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A few steps closer


I really need sedan fenders and to finish up the body work so i can throw some paint at this thing.




What once collected income for a hard working family now collects dust and moss.


Starting to tackle the minimal body work needed on the third gen and slapping some of the extra body filler on the wagon. Engine should be back in the Camaro this weekend.


Lots of blood, sweat, metal, welding, measuring, fabricating, and some zip ties and she’s finally back on four wheels. It isn’t pretty, and i still have a lot of grinding and body work to do, but the hard parts are done. 👌🏻


This project is becoming a huge pain in my ass.


And there we have it. One WRX wagon widebody kit. As excited as i am to make progress on this rust bucket wagon and make it nice again seeing my baby like this really hurts my soul. We’ll see if the wagon lives up to it.


I’ve got big plans for the wagon. 👌🏻


OH! and i took my little sister who has never been to a metal show to see Slayer. Her life is now infinitely better.


I haven’t posted in awhile because life has been kicking my ass but here’s some developments. The Danger Ranger pulled a lieutenant Dan on me on the highway, so that’s dead and gone, the WRX is totaled as everyone knows, BUT i bought a Bugeye wagon! Needs a transmission though, so i pulled the heart out of the red one to donate the trans and start building that engine up even more. Tons of fun over here.


Well the WRX is totaled, and it’s not looking like I’ll be able to afford to buy it back from the insurance at this point in my life. It breaks my heart, but all good things come to an end.


What’s exciting, dangerous, and pink all over? (Besides white women) this house.


Merely hours before the tragedy that happened to the WRX my uncle offered me his old Ranger. Needless to say i called back after the accident and happily accepted. Also i definitely wasn’t leaving it stock. Wheels and tires curtesy of the ol Galaxie, and i removed that aluminum bed cap. Doesn’t look half bad for a Ford.


Yesterday was not a good day.


If I don't find a way to see through the gray that clouds my mind. This time I look to see what's between the lines

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