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Fresh Blood🐂 This Lion had just ripped a Buffalo, amazing to see these animals feast at Chobe National Park


Turn off the engine and enjoy the nature🙏 With this photo, i won a GoPro signed by Valentino Rossi, the motorcycling legend, and it has arrived!! thank you @goprode 🐢 #goprode #goproza at Baviaanskloof


This is Berta. She looks funny on land, but when shes lurking in the water...😶 at Okavango Delta


Happy as a kid playing in mud😋 5 days into a 3 week adventure around southern africa, and its been awsome! But I do miss my bike on some roads up here😥 #goproza at Botswana


Capetown views never disappoint✌ Still have yet to hike Lions Head... at Lion's Head


Solo Adventure Ride in South Africa! Link for the full video is on my Profile✌ This was a trip i took to the baviaanskloof from capetown, on the way back i met up with friends🤗 . . And that soundeffect in the beginning is me stuggling, thought it fits to the song😂😂 . . @dual_sport_adv @lightadv @motor_adventure @dualsportsouthafrica @dualsportlife @backroads_dual_sport @advpulse  @advlifeofficial @roamafrica @everide #everide at South Africa


Capetown, you are addictive🌅 Family visit from @marlene_xxiv @timonteus and mom✌ at Cape Point


Caution: Do not drown your bike🏞 This was the most intense thing i've done till now, because one wrong move ment that my bike would have been damaged. The engine was smoking as I was slowly driving through, water was as high as the tank. Made it through but is was scary😅 There is a small raft to transport the bikes, but the guys i was riding with really did not care😂 at Cederberg


The Momentum counts🤘 Epic first time Dune riding with @gimme_the_lou.t The atlantis dunes were the trigger for why i bought my bike. Glad to finally have crossed it off my Bucket list✌ at Atlantis Dunes


Really happy about where life is taking me right now and excited about future adventures👊🤗 at Strand, Western Cape


Sometimes you just gotta send it @tobhe 👊 at Crystal Pools today #goproza at Stellenbosch, Western Cape


Kicking up dust at AfricaBurn🌋🔥 The temples and other constructs are normally stages of a festival🕵 must return sometime... #southafrica #dualsport at Tankwa Karoo National Park


Just a Lamaha chasing a KTM🏁 Here I noticed that riding with high tyre-pressure is not smart on sandy gravel roads😅 #goproza at Cederberg


Here i find peace🙏 Had a crazy weekend on a farm here in South Africa once again. Bikes, Beers, Braai. Thats all you need... at Citrusdal, Western Cape, South Africa


Can you spot the bike? Finished my exams and will be crossing off my bucketlist for the last month, this weekend: Cederberg! at South Africa


If you didn't fall, were you even riding?🤔 definitely hit that loose mud too quick😂 #revsyourheart at Cape Agulhas


Awsome to show others the joy of riding🙏 cheers to a good day! #goproza Currently studying and missing my bike... at Bain'S Kloof, Western Cape, South Africa


Solo Adv Tour Final Day: A peace out from me, 1800kms on a 250cc dual sports! The last day was a 500km highway stretch (no fun with a 250), after 3 hours I got used to driving straight, 115km/h when flat, 80km/h when the wind was hitting in, or it went uphill. I arrived home safe and sound, and all in all, it was an awesome experience! A full 2-3 month solo African motorbike tour is high on my bucket list, but i first want to drive around countries with less hazards! 3 crashes, 8 days, 42 hours on the bike and 1 beast of a yamaha that survived heavy offroading! at South Africa

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