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ATS*GARAGE - Raw Heart Motorsport Electronics Engineer at Rywire

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Fancy Schmancy 2JZ.. at Rywire


Great shot by @phaze2murdok of my EK from FF Battle 3.. #ThrowbackThursday at Jack in the Box


Five day assembly of the @rywire_motorsport_electronics Honda S2000 for the 2017 SEMA show.. #ThrowbackThursday #RywireMotorsportElectronics #DerFilms at Rywire


#RywireMotorsportElectronics at Rywire


Anniversary edition Mugen MR5.. #MugenMonday at Mai's Kitchen Vietnamese Cuisine


HondaTuning m’zine photo shoot with @rodrez. in 05’.. #ThrowbackThursday at Lake Forest, California


Spa day at work.. #NotEibachPrep #PetersonPrep #RywireMotorsportElectronics at Rywire


I have a soft spot for older Volvo station wagons. My parents bought this Volvo 740GLE brand new in 1989, and it was the car we took on family road trips and adventures. About five years ago, the timing belt snapped (second time in three years), so my Father got fed up with it and donated the car without telling me. I was pretty disappointed when I found out, because I had a lot of memories riding in this car. The exterior and interior were still in mint condition as the car only had 140k miles on it. I probably would have swapped in an LS or 2JZ and used it as a fun daily driver.. #ThrowbackThursday #Volvo


Thank you @dnicle for the Ti license plate bracket and for adding new life/color to my old ARC shift knobs..




Hanging out on the basalt columns at Vík Beach. I really want to go back to Iceland some day.. #ThrowbackThursday #DerTravels #Iceland at Vík


Rywire titanium coil cover on the Honda 2000.. at Rywire


Thank you @stickydiljoe for the new coffee table photo book. It came out amazing!! 👍🏼👍🏼


Snowboarding was a success, all fun and no injuries!! It has been over four years since I last went snowboarding and it felt great to get back on the mountain. My body hates me though, as everything is sore. #Batman #DerTravels #DerFilms at Northstar California Resort


BYOBW 2018 was a success, all fun and no injuries!! Here is a clip of me chasing @hot_cakesss. It is such a thrilling feeling riding down a steep hill with no traction, knowing that you can spin out or flip over at any second.. #BYOBW #SanFrancisco #DerFilms at BYOBW


Throwback to 2007 when I retrofitted a Defi tach into my SI cluster. I decided to go a slightly different route this time and use a EX cluster because I never really liked the green/red illumination contrast.. #ThrowbackThursday


Same same but different..


Throwback to when I ran off the edge of the Tijuca Forest in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. I’m itching for the next adventure/adrenaline rush.. #ThrowbackThursday #DerTravels #3razilExperience #2TheExtreme #ThatSong 😂😂

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