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ALMOST 30 #almost30nation

I love you my dear friend thank you for joining us on my IG Live Soul Talk kisses @selmablair ・・・ Going live with #shamandurek for his soul talk. Tomorrow March 20 at 10 am. Pacific time. Come chat. Join @shamandurek for my first attempt with joining live. 😂🍀💋 at Los Angeles, California


Join us for empathic training at @communionbyjoy Sunday March 25th 430-630pm WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: You will learn about sensing*  You will learn about digesting or viewing*  You will learn how to read people's emotions and open yourself up to visual and sound interpretation* You will learn about emotional projection to shift someone's energy* You will learn how to feel peoples energies, remove fear of communicating your truth and how to access their energy field and know their energy signature* Check out my meditations at @welcomeearth at Communion by Joy Sangalang


When you hug someone you must go into it with reverence and fullness of being. It doesn't have to be heart to heart for your heart is already connected when the willingness to hug is chosen. When you hug another soul it is a chance to speak into their heart words of love words of their life being filled with light and good favor of spirit. A true hug is held and honoured there is no patting or pounding of the back. There is only the warmth of a living being. A chance to love God and yourself in another. To hug is sacred. In this picture I'm hugging the powerful smart talented @morganlynzi . Remember the way you do things in life towards others is the way you do it to yourself.


I'm so happy we are in each others life again sweet @msbritmorgan ・・・ Amazing night with my friend @shamandurek who is pure love and magic ✨💫✨ #shamandurek @madebyvoz at Alo Yoga Store


I had to repost this beautiful picture of powerful ladies I felt so humbled and honored thank you @tbbpodcast ・・・ a snapshot from our lovely evening at @aloyoga hosting our first ever night of shamanism & yoga + a LIVE PODCAST recording with @shamandurek! if you weren’t able to be there, the episode will be live next wednesday 🙌🏻💋 and the humans in this photo all set my soul on fire and are some of the most important people in my life. excited for this one?!?! I AM!!! #tbbmademedoit #beagodddess #soulonfire #shamandurek @madebyvoz


There is nothing better than going deep in a interview. I'm so over surface questions. However @mystictribeco going deep is what it's about. I felt so at home with the lovely @kaerhart @luke.vincente So refreshing to hear deep questions that really keeps me #lit 🔥So when you get a chance give listen to this amazing podcast. #deepdive #shamandurek at Los Angeles, California


How can you take life when you did not make it. Huh #youdontownme


Where is our policy to protect life beyond all things material.


School should be a sanctuary a place to learn about yourself in creative ways. To learn about life so that you can find your hearts desires for being here on earth. Not a prison that wants to see if you follow rules. Obey!


What kind of species creates to destroy itself wait our does, it's time to evolve the human race. Stop killing life.


We need a reform a new restructure that supports life not money.


Now is the time to take action against the injustice on human life. Now is the time to say Enough.

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