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@ryanashleymalarkey photos and videos

Swipe through to see different side angles of this Hermès inspired ankle bracelet ❤️


It was SO hard to choose a photo of this one, love how it came out though! My amazing and lovely client asked for something Michael Jackson/David Bowie Esque and flew from NOLA to sit for 2 full days! So many angles to choose from, swipe through to see this full regal epaulette tattoo! 😍


So much to say to everyone, but recently I’ve been distracted by life. What an amazing problem to have. Here’s another shot by @shootmepeter from our recent @inkedmag issue on shelves now ❤️🙏🏻


Another session down on this jewel armor leg piece! Healed shin fresh thigh... ❤️👌🏻


Burlesque hip from yesterday❤️


My favorite shot from this month’s @inkedmag ❤️ thank you @shootmepeter as always


Here’s a video I never posted of this awesome hand tattoo done in Colorado at @elysium_studios in the fall a few months back!


Just got this in the mail, what an awesome gift right before Xmas ❤️🙏🏻 thank you so much @tattoolifemagazine for the honor, the opportunity and the lovely words you wrote about me. Feeling very grateful, thank you 🙏🏻


Last tattoo of 2018 and going out with a bang! Finished up this one session 12 hour Egyptian choker at 4AM, on a very brave, very patient and very sweet client. Swipe through to see another view! ❤️ Thank you to all of my teams, sponsors, clients and everyone this year who helped me make my art a reality🙏🏻


Wow! Swipe to see the wraparound of this tattoo finished yesterday here at home in NYC ❤️


Here’s a video I never posted from a fun chest piece I started while guesting in Colorado at @elysium_studios ❤️


Here is a royal mannequin hand I painted a few months back with acrylic, now residing at @elysium_studios ❤️

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