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This is my heart Tribe. That the homeless get healing services as well and eat organic food to nourish their body. Healing is not for the rich only. Please take the time to see what my soul sister @larayia has been doing in skid row.Thank you tribal members we have raised $10,488.00 thus to date and we still are raising more to hit our goal $50,000.00. So we can have a building that will provide food and classes in sound healing, yoga, shamanic healing and more. Let's continue the vibration of giving today, everyday and all year long. Thank you for all who contributed to this fundraiser. Amala! If you wish to give even 10, 20 , 40 , 100 or more check out link in my bio. #shamandurek for @lunchonme #❤️ Tribe share your thoughts?


Open your energy with sacred shamanic drumming to shift and lift and receive good medicine for your soul. Tribe I love you! I will do anything I can do to keep you Lit 🔥. #drumming #shamandurek #energy Tribe what do you think can you feel it? Share in comments. at West Hollywood, California


Family time last night was epic with @bradfalchuk @gwynethpaltrow @aalava and the smartest kids in the world. We learned so much from each other, we laughed had such a good time together still buzzing today. Time spent with people you love is true value. Stay Lit at Los Angeles, California


I’m leading the meditation at The Shine. Tickets avail at The Shine is a nonprofit variety show with a mission to inspire people to do more, be more, and give more. It is an honor to share the stage with my spirit brother @kennwadikejr vocals by @lizzvegalove comedy @morganjay See you there tribe. @theshinemovement at Los Angeles, California


A lot of people will say have faith, great thanks that really helps. Is there a pill for that? What does that mean? Have faith, is it a religious action that I have to learn by going to church or Temple or even a Mosque? In todays culture throwing around this word doesn't really help if you don't explain how it works. Duh! In order to be Lit Giants and ride the Lit train we need a little more then "Just have faith" So here is the meaning of Faith in a nut shell poprocks way. Faith is Focus it means you keep your mind on your idea or thought or desire without being distracted or wavering. Then Source, that amazing creator in you, opens the door. It's that easy. In other words stick to one focus and leave any other ideas of doubt or lack by the wayside or better yet in the trash. Woo hoo. Hows that Litty committee? Faith is Focus! #faith #focus #manifest #shamandurek Thoughts tribe speak on it. at Los Angeles, California


It was a honor to be written up in @human_shift along side @philgoodlife and @serahdlaine . Thank you for sharing my words of love to the people. I'm grateful @alisonbeckner for everything. 🔥Excerpt from article 🔥 Comfort zone means to me that people are afraid of the unknown and what’s different than they know. They stay in the mundane existence and stay in that which is familiar. They follow the rules of society. For me to be a leader to support people in a greater way I need to find out what lies beyond the boundaries of their fear. For me I don’t believe in sitting in comfort. True comfort to me is breaking the rules and living on the edge, leaning into my aversions to gain power and insight to give back to the people. To read more go to #press #empowerment #leadership #shamandurek Tribe what do you think about this excerpt? at Los Angeles, California


What is the nature of your focus in life?


What is the nature of your actions in life?


What is the nature of your being?


Join me and my dear friend @morganlynzi in conversation Live with q&a for a special holiday wellness event December 17, at 6pm WILD NIGHT IN at Ace Hotel DTLA in collab with her podcast @welldamnlifestyle. This is a FREE intimate event WITH RSVP that is going to be LIT 🔥 free Intuitive + astrology readings, music performances, and more surprises. It will be an unforgettable holiday gathering. RSVP to the link in my bio! #shamandurek #realtalk #holiday Tribe come out and let's hug talk laugh and love. It's a holiday giveback. at Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles


Thank you @luigi_vi @dustmagazine for my big feature in the magazine best Interview to date. The questions were so intellectually stimulating on all levels. It was an honor. 🔥Excerpt from Dust magazine🔥 Men need to wake up and step into their heart space so women can bring to light the new awareness. And only then can the balance of feminine and masculine be complete. And only then will we have a structure from which to rebuild. We will continue until this foundation is created and the foun- dation requires men and women to operate equally! 🔥Excerpt from Magazine🔥 The government system knows that there are two energy sources that can keep reality in check. One is ‘distraction’. The second is ‘reaction’. If you can create a mass distraction and then get people to react, you will then lock in their reality. 🌿 Tribe it will be posted tomorrow on my website. Or you can purchase it at all book stores and fashion magazine shops. It's a must read . Stay Lit 🔥 #press #shamandurek #loveambassador at Spain


Hey tribe! We live in a world where we have to play to win at this journey called life, however their are allot of people cheating and making it difficult for many of us to bring in that reality. Because those people change the rules to life as they see fit. Well thanks to my brother @dave.asprey He wants us all to be winners at life. His new book Game Changer is changing the playing field for all of us. This book teaches you what Leaders, Innovators and Mavericks Do To Win at Life. Isn't it time to level up tribe and keep the Lit train 🔥 in our life on full steam ahead. You gotta get this book. #levelup #sucess #biohacking #innovation #change #shamandurek @bulletproof @upgradelabs Tribe you ready? share in comments. at Manhattan, New York

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