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•Sometimes things are easier said than done. ⠀ ⠀ •But when things get tough, remember, have courage and be kind ♥️ ⠀ ⠀ •it’ll take you farther than you think 😉⠀ ⠀ #havecourage #bekind #evenwhenitshard #quotestoliveby


The other day in the car it got quiet, i turned around and there’s my 3 year old casually “reading” quietly to herself 😍😂 #grownup #3goingon13 #funnykid #shecantread


If you watched my stories today (or at all lately) you know how obsessed I’ve become with @coffeeovercardio !! I love supporting small businesses and especially women owned businesses! @abbbeyscottt has created AMAZING coffee, it’s so fresh and i love that it is marketed towards women ! How could you not love these adorable bags?! If you want to give it a try click the link in my profile for 10% off!! You won’t regret it! #coffeeovercardio #bestcoffeeever #workflow #bonjour #thirdcup #noshame


Birthday weekends as a mom can be stressful and emotional. Waking up this morning to the tornado of presents and leftover decorations, plus having to take my 7 month old to the doctor to be diagnosed with an ear infection, could have been enough to stress anyone out. But, instead, i decided to be gentle with myself today. Instead of stressing about getting the house back in order, i took the time to open and play with all the new toys my 3 year old wanted to, i took the usual nap time “hustle” and snuggled my sick baby instead. The cleaning, the vacuuming, the laundry can all wait. So, mommas, be gentle with yourself today, you’re doing the best you can ♥️♥️ #begentle #momguilt #makememoriesovermoney #stayathomemomlife #mondays #postbirthdayblues


Double post and I’m not even sorry 😜 As i sit here looking back over this weekend celebrating my sweet baby girl i can’t help but feel so incredibly blessed💗 Blessed to be her mommy, blessed that she has so many who love her, blessed to be able to give her memories that will last a lifetime 💗 Here’s to another year loving and making memories with this sweet 3 year old 😍 #childhood #makingmemories #birthdayparty #momlifebestlife #blessed


My sweet, smart, fun loving baby girl 💗 3 years making our lives a better, pinker, smiley-er place 😍 Words will never describe the happiness you bring us 😘 #3yearsold #firstborn #babygirl #birthdayweekend


Clink the link in my bio for a 10% discount on some AMAZING coffee!! ☕️☕️☕️ I will be drinking copious amounts today while i clean the entire house in preparation for birthday festivities this weekend!! #coffeeovercardio #bestcoffeeever #glutenfree #nongmo #cleanenergy #gimmeallthecoffee


Kids, am i right!? 😂😂😂 Mallory played with my phone most of the day while visiting my grandma today and i just discovered these hilarious pictures in my camera roll 😂 she got some serious gems in there, don’t you think?! I know @kelliekehres does 😜😂 #mademynight #momlife #toddlerphotography #shesgotskills #takingpicsofgrandma


Sunday’s in toddler fashion 😍 Yesterday during mass Mallory asked “where’s Mila?” (My parents dog who passed away this summer) we always tell her Mila went to be with God in heaven, and she couldn’t wrap her mind around why God was at church, but Mila wasn’t 😭 It hurts my heart that she can’t understand the permanence of losing her beloved friend Mila, needless to say i spent the rest of mass praying for peace in my little girls heart ♥️ #sundayprayers #sundaymass #toddlerfashion #sassfordays


The realization that my baby turns THREE YEARS OLD in exactly one week 😳😭 please excuse me as i consume copious amount of wine to cope with this realization 💔 #mybaby #thirdbirthday #birthdayweek #allthewine


A couple days late, but our little pumpkin turned 7 months old recently! She is a rolling and pivoting fool, no crawling yet but she knows how to get where she wants to go! And we just cut our first tooth! Harper is the happiest little nugget and she makes our family so incredibly happy ♥️ #7months #momlife #littlesister #happybaby #babysmiles


New (old) hair, who dis? Lol who else feels like a whole new person after getting their hair done!? I haven’t had my hair this dark in over a year and I’m so glad to be back on the dark side! Thanks to the best sister for hooking my hair up 💁🏻‍♀️💇🏻‍♀️ #newhair #dontcare #brunetteshavefuntoo #naturallydarkhair #feelingfresh


Sometimes we all need a little reminder. Working on being more present lately. Too often life is happening right in front of us and we’re too busy on our phones to realize it. Take some time today to “put the phone down” and be present with the ones you love ❤️ #putthephonedown #bepresent #makememories #moderndaymom #SAHMlife


10. It’s a pretty significant number. Let me tell you why: It’s the average number of pounds a person gains over the holidays. 😱 BUT, it’s also the number of people i want to help LOSE weight before the holidays even begin and even prevent that dreaded weight gain! 🙌🏼 I have tools, resources, and cash 💰 prizes on the line ! Who’s ready?! Check out my stories for more info!! #plexus #lean #mealreplacement #sodelicious #letsgetspooky #dontgainthatholidayweight


Sunday mornings are our favorites because daddy is home 💗 it isn’t easy having a spouse work out of town 6 days a week, especially when the job site is 5 hours away. But, we cherish every minute we get as a family, even if it’s only 27 hours 🙏🏼 until next weekend daddy, we love you and appreciate all the work you put in for our family 😘 #pipelinerswife #thisprojectsucks #ournormal #SAHMlife #sundaymorningsnuggles


I’ve been failing a lot this week. Failing to have patience, failing to eat well, failing to keep up with the housework, the list goes on....but, we’ve also all gotten a nasty cold this week so I’m trying to be kind to myself and “keep my chin up”. Here’s to the weekend, hoping it brings us all health and rest 🙈🙏🏼 #momfail #sickfamily #coldseason #timetosanitizeeverything


The best picture i could get of all three of them 😂 We had a blast trick or treating with cousins ♥️ these 3 sure are a bunch of super heros, an Incredible, Gecko, and Black Panther 💪🏼 #trickortreat #superheros #cousins


The Incredibles are here to save the day ♥️🎃👻 #familycostume #happyhalloween #halloweenparade #incredibles

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