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Sean Adriano Racing SAR 2jz S13 #562 Formula Drift Pro 2 Driver

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@seanadriano photos and videos

Found this old picture from @justdrift_official #TopDrift... Who thinks I should remake the splitter/canard setup this season? 📷: @modxmode


The new motor will also use 9.5:1 @jepistons as well as @k1_technologies_ connecting rods!


Huge, huge, HUGE thank you to @supertechperformance for the support this year. The new motor being built will be using ALL @supertechperformance valvetrain components! Super stoked for this 🙏🙏


Got a few laps in @meliton.villamor #2jz #s14 today at Horse Thief Mile @justdrift_official Season Opener. 4th gear up shifts on the backside are so dope! at Horse Thief Mile


Took the bumper car out to get some laps at balcony. Only got 2 laps before the front knuckle snapped haha 🤦‍♂️


Decent weekend testing and getting @meliton.villamor #2jz #S14 ready for @thedriftleague next Saturday. Thanks for letting me get some laps in with your car Meliton!!


Solid test day today with @meliton.villamor at willow springs!! One week until @thedriftleague! @boost_brigade @trispeed_usa @clutchmasters @ocmobilealignment @andystires


2 weeks before @thedriftleague .We got @meliton.villamor 2jz s14 on the dyno last night! Pretty surprised with the results. Any guesses on numbers? @boost_brigade #s14 #schassis #2jz #drift #drifting #driftcar #sony #sonya6000


Pulled the motor out this weekend with the help of @meliton.villamor. Time to tear it down and refresh for this upcoming season!


Giving @rivalautoworks a little extra momentum 😎 #champagnecampaign #bumpercarmovement


Some fire from @_abe_cruz. Crazy how much you can learn from such a basic car. We call them “bumper cars” but the whole point isn’t to smash them into each other, but rather push your limits in a car you don’t worry if you do happen to bump into each other. #ChampagneCampaign at Apple Valley Speedway


Some dope shots from the @90sforever.exe track day! Best tandems of the whole event in the stockest cars there. 🤔🤔🤔 #ChampagneCampaign #StockAF at Apple Valley Speedway


Feels like forever since I’ve driven the car 😭 but here’s a little All Star Bash throw back from the last time I drove . I think it’s an appropriate clip since @gktech_official has just release their V4 Super Lock Pro knuckles I have been testing for the past year or so. These knuckles have offset caster trail as well as 2 different ackerman settings. If you’re in the market for new steering upgrades check them out! 🎥: @camartmedia #Greddy #GPP #BoostBrigade #DesignCraftFab #AchillesRadial #TeamAchilles #AchillesTires #HPSperformance #BuildSomethingAmazing #FormulaD #FormulaDrift #Pro2 @greddyperformance @boost_brigade @designcraftfab @achillestire @achilles_radial @hpsperformance @rivalautoworks @sparcousa @kw_suspension @evolved_injection @finelinetuning @ignition_projects_usa @xxrwheel @insaneshafts @clutchmasters @gktech_official @runbc @meganracing @powervehicles100 @motys_tribojapan @ocmobilealignment @battle_aero @awstickers


The homie @meliton.villamor lookin proper with the work emotion 2p and fresh paint by @2jdontplay. Pretty stoked to help him get his car setup solid to test soon. He swapped the wisefab out for the @rivalautoworks #RivalKnuckle kit for a more natural steering setup as well a stock clutch master to make it much easier to modulate. The main focus was getting back to a more simple, natural feeling setup, and most of all drivability. A few more small changes before we get it on the dyno for a retune then this will be a totally different car. Give him a follow and stay tuned for test videos! 🤙🤙 @movinngroovin_originals @boost_brigade @clutchmasters @officialngksparkplugs #s14 #schassis #2jz #jz #drift #driftcar #drifting #sonya6000 #sony

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