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πŸ– @ajjoehl #cookiefamous #dancer


Here is an unusual photo. To get the motion in the water I used a long shutter speed of 1/15 sec having the camera on a tripod. I then took another photo with a fast shutter speed to get the dancer right. Later I combined both photos into one. It turned out to be more difficult than I thought. The tripod sinks into the sand so both photos don’t line up well and made it hard to match them. It wasn’t easy for Taylor to do her kicks on the slippery rock either. I still think it was worth it. I love the dramatic look!


Sending some warm 🌞 into the cold winter @emma.hodges721 #cookiefamous #dancer #flexible #beach #ocean


Everyone knows me as a dance photographer but I love to do portraits and head shots just as much.


The wave. @aurora_silveria

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