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More snow in our forecast this weekend, so I am sharing our favorite kid mittens by @veyokids ! We‘ve had their penguin ones for years (they are in pretty much all of my snow photos and we get asked about them a lot - everyone who gets them loves them too!) I truly can’t say enough good things - super easy to put on, they stay on, and they keep the boys’ hands warm and dry. If you have more snow in your forecast, check them out!


It’s International Love Your Pet Day! That’s every day around here ;), but we will be spending the day giving Pocket some extra love and snuggles, as he is recovering from a rash and he needs to stay in and keep it clean to avoid the cone of shame. Poor buddy! 💔 #loveyourpetday


Examining beach rocks || Booked a lot of our summer travel this weekend - I am seriously over winter and dreaming of warm sunsets and vacation. Did you see my stories today with the photo I took during @smittenandswoon “love and light” workshop? I am fearful I won’t see pretty light like that again until July 😆😭 - only half kidding. . . #whpuptome #whpwinterblues at The PNW


Heading into a snow free weekend!


Happy trails? A lot of you may notice I don’t tag specific trails or locations - if I geotag at all it’s always pretty general, and done with a lot of thought. For example, our National Parks are important to me, and I want to share their beauty, so I tag them generally to hopefully make other people care about them too or be inspired to visit them and fall in love as well. The few times I have tagged specifically, the decision was not made lightly and they were all rather popular locations long before social media. I hope all of you reading this take the time to think about how tagging a location may effect it and whether it may be helpful or harmful to the environment there. I posted last year about the @leavenotracecenter ‘s social media guidelines, but thought I’d mention them again, as lately I’ve seen some photographers I used to admire tag some pretty special places that don’t need more visitors or promotion, as they are being trashed and destroyed. I’ve also shared some locations privately with people here whom I thought I could trust to tag responsibly, and let’s just say I won’t be doing that any more. Some of these same photographers even posted photos where I know there are giant signs saying “keep out/stay on the trails.” It all breaks my heart and I don’t know what to do about it, other than to share my stance on it. I’ve temporarily put the link the the @leavenotracecenter guidelines in my bio, or you can find it through their Instagram. I hope you all take the time to read them and think about it all.


Busted out of this popsicle stand. Goodbye snowy Seattle, hello sunny @clickawayconference ! So happy for warmth and photo friends! . . #clickaway2019 at Mount Rainier National Park


He always asks when he will be old enough to climb the mountain. I think sooner than I’ll be ready for 🏔💙 (I cropped this because I like his little smile - but to see a landscape version, check my stories.) at Mount Rainier National Park


It snowed . . . at Seattle, Washington


1.29.2019 | 3:30 p.m. | 49 degrees - we always get one extra sunny week in January . . . . “Every season has its own character and charm.” . We are capturing the changing of the seasons, one month at a time, from the same location. Watch as our frames transform each month. . Follow #astoryofseasons to see the seasons all over the world. I’m in the Pacific Northwest, USA . Next up: @alwaysmaylee . #astoryofseasons_seasalt_and_evergreens at The PNW


Building forts, happy as a clam. . . . . . . . . . . . #lumixlines #lumixgx7 @lumix


Kid’s got a good arm. He gets none of his athletic ability from me . . .


* * * G I V E A W AY CLOSED *** Congrats to @outandbackwithkids and @wymimama 🎉 . Let’s head into the new year on the right foot! 4 years ago I resolved to get outside with the kids every day no matter the weather, and now it’s just part of our routine. Keen shoes have been a huge part of that journey. So, I’ve teamed up with to give away two pairs of kid shoes - 2 winners will each receive 1 pair of shoes of their choice. (My boys’ favorite Targhee waterproof boots pictured here - they live in these!) . To enter: . *Follow both and me @seasalt.and.evergreens . *Tag at least 2 friends in separate comments below - for extra entries, tag more friends in separate comments . *Winners will be announced the morning of 1/3/19 . Good luck! #boundlesswonder #bettertakesaction #whpresolutions2019 at Mount Rainier National Park


A new year is on the horizon - I am still mulling over my goals for next year, but I sure do hope for more moments like this in 2019. . This time of year brings so much joy and happiness to our homes! I’ve joined a group of photographers to capture the memory and beauty of this holiday season! #ourholiday_loop Up next is the talented: @evelynleigh_photo at Mount Rainier National Park


❄️🌲☃️☃️🌲❄️ at Mount Rainier National Park


I’d have a blue Christmas without these two - but since I am with them, we enjoyed a beautiful blue hour up in the mountains ;) . Probably not surprising, but Blue Christmas by @elvis is by far my favorite Christmas song! Also, one time in Vegas, an impersonator asked ME for a selfie on HIS phone because he liked my rendition of Viva Las Vegas so much 🤣 #truestory . 🎶 Music and photography, two art forms that speak a universal language across cultural and linguistic boundaries. Both can tell stories in ways traditional words can’t express. Once a month, we are pushing our creativity and taking photographs inspired by music. Conceptual or literal, we are opening ourselves up to the feeling music gives us and celebrating the artists, songs, and genres that are the sound track to our lives. . Follow along on our #monthlymusicmonday loop and see how everyone else interpreted this month’s theme - Holiday songs! Next up: @ nickibergeson . . . @lumix #lumixgx7 #lumixlines


Captain snow beard at The PNW


My 3 snow men ☃️☃️☃️ . . Dedicating this post to the nicest person on the Internet (and in real life too!) for hitting 150k followers this week. Her and her whole family are so inspirational and well deserving of all good things that come their way. Thanks for your endless kindness and support, Meg, and huge congrats! . This community is so large but can be brought together by small acts of kindness. This is what @meg_nlo does daily. She has helped build this tight knit community of friends, mothers, and artists. She takes the time to mentor and support... So, in honor of her hitting 150k we are spreading the love! #MegHits150


Our 2018 holiday card ♥️. at Mount Rainier National Park

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