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hosted my first little all ladies friendsgiving today. good food, even better friends, lots of laughter, & love! did i mention good food- it’s basically all I managed to get pics of! lol so grateful for ALL my amazing friends! thank you for listening to my crazy ideas & dreams, always supporting & encouraging me, thank you for accepting & loving me for me, thank you for watching my kids last minute when i need an extra hand, thank you for coming over & folding my 25 loads of laundry, i am terrible at laundry! anyway- thank you, i’m so grateful for EVERY single one of you & love our friendships! & if i could throw a friendsgiving for all of my girls, i would! & maybe i will... 🧡 #friendsgiving #realfood #grateful


today’s gonna be a good day! #cacti #cactus #plantclub #houseplantclub #plantmom #grateful


looking through photos from summer & now i’m officially missing river days, gardening, & sun ☀️ ohhhh i miss the warm, long, sunny days!! only six-ish months to go of cold. i do like a hot fireplace & cozy blankets- not complaining just looking forward to planning & planting my garden & playing outside all day with my babes! oh & this sun hat, my favorite! #bringbacksummer #livingmybestlife


my hubbin got my plant shelf up in our bedroom!! 🌱 when i picked paint colors for our room, i envisioned a shelf full of terra-cotta pots against that blue wall, full of 🌵 & a plant to grow across our wall above the bed. my vision is here & i love the way it’s turning out!! excited to watch it grow & climb!! #plants #plantbaby #plantclub #houseplants #jungle #cacti #cactus #pothos #pothosplant #plantwall


i think it’s so fun to have a daughter that wants to match outfits! i changed out of my sweats to look a little more civilized to run into hunters school for his family tree presentation (which he ROCKED! & was a little man the whole time. & so cute!). ruby decided it was a “twinsy day”, all because i threw on bell bottoms & my new cactus blouse, she has both those things too, so she literally just took it from there & picked out the rest of our outfits. for a little four year old, i have to say her fashion sense is coming along just fine! & look at her little smile! 🧡 #momlife #twining #livinglifebeautifully #childhoodmemories #loveher


ru got her first official hair cut. she picked the length. she also wanted to dye it purple, i’m sure you can guess what my answer was, she settled for a little streak of purple that washes out. lol went plant shopping after & she picked a plant for her room- a baby fiddle fig!! what a big kid 😭 hair cuts & plants, we might as well go car shopping, she’s growing up wayyyy to fast! #momlife #haircuts #plantmom #plants #fiddlefig #livinglifebeautifully #childhoodmemories #mommydaughterdate


morning bowls ✨food tastes so much better when it’s pretty & eaten out of a piece of art. my love for pottery keeps growing as does my collection. i love how each artist has their own style & no piece is the same- they’re all perfectly imperfect. like humans, we’re all beautifully different, & perfectly imperfect. 🧡 #realfood #livinglifebeautifully #pottery


good morning! hopefully you slept like this last night, i know we all did! (thank you sleepyize essential oil!) ready for a day filled with all the good things! lots of things to get accomplished- i personally will be doing laundry, mattress shopping, bill writing, oily things, hardware store, & all the mommy things. today is brought to you by lots of good music, coffee, bone broth, & slathering myself in oils to uplift & get stuff done! happy thursday 🧡 #livinglifebeautifully #essentialoils #health #wellness #sleep #goodsleep #beproactive #cabinfeels #cabinlife #momlife


take me back to our cozy cabin, hot coffee, board games, togetherness, & best of all no laundry!! this past weekend was one for the books & our memory banks. literally one of the most thrilling, relaxing, calm, exciting, overjoyed weekends of my life! we packed up our three kids & spent four days on the peninsula, we hunted for one day with all three of our kiddos & i was lucky enough to harvest my very first elk on that first day, with them all there! we all hiked in and they got to see where our food comes from. literally the best hunting experience i’ve had so far- beats my first buck by a long shot. feeling very blessed & have been reliving the whole weekend in my head. the hunt was amazing, being unplugged all weekend & enjoying all the moments with no distractions was amazing! loved every moment!! #hunting #huntingwithtoddlers #momhunter #huntergatherer #huntharvesthealth #health #wellness #realfood #cabinlife #livinglifebeautifully #fullcup #motherhunter #momlife #rooseveltelk #elk #elkhunter


home is where the plants are. shower time 💦 #plantmom #plantclub


it was a family affair! got my very first roosevelt elk- shoot, it’s my first elk ever! 3 kids in tow & we did it! so happy!! #familyhunting #familyaffair #hunting #elk #elkhunting #pnw #livinglifebeautifully #fullcup #momlife #harvest #huntharvesthealth #realfood


i took this photo early this fall, hiking in the woods hunting for deer. i really like it. i like it for a few reasons. 1. i love lilacs 2. i love to hunt & be in nature. 3. if i close my eyes and picture a lilac, i can smell it & i see a younger version of my dad, it takes me back to all the happy memories of my childhood, all the days spent in the orchard picking fruit, or bike riding to church, or bee keeping with him. smell is a huge part of our lives & our memories- we smell a certain scent and it takes us back to our childhood or reminds us of grandmas kitchen. 4. lilacs make me smile. every single time. what scent takes you back to your childhood? #scent #childhoodmemories #childhood


good morning ☀️ i mean good afternoon! this kid slept till noon 🕛! that’s insane, he’s never slept that long before, & we went to bed at our normal time. he’s not sick, woke up happy as can be- all he wanted was snuggles & his smoothie asap! he must have needed those extra 💤 ! this is exactly what i want our november to look like, slow, cozy, & at home. nice & chill 🌱🍵✌🏻 #november #momlife #chill #realfood


happy FREAKing halloween!! 👻 #aceventura #aceventurapetdetective #cowgirl #juijitsu #halloween


sorry wy, i’ll forever squish your face with my cheek kisses ❤️ #allthekisses


i LOVE days like today, cloudy, not to cold, a little mist on my face, the way it smells- i think it's best described as moody, i LOVE it! i always say "this is my favorite season" when we're in that season, but i LOVE them all! they all hold so much beauty, & change, & growth- in the earth & in people. we all go through phases in life, baby phase, toddler stage, teenage years, school, identity, work, growing a family, buying a house, marriage, faith, love, loss, heartbreak, with all these phases and seasons we go through, also comes growth & change, just like the earths ever changing seasons. sometimes the seasons don't do what we want them to do at some moments, but one thing we can do through all the moodiness & change is, be grateful, & love one another, & be kind, & lift each other up! be happy through the ever changing seasons, they are just that- SEASONS! grow with them. #livinglifebeautifully #fullcup #fall #love #growthmindset #seasonschange #momlife #plantclub #cacti #cactus #adventure


YOU: loves red lipstick 💄& always wanting to put it on yourself. lavender ice cream is your fave. love language = presents. you love mail day just as much as me. always wanting to go to church to learn about Jesus. dance is life. keeping up with hunter & being tough is a must. always talking about growing bigger so you can go to jujitsu class. favorite color is purple. shoes are life. wanting to get your ears pierced so bad. dressing up wyatt & playing house. sneaking candy whenever you get the chance. frittata is your favorite food. ME: wish there was a pause button, to keep you home with me longer- you go to school next year. adventuring is my jam right now. give me all the essential oils. trying to balance out my hormones. getting back to my workout routine. trying to decide if i want to move the punching back downstairs- will totally mess with the aesthetic, but it's far to cold to hit it outside. love watching you dance. hearing you belly laugh with your brothers is my favorite sound & site. you are definitely my favorite daughter. raising you to be a kind human is my mission. #projectyouandme #projectyouandmeswmh #momlife #adventure #adventureparenting #adventuremom #fullcup #livinglifebeautifully

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