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• Commercial/Travel&Outdoors Photographer | International Speaker • Adobe Ambassador | SLRLounge • @Canon, DJI, SlikUSA, PolarPro • LA | Global

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Kicking these new @sperry boots up while I watch the light swim through these aspen groves. Cozy and modern feeling boots, and insulated that actually work walking around the rivers and lakes up here is something I can get really pumped on 🙌🏻🙌🏻. #sperrystyle #sponsored at Eastern Sierra Mountains


I’ve been really lucky to partner with some amazing companies and I am very careful not to turn my feed into a billboard but I love the people and companies who have worked with me over the last 2 years of transitioning into outdoor and travel photography. I’m very watchful of how companies treat people and the ones who I’ve persisted with have treated me very well. So huge thanks to @slikusa, @polarpro, @djiglobal, @polerstuff, @slrlounge, and @adobe. They don’t ask for much and treat me very well. — . . . . . #thisweekoninstagram #travelawesome #mountains #optoutside #ourplanetdaily #theoutbound #teamcanon #autumn #exploremore #fall #visitbishop #agameoftones #tentree #roamtheplanet #socality #awesome_earthpix #passionpassport #hypebeast #earthfocus #tourtheplanet at Bishop, California


Im so stoked to announce my FFA image contest and giveaway with @polarpro!! Check out my/their page stories for more details today. The Dropbox link is in my bio to get the rules, prize detail, and images! #PolarProXRL let’s goooo! at Laguna Beach, California


It’s all chaos, to top off the already crazy events of 2017 now I’m the bikini.com boy crush of the month. Those of you who know me will laugh. at Seal Beach, California


I’m learning how to walk. To gather memories through my nose and fingertips and sore muscles. I’m learning how to be a grown up in a world that rewards anxious but productive children. Slow down a little bit every day until you can feel the rivers current. #whpmyeveryday at Huntington Beach Pier at Main Street


The #saturwave today is more of a foamy roller but it’ll do. #whpmyeveryday at Huntington Beach, California


Some of the best things only ask you to show up. at Intake 2


38 minutes from right now it will have been a year since I stood here. My first trip to Banff did whatever the opposite is of disappoint. It was very re-appointing. at Lake Louise, Alberta


Bled Island has convinced me that I need to see autumn everywhere. I figure I have about 60-70 of them left in my life. Better get planning. Original shot by @jackharding, my edit for the #jackhardingffa at Church of the Assumption, Bled Island


I really think the light breaks through. at Seal Beach, California


One of the saddest lines in literature is in Shel Silverstein’s ‘The Giving Tree’, and it says “but time went by…”. It was this moment the boy stopped loving the tree and starting using the tree to get things, to get away, to accomplish and to make something of himself. At the end the old stump still thought the boy had something to offer when all of that was gone. Sometimes I get back to the trees alone because it helps me remember who I am before all of my things, and what I love. at Bishop, California


Hitting the road back to be with my family. I always learn something when I come back to this place, this time it was something tough. It was that you can’t live going forward if all you’re doing is looking backwards trying to feel something from the past. Allow even the most familiar spaces to transform and find a way to embrace it now. #whpseasons at June Lake Loop

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