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Every year it's the same shit fr, All I'm hearing is Lebron and the Cavs aren't gonna make it out the East. It's laughable to me every year Lebron doesn't have the assets he can't do it like chill tf out sit back and watch greatness the haters are funny asf what he's going to do this postseason is going to be amazing like every postseason. And how everybody saying Lebron going to LA,Philly, or Hou etc. And I'm looking at it like how you know he's not gonna win the championship... just had to put this here I'm done for now. #striveforgreatness #kingjames #SavageSeason15


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But yet yall still hate🤔. I'll never understand why people hate on this man, @kingjames Congrats brodie you've earned it🐐👑🐐 #EarnednotGiven #striveforgreatness




Everyday a nigga tryna test me, Everyday a nigga tryna end me. -The Weeknd-