bmwdrifting #bmwdriftcar


Coby n Hunter always on top of things here at RTS... Thankfully theyre the only thing that keeps me sane while im doing 90+ hour work weeks. I love my kids.... #rts #rtsdriveline #poms #pomeranian #wintersrearends #myfurrykids


SPECIAL SALE "SFI rated" LS-LSX, 7075 Alum bell hsg. 6.375 depth, Titainium Liner ring for flywheel! Only weighs 12lbs w/o steel sfi plate behind flywheel! Modular trans face plate allows for custom applications down the road without buying new bell, ALREADY SETUP FOT TILTON 4 LEG RELEASE BRGS! $860.00 Delivered anywhere in USA, *not all bells have access panel on bottom. Contact: Racetechservices@gmail.com 714.290.5276 #safetyfirst #formuladrift #bellhousing #scattershield #rtsdrift #rtsdriveline #rts #mcleod


RTS1000 units embraced by the big HP/Trq teams as the unbreakable units out on the driveline market. Another Pro team stepping up @torandersringnes in Norway. Go unbreakable today, RTS1000 Spool unit 3860.00, RTS1000 Torsen 4250.00 all units come with 1 FREE drop gear set. Racetechservices@gmail.com 714 290 5276 Ph.


Ok this is a 1st even for me! Hell Cali doesnt even have this blahahahaha. Freeeeee wow.. RTS spending time in Alabama helping @rickyadamsracing with new pro2 RTS bmw build...


Wow big respect for multiple day @formulad @lawntang conference in Sweeden, and mentioning RTS and how big we have become. I couldnt have done it without all the great racers out there wanting solid RTS products, Honored thnx RTS Rick.


Yessssss the SiCkNeSs is real.... Blahaha everything must match


Yaaay shipping another RTS E46 winter qc subframe. 1350.00 without inboard relocation block and your core, 1550.00 with fd legal relocation block and your core, 2pc solid mnt bushings included. USA shipping is 84.00, international shipping varies. Racetechservices@gmail.com 714 290 5276 phone.


Nicccce another team serviced n rebuilt for 2018 @formulad season. As always RTS proud to be apart of so many teams... #rtsdrift #rtsdriveline #proamchampionship #pro2 #pro1 #pro2championship #profdchampionship @travisreeder


Its a good day when i get to send out another E46 RTSFDE46 kit, headn to East coast team @rickyadamsracing , theyre lookn to have the same success as @alexheilbrunn has had and im looking forward to @alexheilbrunn winning his Pro1 championship this year on this platform, he deserves it!!! @millennium_motorsports @subiworks @team_imr @nittotire #e46anglekit #bmwanglekit #bmwdrift #rts #rtsdrift #rtsdriveline #rtschampionship


Yaay more RTSFDE46 full race billet suspension and RTS E46 QC subframe shipping out Monday. Excited to see more BMW teams stepping up to proper double shear light weight fully adjustable racing suspensions! #fdseries #D1series #pro2 #pro1 #proam #bmwdrift #bmwanglekit #e46 #e46anglekit #e46m3 #rtse46anglekit #e46drift

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