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🇬🇧🇮🇪 + 🇺🇸 = 👯 We are total opposites in every way, from our interests and hobbies to our locations and lifestyles, but somehow we’ve managed to stay such good friends all these years. We are pretty lucky. at The Dark Hedges


Silent Valley, Northern Ireland. at Silent Valley Mountain Park


Repost, again. #skarchives and colour coordination.


Daily island life. #annamariaisland at Anna Maria, Florida


Miami, FL. (Just doing some monthly clear outs and uploads - the usual). #skarchives at Miami, Florida






Peaceable Path. This old dirt path, enshrined in brambles and wildflowers is special to me. Rooted in my core. Aptly named ‘The Rocky Road’, it’s a place where I spent many of my childhood afternoons in the summer. Going for walks and playing with my friends, daring each other to explore the creepy, decaying ruins of a house that still sits mid-way up, now covered in moss and weeds. It’s mostly a steep incline, so we couldn’t take our bikes. I was a girl who loved her roller skates with a deep passion, but had to forgo wearing them on days like that, a nuisance of growing up in the hills. Instead I’d wear scuffed and muddy sneakers and turn the twisting pathway into my own haven of forested freedom. Already perched atop of the hills, it takes you to the peak. From there you can see the whole city, from the grandeur of Stormont to the growing skyline of the city centre. The docks, the cranes, the sea, the mountains, high rises, golf courses and two castles. Guiding you from the still-busy outer region of the city, busy streets and typical outer band housing to the luminous green countryside - all in less than a mile. Nearer to the top the views of the city are beautiful, but if you step back on the path you’re right back into a magical, lush, wild haven of nature and the city has vanished. Now, when I revisit, which is less often than I’d like and usually with an American in tow, I am awestruck at how lucky I was to grow up exactly where I did. I just didn’t know it at the time. When the city was burning from riots and the violence was in it’s dying days of raging before (relative) peace came, I was completely oblivious. I was having sword fights with sticks and swinging from the tree branches in my own little kingdom on the hill. The only pain we felt was the sting of nettles or the scrapes on our knees, a complete world away from the city we played atop of. at Gilnahirk, Castlereagh, United Kingdom


I’ve just had a great week with my Texan partner in crime. Celebrating a new job (it’s still a job as a photographer, but not a freelance one). Listening to my favourite music man @misterryanadams and drinking a cold beer. Life is good. Sorry folks if I owe you an email or text. Life was on hiatus, but back to normal programming now.




New illustration. Romeo + Juliet ‘96.


Hey, here’s my face. It’s been a rough week. I can't get over just how much I miss my little Moses, but my friends have been amazing and I love them all dearly. Also, something majorly exciting is coming my way this weekend. Watch this space.


For a one year old he sure loves his music. He’s into Sia & B.B. King lately (you couldn’t make it up, he’s hilarious). He was pretend strumming an air guitar so I bought him a real (kid size) one for his birthday. I can’t wait to sell the photos to Rolling Stone magazine in 25 years. Rock on, lil dude, rock on....


My favs.


Brooklyn Nights. at Brooklyn, New York


Wakening up to a beautiful bouquet of flowers from my friends in Philadelphia. I have never felt so loved. @tessamck77 I love you so much! 💕💕💕


Thank you so much for all your kind words about me loosing my little sidekick, Moses. I have been truly breaking my heart. But the lovely messages really do mean so much. On a happier note, Rio, my beloved nephew turns 1 today. I have been so fortunate to play a huge role in his life and I love him so much. So with the sad comes the happy. PS- If you sent me a message and I haven’t replied, I’m sorry and I will get around to is soon.

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