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She’s my person ♥️ at Multnomah Holiness Association Inc


Foundations don’t get much air time or fan fare. No one stops to marvel at the initial dig or concrete slab. Not only are foundations hidden from the outside world, but they contain the success or failure to what is built upon it; the rise or the fall of what is to come. We may feel as if no one stops to recognize what we do or who we are, but that is because foundations aren’t supposed to be seen. They are only felt and trusted. Foundations must first be dug to the depths, till rock bottom is hit. The deeper the dig, the stronger and higher the build. Nothing built to last is completed in speed. The longer it takes, the greater it will be. Trust the process and above all, trust the Architect. #thisismyrevelation at Progress Lake


This week marks fives years from the moment we said, “nice to meet you.” For me it’s a beautiful monument to the sovereignty of God and the amazing fruit of trusting in Him instead of logic and reason. The seasons we have now shared together just get sweeter and sweeter! I love you forever and ever my Elliot! at Portland, Oregon


Joy grows stronger when trust grows deeper. #thisismyrevelation at Kealakekua, Hawaii


Perseverance, by a long shot, will not be the easiest thing we will ever do, but it will be among the best. Doors may not open the way we imagined them to, but regardless, walk through them with thankfulness and joy in every season. #thisismyrevelation at Portland, Oregon


Bye Summer 👋🏽 You’ve been the funnest one yet! at Carkeek Park


There is so much I deeply love and admire about my Elliot. He is fearless to face difficulty or opposition, yet he won’t relinquish the grace and true kindness he always carries. I am so excited for the season ahead as we grow more than ever before! at Nandi, Rift Valley, Kenya


Love our Beaverton Farmers Market! We are settling into the 97007 just marvelously! #forprogressridge at Beaverton Farmers Market


The Little Book of Hygge has made it to the #ottesonhaven nightstand to be read by candlelight each night. If you don’t know, you need to and if you know, you know! at Progress Ridge


Working on that #shelfie today in the #ottesonhaven at Progress Ridge


Okay one final photo from that glorious day! I hope whenever anyone thinks of me, they think of Elliot. Becoming one is sometimes a lot of work and it is truly full of beautiful wonder. Four down and a lifetime to go! at Champoeg, Oregon


There is such a sweetness to know and be known by your beloved. Happy Anniversary my forever sweet Elliot! at Champoeg, Oregon


Four beautiful, fantastic, delightful years ago was the day of all days for my life of 22 years. Elliot Otteson and the Holy Spirit swooped into my life and changed everything forever. I will unceasingly be grateful to the invitation of the Spirit’s whisper, “Do you trust Me?” at Champoeg, Oregon


‘Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus. at Akaka Falls State Park


More than ever before, my confidence is in the Spirit of God. He’s mighty, powerful, beautiful and so trustworthy. This next season is going down in the history books! at Barra de Navidad, Jalisco


You have no future until you forgive the people who hurt you. at Richardson Springs, California


The view at 14,000 ft is really really somethin. at W. M. Keck Observatory


Date nights are cool, but date mornings are our favs. at Guilder

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