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I always believed in the bigger picture If I could get them people to listen outside my core Then I can open up doors Reintroduce them to honesty, show 'em that they need more The difference between the pretenders and the Kendrick Lamars


“I'm living in the 21st century doin' something mean to it Do it better than anybody you ever seen do it Screams from the haters, got a nice ring to it I guess every superhero need his theme music.”


“But hey, you know the sayin', "Fake it 'til you make it" Me, I did the opposite, made it then I faked it” #shotoniphone at Kuliouou, Hawaii


Trust the process and believe it’s possible. 📸: @shanegracey


“Bought a white ghost, Now things are getting spooky, Very, very spooky like sh** you see in the movies.”


It’s been a while since I spent a night climbing underneath a star filled sky. With the pristine conditions that we have been having lately, I couldn’t help myself but take full advantage of the opportunity. This photo was not taken tonight, nor did the sky look like this tonight. However, the pure joy and bliss felt all the same. | Self Portrait


I’ve always had an incredible respect and admiration for this section of the Koolau mountain range.


@rickylesser has been and is still one of my best friends to this day. He is responsible for me exploring the art of photography and filmmaking. It’s been a long time since we have had the opportunity to hangout and catch up. Thank you Ricky for being you.


Sometimes the gamble pays off... The other times you pay to play. Today was one of those days where you paid to play.


Calculated risk or reckless abandon? Often people don’t understand why I’m willing to take such risks on certain ridges on Oahu. Yes, there are a lot of consequences. But, when you experience moments like this. Moments that you have dreamt of for years and you have the opportunity to make them come true... Well for me it’s an easy choice. @shanegracey slept on a small platform with or legs hanging over one side of the bend in the ridge line and our heads off the other. It wasn’t the best night of sleep, but it also wasn’t the worst. All in all, I would say it was completely worth it.


Been spending a lot of time up here meditating and manifesting.


I’ve been waiting for a minute... | 📸: @shanegracey


I’m gonna give them a heaven on earth or a hell of a check, yeah man whatever comes first.


Get out of your comfort zone and trust the process.


So far 2019 has been an incredible learning lesson. I’ve learned to be really bad at everything I used to be “ok” at. Seriously this shit sucks. Only way to get better is to fall back in love with it and put every ounce of energy, time and dedication to relearning that craft. Moments like this, make that time spent a lot easier. #shotoniphone


Still to this day one of my top 5 favorite images I have ever shot.



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