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i had to go to @humblestofpleasures while i was backing home for a week! some of my favourite local vegan food! #vegan 💗 at Humblest of Pleasures


hey kids. now i have your attention with these selfies, let’s have a bit of a chat (because we love over sharing) hi, my name’s lucy, and i don’t post on here half as much as i used to. and i know ‘who really cares’ and all that jazz. but the reason i think this is important is that my lack of posting is a reflection of my mental health and the (for want of a better word) funk i have fallen into over the last couple of years. i have only recently decided to practice what i preach and put my mental health first and go and see a doctor about it. obviously i’m not ‘instantly better’ because that doesn’t exist. but simply even talking about it, especially to a professional, is very grounding and definitely a step in the right direction. today was a BAD day for my brain and it’s a side of depression i still don’t think is properly represented or talked about. but it did put all of this into perspective for me. life is a constant cycle of growth and change, both good and bad (yes i’m a self help guru now). adjusting to this is hard for everyone, so please if you’re ever struggling: talk to someone!!! it doesn’t have to be directly about that, just drop a friend a message saying hi and take it from there. hey even message me if you want. it’s 2018 and the severity of mental health and well-being isn’t talked about enough. so yes i believe this rant was needed and i don’t care if people skim read it or scrolled past it. there’s so much more i wanted to talk about in this caption but decided it was already long enough. so, if you have read this far, first of all: thanks, you’re a babe. second of all: i’m sorry to all the friends and family members who’s messages i don’t respond to for weeks and months on end. it doesn’t mean i love you any less. be kind to each other x #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthmatters


this looks like i have a brand deal with @lazyoafs and honestly i’m not mad 🌈 at Sneinton Market Avenues


still haven’t processed that i’m not a second year anymore. so much hard work, now time for so much rest at Nottingham Trent University


(photo by @rodrigoorrantia) This evening we had our second year book fair and I am so incredibly proud of @98luce and @mxiakb’s for having their books chosen to be presented at @freerangeshows in London! 💛 Not to be too soppy but my book is one of the first pieces of work I have truly been proud of and I am been happy with how it turned out. I put a lot of time and effort into it and now here it is for everyone to see! (top book mine, bottom book maia’s) at Nottingham Trent University


throwing it back to baby lucy because i would still wear those booties now


instagram is already bombarded with these photos but here are some of my favourites from Luce’s birthday 💛


my final form: angry, rainbow, ethereal being


had a lovely couple of days with my dad and lynn in the sun 🌞 at Stonebridge City Farm


the love of my life 💛 (this is why people think we’re together)


@mxiakb captured me living out my animal crossing fantasy 🌸


(long post ahead) (feel free to not read and just enjoy this candid photo of Kyra learning about ping pong) i didn’t really post about it over the weekend because i was busy. i had a lovely 20th birthday, which is a big deal to me as i have never really liked my birthday. Kyra came to visit for the weekend which was amazing and i would like to take this moment to thank her, @98luce, @mxiakb and @rebecca.potten for making the extra effort and making my birthday special ❤️ at Nottingham Contemporary


i only bought one of the books in my hand and ironically it was the one about about addiction


storytime: @98luce was doing a photoshoot of me in the snow on a nyc tour bus and the snow made my mascara run into my eyes, causing me to look like i’m sobbing in this photo at New York, New York


Chloe and I have reached fame😅 this photo is on the NTU website from our uni trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park to see the Alfredo Jaar exhibit! at Yorkshire Sculpture Park


completely forgot about the beautiful crystal shop we visited in new york 🔮 (sorry @hyrako_24601 lol) at ROCK STAR CRYSTALS


how i think i look candidly in bars vs the reality 📷 @mxiakb at Das Kino


we missed a prime opportunity to recreate the shootout on the steps from the untouchables at Grand Central Station

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