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This year I kept it on the low and decided to do this cool space girl/alien look. Next year, I’ll have to advance it to another level. My first time playing with glitter and gems was fun. Bodysuit: @fashionnova Skirt & Boots: @dollskill Tights: @target #HappyHalloween #Alien #SpaceGirl #Fashinnova #DollsKill #Target #Halloween #TakeMeToYourPlanet #Outerspace #Costume #HalloweenCostume


It seems that I only post about my hair on this Instagram anymore. I’m so busy working on my beer instagram, and magazine Instagram, almost forget this one. New hair for fall. It’s going with my outfit for Halloween this year. It’s going to be something space/alien like. Stay tuned for photos. Thank you, @katia_baker !! #space #galatic #alienhair #Hair #colorfulhair #colorfulhairdontcare #vivids #vividhair #brighthair #takemetoyourleader #unicornhair #rainbowhair


@katia_baker making me look like a sea goddess! Absolutely in love with this new look. I missed my green and blue, but wanted to change it up from last time. It’s awesome! 💚💙🧜🏻‍♀️ #seagoddess #vivid #vividhair #greenhair #bluehair #tealhair #purplehair #sea #hair #haircolor #mermaidhair


I’m finally posting these. Deep Brew Sea 2018 was a total success! I had a great time with my love, @lexii1856, and @crumleydustin07! We will have to do I again next year! #deepbrewsea #deepbrewsea2018 #aquarium #tnaquarium #beer


Alright guys. I’ve started a beer blog on instagram to spread my knowledge and love for beer, especially craft beers. This is my journey to begin getting into the beer industry, hopefully, making my own in the near future. If your interested and/or want to support, follow @kimbobeero 🍻 #beerblog #beerlife #beer at Chattanooga, Tennessee


Oh I did a thing. I didn’t do just vivids, but I got a couple of inches cut off. Shortest my hair has ever been. Thanks @katia_baker for dealing with my nervousness on this haircut, yet, making me look wonderful 💕 #vividhair #hairstyles #hair #haircut #rainbowhair


If anyone deserved this award, it was Pekka Rinne! His regular season record was WONDERFUL! He is one of my all time favorite players! I would cry if i ever had the opportunity to meet him. I hope he parties hard tonight!!! I love him. #Pekka #PekkaRinne #Vezina #VezinaTrophy #VezinaTrophyWinner #Preds #Predators #NHL #PredsNhl #Hockey #Nashville #NashvillePredators


It’s been 10 years since you left. You never truly left any of our hearts. I’m forever your Kim-Kim. For everyone, enjoy toddler Kimbo. Still just as sassy as this photo. #10years #grandma #grandmasimpson #grandmagranddaughter #toddlerme #fbf


This babe and I. Date night. ❤️❤️ #boyfriend #datenight #memorialdayweekend #favoritebar #beerdrinking


Wild hair. Wild eyebrows. Wild girl. Feeling myself today. You should too. #kvdbrows #superbrow


Despite my Preds are no longer in, I’m still watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs. All season I’ve followed @vegasgoldenknights (Who hasn’t), and I’ll be cheering them on for the Western Conference Final! I love to watch James Neal and Marc Andre-Fluery play this season. This team has blown everyone’s minds this year. I hope to see this team reach to the cup since my Preds missed their chance. Let’s get it on!


To my @predsnhl: Sadly, we ended at the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. I only look at this as an opportunity to learn that one year you can be great and show everyone that you can make it from 16th seed all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals. Then the next year, win the Presidents’s Trophy, but not make it past the Second Round. I’ll forever be a Predators fan. I’ll forever love Smashville and the atmosphere it brings to hockey. Now it’s time to reflect in the last couple of years of how we have played and learn how we can become better. Restart for the 18-19’ season to bring Lord Stanley to Smashville. From a sad, but devoted fan. (Yes, I’m dramatic.) #PredsPride


Rainbow 🌈 hair officially touched up! Im in love with it. ❤️🧡💛💙💚💜 I’m late showing my new hair. I had a medical issue that resulted in me not taking a lot of photos due to having hives/rashes all up and down my body. Thankfully, it was only an allergic reaction to some prescription medicine. Hence why my photos show me with flushed cheeks. I’m now resting and taking care of my issue. Vivid hair is still not old to me yet. I think the rainbow hair is here to stay a little longer. Unless I find something new that inspires me. With the random colors, it allows me to be creative with my makeup and hair every single day. I enjoy expressing my individuality. Photo & Hair Credit: @katia_baker on last two photos.


I had a wonderful experience of Round 2–Game 2 with @predsnhl verses @nhljets. As soon as I saw this plane I immediately said I would figure out a way over there. A couple days later on a last minute trip with an old high school soccer buddy who decided to text me because she got access to cheap playoff tickets, I got to not only hammer this plane, but watch another amazing hockey game. Double Overtime. I’m in love with this sport. Always will 💛🏒💙 • • • • Update: All the money spent toward smashing the plane goes to the @predsfoundation! It’s definitely worth doing it for a cause. Depending on how you pay, you get a T-shirt! at Bridgestone Arena


Oh, hey! It’s @lexii1856 birthday! Shout out to one of the sweetest, most kickass, beautiful souls I’ve ever met in my life. My little sister who is not so little anymore. In the last year since her last birthday, she became a married woman making her a grown old lady. 😛 I’m so honored to call her my best friend. First time ever meeting was in high school on our school soccer team. We were in theater together. We’ve continued to grow our amazing friendship. I love you, Lexii! Enjoy your special day! We will party soon! 🎂🎉💖


Here we go again! Round 2 is going to faster, harder, and dirty. Go @predsnhl!


My review on @katvondbeauty 24-Hour Super Brow Long-Wear Promade I’m not a makeup artist. I also don’t have “stylish” or “perfect” eyebrows. I can say, someone who has nonexistent eyebrows and colorful hair, this product is pure perfection. @thekatvond has done it again with a product that is beautiful for everyone. At 5 grams, a little goes a long way. It’s a creamy, smooth product that goes on nicely. I will in the future be purchasing more of her more natural and colorful promades. Some swatches are applied on my eyebrows for visual purposes. I had tons of fun playing with this product. Eyebrow Promades: Magenta, Satellite Blue, and Daffodil Foundation: @fentybeauty Pro Filt’r 150 Eyeliner: @katvondbeauty Basketcase Mascara: @toofaced Better Than Sex Waterproof Lippie: @kkwbeauty @kyliecosmetics KKW Shade: Kimberly

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