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Everything Toyota's

today’s office at The Kinney


Starting out the month with some tasty new Avalon images shot for @burrell_comm #avalon #2019avalon #toyota @timmitchellrep


This picture truly embodies what it feels like when I became a father. It took me a good 5 days to get her comfortable enough to let me pose her like this and it was worth every second! Remember if you want to see Huxley’s life journey you can follow her @huxleyrice #ricericebaby2018 #dad #newbornphotos #newborn #newbornphotography #ballet #flower #baby #love at San Pedro, California


Today we celebrate Huxley’s one week birthday!!! I wanted to let you know that we have started a private Instagram account @huxleyrice just for close friends and family who would like to follow her along her journey thru life. As well as not to over saturate your Facebook feed with baby photos #ricericebaby2018 at San Pedro, California


And then there were 3 Croatia’s 🇭🇷 say Hello to Huxley Wyatt Rice at 8 lbs 14 oz and 22” long born on August 20th at 8:33pm #ricericebaby2018 at Kaiser Permanente Hospital


Shot the 2019 Toyota 86 TRD PRO for @toyotausa this was one awesome shoot at Atlanta Motorsports Park!!! #toyota #86TRDPRO @timmitchellrep


Time for home made sushi diner, thanks for sharing your fish Charles!!! at San Pedro, California


Such a nice way to start the day #omg at Mount Rainier National Forest


First selfie with my daughter Huxley Wyatt Rice, and my wife knee is totally photobombing it @hollydrago thanks babe #ricericebaby2018 at San Pedro, California


🇭🇷 #worldcup #croatia at Croatian American Hall of San Pedro


Not a bad way to end the day...


Totally enjoying this new camera, I can’t put it down. #canonm50 #chevy #whitepoint at San Pedro, California


For about five minutes out of the day the sun meets the place between the wall in the door and cuts across the cinderblock wall. #beautiful at San Pedro, California


Really enjoying the new city. #home at San Pedro, California


This dog thinks she’s sneaky but we all know she’s dumb as rocks... cause she eats them. #gotchya @hollydrago at San Pedro, California


It’s a nice day to see how that sun likes those deep “blacks” : thanks for the location tip @_jess_walker_ #rigtest #newgear #funinthesun


This is one happy lizard... at Terranea Resort


It is with great honor that I get to announce that my 5 episode documentary series with Toyota, Jay Leno and Camburg Racing: Won 3 Awards at the 2018 Telly Awards. It's pretty awesome to say that I am officially an "Award Winning Director". 2018 TELLY AWARDS SILVER Series-Documentary: Series for Online 2018 TELLY AWARDS SILVER Series-Media & Entertainment Total for Social Video 2018 TELLY AWARDS BRONZE Series-Webseries: Documentary for Online I would like to thank Paul Czaplicki for giving me the opportunity, for Laurence, Molly Binks & Paul Pfanner of Racer Media for helping me bring this entire series to life. Skoti Collins and Liz for their support. I like to thank my wife Holly Rice for watching every single cut and telling me how awesome it was all 648 times. As well as my awesome and talented crew. Directors of Photography Jay Schweitzer - Powerband Films Sasha Alexander Sogolow - Tempt Media Chris Adams - Tempt Media Jeff Vogeding - Vogeding Digital Davis DiLillo - Aether Films Jason Monroe - Monroe Media Brian Moore - Moore Films Drone Operator Steffen Kjellberg Helicopter Jim McCoy Audio Engineer Tyler Bender Curtis Mansfield Rick Brush Motion Graphics Garret Allard Sound & Color Mastering Logan Vollmers

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