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Savannah State Alumni, 3X Super Bowl Champ, Pro Football Hall of Fame. See full size profile picture

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‪Virtual Party At Club Shay Shay. #WeDoSuminB4TwoSumin #WeTippinAndSippin


............. Aaron Rodgers NFC Champ Games: 4 Regular Season MVPs: 2 Super Bowl MVP: 1 Drew Brees NFC Champ Games: 1 Regular Season MVPs: 0 Super Bowl MVP: 0 @undisputedonfs1




LeBron is a better 3-point shooter. MJ shot 24% his last year in Chicago, even the great Lonzo Ball has a higher 3P% than that. LeBron has more playoff buzzer beaters & clutch shots than MJ. @undisputedonfs1


It started here for the both of us but you made sure it wouldn’t end here. Happy double nickel to the only guy I ever wanted to be like. Love you more than life Bro.




Mike Leach, as the head coach of Mississippi State, you seriously thought it would be cool to post a picture that had a noose in it?


Better believe I’m not letting self-quarantine stop me from reaching my goals. I’m building a gym in my garage for my workouts and taking my daily @truniagen THERE ARE NO EXCUSES! Stay home, #StayResilient Never give up on your goals. #Ad #ResilientTogether #SelfQuarantine #SocialDistance


and play in the 70+ year history of the NBA. That's FACT. @undisputedonfs1


Thank you @speedxbrentwood owners, @ezgitunckohler @matthewkohler for the weights and cardio equipment. I can continue to train and don’t have to postpone my 2020 body until 2021🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾. #FinallyGettingUseOfTheGarage #TazzThePomApproves


He's accomplished a little more, as far as championships, than Iverson. But I'm not disappointed that they chose A.I. @undisputedonfs1