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After five days hiking up Mt. Kilimanjaro, it only took one to descend from the summit camp. This was one of many moments that we stopped to look back at Uhuru peak, in disbelief that we had been there just a few hours before. Our traveling has been made easier with the Propel® Card from @WellsFargo with the points we're earning on flights and travel. Learn more at #Ad #LifewithPropel at Uhuru Peak (5,895 Meters) - Mount Kilimanjaro


Acting the part in Palm Springs. Morning hikes and hanging by the pool in the afternoon - and now we're able to earn 3X points with our hotel and homestays while traveling with our new @WellsFargo Propel® Amex Card.  Learn more at #Ad #LifewithPropel at Palm Springs, California


What a great year it’s been (so far) - thankful for so much. Happy Thanksgiving to all!


After backpacking around Southeast Asia for about a month, we decided to stay put for a few weeks in a small house on an island in Thailand. It's hard to stop moving when you're exploring a new place, but we were rewarded with a new perspective on the culture and how locals live in more remote areas. Love that we can continue to explore by earning points for flights with the new Propel® card. If you're interested, apply now at #Ad #LifewithPropel at Thailand


Ben on the morning of his wedding. Excited to share a few of our photos from this beautiful Maine wedding featured in the October/November issue of @brides. See them all at @__milesandmiles__ at North Haven, Maine


One of my favorite experiences in Bangkok on our search for authentic local cuisine. Eating out while traveling is a great way to earn points with our Propel® card from @WellsFargo at restaurants. If you're interested, learn more at #AD #LifeWithPropel at Bangkok, Thailand


I'll never forget the time that we rented a Porsche 356 to drive around the California desert. However you road trip, don't forget to bring your new Propel® card from @WellsFargo and you could earn 3X points at many gas stations. If you're interested, learn more at #Ad #LifewithPropel


Made it to the motherland! at Block Island


We do a LOT of driving when we’re on an overland road trip which means a lot of gas. How cool is it that with the new Propel® Card from @wellsfargo we could earn 3X points at many gas stations? #ad #LifeWithPropel at Alberta, Canada


Incredible experience earlier this summer thanks to @ninazaczech and @touristswelcome 🙌🏼 at North Adams, Massachusetts


Wild weave


So excited to learn about the new Propel® Card from @wellsfargo. Now we can relax knowing that our next flight could earn us 3X points! #ad #LifeWithPropel at Maldives

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