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Co-owner of @thestrangeandunusual Oddities Parlor 💀 Co-host of @inkmasterangels on Paramount Network👼🏻 Co-Parent of @torontoandcasper ❤️

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Thank you guys again for last weekend! We all came together in Vegas to promote @mayan_mayhem but ended up leaving with a lot more than we expected. Great conversation, great moments, great company, and a HELL of a lot of fun. Cheers to new friends, new opportunities, and artists supporting each other and the industry we love so much. ❤️ Thank you @sean_dowdell @clubtattoolasvegas @sullenclothing @unclejeremy @mayan_mayhem @nikkohurtado @arlotattoos @romantattoos @josephhaefstattooer everyone else who came together with us and EVERYONE who came out to meet us ❤️


It is with both a heavy heart, and with a sense of relieving spiritual freedom, that I say goodbye to a man so many loved and admired so much. Steve Matt, in life and now in death, you are truly one of a kind. Thank you for the multiple lessons you have taught me through our friendship, but thank you mostly for YOU. Your trust, your loyalty, your strength and the inspiration I will carry through with me for the rest of this life. I promise that we will all take care of @kpmatt , but you know just as well as we do she is going to be OK taking care of herself now. Strong and brave to say the least until the very end, you have taught us all about the type of human we should all strive to be until your final days- and continue to extend your wisdom to us even after death. I love you, and I am so relieved that you are free now from the pain and the burdens of your body. Until the next life, Goodbye for now. Love you forever. RIP my dear friend, @ihatestevemattforever


HEALED!!! Thank you Samantha ❤️ these details turned out great! Zoom in! Done with my new @fkirons STEALTH xion, @balm_tattoo @heliostattoo @eternalink @hivecaps 🙏🏻 @inkedmag


Last night was really amazing. We got to selfie in front of this, on the Vegas strip. 🙏🏻 Thank you @clubtattoolasvegas @sean_dowdell for hosting @nikkohurtado @arlotattoos @romantattoos and I, and for this amazing experience. TODAY VEGAS!!! Come down to club tattoo 2-5pm and take a chance at winning a ton of stuff we are giving away celebrating @mayan_mayhem


HEALED! ❤️🔥🎉 doing the other side today 😉 @inkologyartgallery @fkirons @balm_tattoo @heliostattoo @eternalink @hivecaps @inkedmag


Giant thigh tattoo done at my new home @inkologyartgallery ❤️ @fkirons @balm_tattoo @heliostattoo @eternalink @hivecaps @inkedmag


Adorable little kitty done yesterday at my new home @inkologyartgallery ❤️ using my brand new @fkirons STEALTH, @balm_tattoo Dragons blood, @heliostattoo cartridges, @eternalink gray wash set, and @hivecaps ❤️ Thank you Susan!


Here is the first tattoo I had the pleasure of doing at @inkologyartgallery here at my new home in NYC ❤️ @fkirons @balm_tattoo @heliostattoo @eternalink @hivecaps @inkedmag


Well, here it is. THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Without further ado, I extend the most sincere Thank You to @inkologyartgallery and my dear friends @donalcranny @cleanslatelaser and @marzan_tattoo for welcoming me into your beautiful NYC studio. Unfortunately my books are closed at the moment but I will be making big announcements as to when I’m booking 2019. Along with this spectacular fresh start I will be launching a whole new website, listing tons of travel and convention plans coming to YOU, and announcing all sorts of amazing new projects I’m so proud to be part of. SO FREAKING EXCITED! Thank you guys ❤️


So I did my own nails... 😉


Adorable and delicate shoulder piece (mostly freehand) done at @nyempirestatetattooexpo ❤️ this was the 3rd day using my new @fkirons Xion and honestly, I cannot day enough about that machine. Thank you @fkirons and thank you to all of my other teams and sponsors 🙏🏻❤️ @balm_tattoo @heliostattoo @eternalink @hivecaps @inkedmag


Happy National Tattoo Day! Here is a collage of photos featuring some of our generations strongest artists taken by @inkedmag at @nyempirestatetattooexpo that I am truly honored to be a part of. It’s surreal having the opportunity to stand beside these artists who I both admire and respect so much. For that I am truly grateful. 👏🏻

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