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3rd gen shaman to the people, author, women's empowerment leader, evolutionary innovator. #spirithacker bookings [email protected] manager @aalava Similar users See full size profile picture

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When you fill it in the blank. Fill only what you want to manifest in your life. Remember the past creates the Now. Send it to the past send it to your now. #shamandurek #spirithacker #tribe #love #lightning #manifest Tribe fill in blank then let it go don't talk about it don't wonder if it will happen just go into mindset of allowance. Love you sweet souls. Tribe please write something so its get magnified here. at New York, New York


Seeing my dear friend @kellyrutherford before leaving the city of #NYC was wonderful, we ate at @cleorestaurant When two deep and passionate scorpios get together who are such good friends. There is no shortage of wisdom flowing between us. We get on fire and we laugh our bums off because we see each other so clearly. Here we are in @mondrianparkavenue lobby being the smiley faces we always are in life. Ps tribe check out my friend on @cw_dynasty My jacket is from @studiooneeightynine shirt from @kxclothing and shoes from @feitdirect watch from @adinamills Please don't ask me why I post what I'm wearing. I support those who support me. Word! #shamandurek #spirithacker #tribe #love #lightning Tribe I just want you to know that you can choose to live your life with no apology for being you. Thoughts? share them I read everything. I love you dearly at Mondrian Park Avenue


You're a beautiful person and you don't need people in your life who are not invested in your happiness, growth, success and for you to have a good life. Your energy is best spent honoring those who value your worth, who spread your message and really believe in you. It's time to honor those who honor you. Everyone else just let them be. #shamandurek #spirithacker #tribe #love #lightning #investment Tribe what are your thoughts? Please write something. I'd rather hear from you then just get your likes. Because I love you. at New York, New York


What ways can you show kindness to a stranger? Write in comments?


How can you be more kind to yourself daily? Write in comments?


Where as humans do we need to be more kind to life? Write in comments?


Always a pleasure to stay at the @mondrianparkavenue What an artistic luxury hotel with staff who offer fantastic A class service. Which is always perfect for me with my over hectic schedule when on tour in #manhattan I love @cleorestaurant I ate there with my family friend @benjaminshinestudio we had an amazing time the server was such a sweet soul with a kind heart, they made sure we had all we needed. Thank you Mondrian. #travel #luxury #hotel #shamandurek #spirithacker #tribe #love #lightning Tribe what is your favorite place to travel? Tribe when I ask a question please answer this is how I get to know you. at Mondrian Park Avenue


Who wants to get Lit 🔥? Learn how to turn on your heart fire electricity for accelerated spiritual energy, inner wellbeing, deep healing and super cosmic transformational powers. That you can use on friends and family or in a room if it has low energy. Besides everything I teach is about giving you a rad rock roll tool box that will rock the planet. It's time for training tribe. So if your in LA or near it. Gather with us a @denmeditation for a trip on the lit🔥train 🚂and get ready for shamanic mojo goodness. #shamandurek #spirithacker #tribe #love #lightning Tribe you ready? at The DEN Meditation


Powerful night in #geodesicdome holding ceremony with @consciousjaguar in #ibiza for @wellcosmicpineapple at @pikeshotel It was pure magic to share and to invoke energy doing shamanic passages and tribal ceremony to call in the ancestors with my brother, to reset the human body for an insurgence of new energy for total optimization and wellbeing. Grateful I am 📸 @phrank #shamandurek #spirithacker #tribe #love #lightning Tribal what is something you do to bring in new energy share with us in comments? Share your voice. at Pike's Hotel Ibiza


Every person you meet no matter what, is your teacher. Learn what they have come to teach you. We are all lifting each other if you look at it with that perception. Life will make sense once you do. The pain, hurt, pleasure, joy everything another person does to you is to rise you up. So get risen and see the blessing we all bring. You're all my teachers and I honor you tribe. Stay woke on all fronts. #shamandurek #spirithacker #tribe #love #lightning Tribe can you see the blessings that have been given? Speak on it in comments I want to hear and learn. at Manhattan, New York


So wonderful to see this Queen @fyahfaye at fashion show for @studiooneeightynine last time we saw each other I was speaking at surf lodge in Montauk. Seeing friends is the best thing in the world. Supporting Africa is even better. #shamandurek #spirithacker #tribe #love #lightning Fashion I'm wearing. Shirt from @kxclothing kimono robe from @flyinghorsescollective made with fabrics from #ghana🇬🇭 necklace made by African women in Masai tribe from @alamaproject shoes made from cork @feitdirect and scarf made by @emilyfactor Tribe what are you supporting right now that's got you Lit 🔥? at Manhattan, New York


Thank you @andrewmasa for having a gathering of doctors, shamans, CEO bio hackers, fashion editors private social club owners, venture capitalists, crypto investors, models, techies, stem cell geniuses, film makers, AI builders and more to discuss how we can join forces to create a better world. Such a lovely evening with my brother @dave.asprey soul Queen @chenoamaxwell with her lovely insightful husband @mjmii my dear friend @selinashearer my family friend @benjaminshinestudio and my sweet powerhouse niece/manger @aalava Let's keep laughing till the sun comes up. #shamandurek #spirithacker #tribe #love #lightning Tribe when is last time you put a social gathering on to connect people for change? at Manhattan, New York

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