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I’m baaaaaack Los Angeles!!! TEACHING ALL MY CLASSES!! See you Tues/Wed @edgepac and my last class of the year at @iafcompound on Thursday!


I’m back in the US but mannnn I’m missing my Singapore family already! What an incredible experience it was!! I am full of gratitude for the energy and spirit of each and every dancer I worked with and for all the people at @theroyaldanceoff who put this Colosseum event together! I SOOOO enjoyed the mentorship program. Working with all these dancers one on one and as a group this past week was so fun and interesting! It never felt like work. And as much as they learned from me, I also learned from them! About work ethic and passion and dedication to the craft. So proud of what we created :). And the workshops!! I can’t even put into words the energy that each dancer brought to that room. Those four classes were truly some of my favorite that I’ve ever taught. I’m humbled by the support and love 🙏🏻ok ok wrap it up...Thank you for always thinking of me and for being so supportive! Big big thanks also to @fioyld and @thejacqyap for all your tireless efforts all week! and of course all my love to the whole @trdoco fam!! I FRICKIN LOVE SINGAPORE!!


NOOOOO!! It can’t be over 😩 #Repost @theroyaldanceoff with @get_repost ・・・ [ TRDO COLOSSEUM ] We have come to the end of the whole week of Colosseum!!! 🤗 From our Mentorship programmes by @sabphillip and @theresastone91, to Workshops by Sabrina Phillip, Theresa Stone (with @shelby_steele and @juliaalaimo), @will_thomas9 and @audreycase, and finally wrapping up last night with a Showcase by our programme mentees, the @trdoco and the International artistes!! 🎉 . . THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR SUPPORT THROUGHOUT THE WEEK and making this year's Colosseum a success again ❤️ . . See you in 2019!! . . #trdo #trdocolosseum #dancesg . (📷: @poeyyt)


Ahhh these workshops were THE BEST!! #Repost @theroyaldanceoff with @get_repost ・・・ [ TRDO COLOSSEUM - WORKSHOPS ] 🎉 We have officially concluded our Workshops yesterday! Thank you everyone who came! Whether you have only taken 1 class or all the classes, we hope you have gained something out of this experience and grow from it 🤗 . . #trdo #trdocolosseum #dancesg


#Repost @theroyaldanceoff with @get_repost ・・・ [ TRDO COLOSSEUM - WORKSHOPS ] And we have conquered Day 2 with some even crazier workshops by our International instructors!! 💪🏻 We still have 2 more days of classes to go so you won't wanna miss out a great experience, come join us! 😊 . . Get your passes from soon!! It is gonna be worth it 🙆🏻 . . #trdo #trdocolosseum #dancesg


Sooooo excited!! Singapore here I come!!!!! Had the most amazing time last year and can’t wait to see my TRDO family again!! 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️


ONLY 2 CLASSES this week!! I’m gone for two weeks!!!! So come danceeeeeeee @edgepac ❗️tues and wed @ 11:30❗️


Guyssss! I’m moving into my very own house! Yikes! A lot of work to be done but exciting things going on :) #newhome #renovatingranchito #grownup


See you in class this week :) . . 11:30 Tues and Wed @edgepac . . Enjoy these two beauties @abslett And @emsaraa showing my @deanlewismusic combo from a few weeks back . . 🎥: #dance #dancer #class #danceclass #contemporary #Jazz #Choreography #Choreographer #LosAngeles #ThingsToDo #FloorWork #EdgePAC #DancersWanted


I love Thursday’s. @emsaraa @janravnik @ajurbanista #Repost @iafcompound with @get_repost ・・・ SABRINA PHILLIP 💫 Link in the bio for photos and videos ✖️✖️ _____________________ Choreography: @sabphillip 🎥: @officialchehon @iafcompound Music by @mumfordandsons . . . . . . . . . . #IAMFORCE #iafstudios #iafcompound #dancevideo #dance #dancer #iafclasses #dance #dancing #mumford #mumfordandsons #ifisay


Let’s gooooooo! #Repost @iafcompound with @get_repost ・・・ THURSDAY✨ COME DANCE with @sabphillip 5:30-7PM @iafcompound $15 *Pay at the door!* (Ages 12&Up) . . . . . . . . #iafcompound #losangeles #northhollywood #hiphop #dance #grooves #grooving #groove #vibes #vibe #danceclass #dance #dancer #iaf #dancer #photography #iamforce


THANK YOU TORONTO!!! I am so grateful to my friends at @viewdancechallenge for bringing me out again this season to teach at this phenomenal convention. It’s a beautiful event with such energy and joy. I had a blast with the incredible faculty and the ridiculously talented dancers. Big Thanks also to @mdcdancetoronto and @danceinccompany for your love and support!!! Im so happy to keep doing what I love and to have these opportunities. I’m incredibly grateful for my Toronto community that keeps growing. Can’t wait to be back!!!!


Toronto! More chances to dance!! NOVEMBER 3rd!! This is an amazing event!! Come outttt! @viewdancechallenge . . . #convention #contemporary #technique #dancedancedance #toronto #


Let’s dance Toronto!! NOVEMBER 1 @ 8 pm!! @mdcdancetoronto . . . #millenniumdancecomplex #toronto #contemporary #jazz #technique


Happy Friday!!! Ok ok I know I said I was going to release this last weeeeeeek but here it is!! I hope you like it cause there’s more groups to come and you’re feed is gonna be all these moves and gorgeous @deanlewismusic for a minute. :) . . . 🕺🏿: @janravnik 🎥: 📍: @edgepac #video #contemporary #losangeles #class #sabrinassteps


Class today @iafcompound !! Here’s the last combo done soooo beautifully by the one and only @megangoldstein_ See you at 5:30 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


Happy Sunday everyone! Here’s another video from this weeks class @iafcompound !! Thanks to the effortless @jennnlacy for your help on creating this combo. You make everything look so damn easy!!!! Jen and Emily everybody. . . . #iaf #chehon #filminglocation #class #losangeles #lewiscapaldi #jessiereyes

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