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#Michigan based professional photographer. Specializing in lifestyle and tintype photography. @vanguardworld pro. Check me out on Petapixel -> Similar users

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It's almost time for pumpkin pie spiced everything.  This was taken last year, but at 55 degrees it feels like a fall morning for sure. Who is stoked for some sweater weather?




I was playing 90's music trivia last night and I heard a particular song that made me want to post this photo. You can probably guess which earworm it was. Comment the song title if you know it. Feel free to hop on a 90's playlist or dust off your cassette tapes and walkman today. #vanguardworld at Oregon


4x5 tintype of Karl. I've had some questions from people about my tintype photos such as, "is the vintage effect on the photo done in photoshop?" The answer is no, It's actually a fully analog image taken directly in a metal plate. The resulting image looks like it's out of the late 1800's because that's how the images would have been taken. The chemical process is very hands-on and lacks any sort of digital technology (until the plate is scanned and put on Instagram that is). Would you like to see more behind the scenes tintype stuff? at Lansing, Michigan


If you missed the @petapixel article about some cool photo stuff I do make sure to check it out. (link in bio) at Lansing, Michigan


Working on trip planning. Can't wait to share some cool stuff with you guys soon. at Gulf Shores, Alabama


Who else is excited about fall?!? Fall is definitely my favorite season for countless reasons. I really enjoy fall portrait sessions. Last year I photographed dozens of great families, couples, and even these three pups and had a blast!  Who wants to set up a portrait session? Let's chat at Lansing, Michigan


What are your favorite pizza topping combinations? at Ellison Brewery + Spirits


Do you have a favorite pair of shoes? at Lansing, Michigan


It feels good to care for something, even if its just a little-potted plant. We all care for something or someone, what or who do you care about the most about? I love what I do because I get to capture people at various times in their lives. I always enjoy photographing people who care about something, whether it's another person or people, a hobby, or a place they love there is something special about people who care. at REO Town


Views from a train.


There are few things I enjoy in the summer as much as a good whiskey around a bonfire. at Pure Michigan


I'm very honored to have my work shared in @lomography magazine! Be sure to check the article out! (link in bio) Thank you to everyone for all of your support and encouragement as I continue on this journey! at Lansing, Michigan


I love how this plate turned out. It was awesome to see Eric's reaction when he saw himself appearing. That is my one of my favorite things about tintype photography, you can see the image come to life without sending anything out or uploading to a computer first. It's like having a beefed up Polaroid camera from the 1800's. Shoot me a message to have yours done soon! at Lansing, Michigan


Soaking in the warmth. #vanguardworld at Lake Delta


Do you prefer cakes or cupcakes? at Peacock Road Family Farm


Summertime vibes. Happy Friday everyone! #vanguardworld


Briggin' back the fanny pack. at Lansing Downtown

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