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Shout out to the strong leadership of the people at Little Caesar’s for blessing the homeless eating from the dumpsters. Drop a “❤️” if this warms your heart. #itsbiggerthanus #wehaveworktodo #mentor #LETSWIN


Every kid had a question during my morning session at Sara Scott Middle School in Terre Haute, Indiana. Fact: 100% of the humans experience obstacles. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to handle those obstacles. Our young people, specifically, suffer from depression, anxiety, and contemplate suicide due to the lack of having an outlet to hear their voice. Pour into our young leaders and let them ask all the questions they can until their little hearts are content. #mentor #mentorshipspecialist #shawntblanchard #LETSWIN


• Water your own grass. • Mind your business (literally) • What you focus on grows. #mogulmindset #discipline #authorsecrets #shawntblanchard #LETSWIN


Congrats to my bro, think tank brother, and barber @sebastianwho for this phenomenal collaboration with the NFL. We talk business every week and exchange the weekly “Business Move & Impact Heat🔥🔥🔥”. I’ve been holding this Mogul Impact move for months! During the Super Bowl he will be hosting a “Shop Talk” with NFL players and influential affiliates. Trust me, there is a lot more where this comes from. Congratulate my bro @sebastianwho on this endeavor and stay tuned✊🏽💯. (@beebrownpr #prshoutout) #mogulmindset #collaboration #excellenceSHOUTOUT #LETSWIN at The Social Club Grooming Company


Every bump along the long route to get you to your goals and destiny is necessary. Never repeat a lesson if you didn’t enjoy the experience. #GodisDope #mogulmindset #LETSWIN


People who admire you are watching you to validate their next move. Be the reason someone becomes a Success Story instead of a menace to society. #ALLFacts #mentor #successleavesclues #authorsecrets #shawntblanchard #LETSWIN


Your friends are doing one of two things. They are adding to you or taking away from you. Surround yourself will people that add to your life💯 #mogulmindset #friendtors #mentors #shawntblanchard #LETSWIN


This is the only kind of argument necessary in 2019 and beyond. I need to see this movie! “I hope you just come up brother!” 🎥 “Sorry to Bother You” #HappySunday #LETSWIN


Salute to these Kings! Stop playing small with your dreams. #mogulmindset #LETSWIN


Comment “WORK!” If you’re ready to accomplish your dreams. Your dreams are literally waiting on YOU. #mogulmindset #mentor #shawntblanchard #LETSWIN


Slow motion is still motion. #mogulmindset #mentor #shawntblanchard #LETSWIN


Comment “I Know!” If you believe in yourself. You are the first person who NEEDS to believe in you to make it to your next level. #mogulmindset #yougotit #shawntblanchard #LETSWIN


Imagine grinding so hard with your friendtors for years and living a life that could only be dreamed of... Comment “Let’s Win” if you’re ready to build generational wealth and impact lives! #IFeelIt #yougotthis #friendtors #LETSWIN


Imagine yourself on the cover of @forbes with the title “BILLIONAIRES” on the cover! 💯 You have to see it before you see it. Even when you think about reaching this point in life, know that your journey will be fueled with your “why”. 💯 Note: Know the people who are currently in positions where you would like to be. Understand their journey and work ethic. Success leaves clues. 💯 Meet Robert Frederick Smith. He’s an African American businessman, investor and philanthropist. A former chemical engineer and investment banker, he is the founder, chairman and CEO of private equity firm Vista Equity Partners. In 2018, Smith was ranked by Forbes as the 163rd richest person in America. #mogulmindset #millennialmogulbook #mentor #entrepreneurship #LETSWIN


Go hard at everything that you do. Your actions are a representation of you to others... more importantly your actions are a representation of you to you. 🗣Protect your mindset at all cost💯 #mogulmindset #newlevels #shawntblanchard #LETSWIN


Your life is never over. She needs a book deal, movie deal, and speaking platform ASAP! I haven’t stated any thoughts on the R Kelly situation. However, he’s a lucky man that he hasn’t run into a Cyntonia Brown. Blessings to her journey. #wehaveworktodo #LETSWIN


At first I wanted to get out of Jury Duty until reality set in. ✊🏾 1. Black men have the lowest turn out for Jury Duty (at least in Detroit/Wayne County). They’d prefer to take a fine or be jailed according to the orientation leader. ✊🏾 2. Truth is, we need to make sure that we represent our people as a jury of our peers. Imagine looking over to the jury box while on trial and no one looks like you... ✊🏾 3. It’s our moral duty to strive for justice in every way possible. If you ever get called for jury duty, know that it’s an honor and privilege. #wehaveworktodo #LETSWIN


Love on yourself all 2019 family! Everything about you was given to you by God. In order to reach your next level your mindset has to be ready to receive your next level💯. #mogulmindset #Loveyourself #LETSWIN

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