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My Bestfriend once told me it’s better to be a great person then to do what everyone thinks you should be doing! #Blackexcellence LevelUp📶 CEO Similar users

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In the last couple of days I’ve had a couple eye openers. I realized I lost track of my #1 goal in life and everything it takes to achieve those goals. Starting today I will be getting back with @isocialmentor and continuing my journey to Impact the world in a variety of ways. #love #positivevibes


“Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination”


Alone isn’t always a bad thing!✊🏾💯 You can work on your craft as a person, and really start to become one with yourself!


Blood, sweat, tears and a lot of laughter was put into this. I love you guys man. We have been through so much together. We’ve had our ups and downs but at this end of the day we are brothers. We are that 1% that’s says “family” in our huddles and mean it more that everyone else. Thank you guys so much for everything!!


Love you lil Bro!! The team and I will be back to see you soon. Way to knock out surgery earlier today❤️📶 we knew you would kill it✊🏾. #playformax #prayformax Go support by clicking the link in my Bio!


You know the vibe‼️ @bc13___


I think we’d all rather create our own history than be apart of someone else’s!🤔❤️


Ring chasing!


Don’t mistake the smile I always keep on my face as a sign of weakness. We all have different game faces, mine just tends to show all 32!😬 @hoopzine


Round four!!! The biggest one yet Ranney vs Mater Dei @ranney @4pm Tickets being sold at 2:30 on the Ranney Campus!!


Pop out tonight! @5:30 Tip Off - Ranney Vs Rutgers Prep - at Ranney school! Be there!!


mis amigos y yo✊🏾💯

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