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If you haven’t pre-ordered your copy... Get it NOW! It officially launches tomorrow on BOOK📚 TUESDAY! 📚 I remember the first advertisement that I saw with @michelleobama ‘s book! I already knew it would be one of my November reads in February! Have you ordered yet? #BookTuesday #mogulmindset #authorsecrets #letswin


Comment “I Win” if you plan on wrapping this year up winning🏆. The best way to excel in 2019 is to finish strong in 2018. Here are 3 tips to get it done. 🔑 1. Write down SMART goals for 2019. 🔑 2. Create a plan and benchmarks to achieve those goals, starting now. 🔑 3. Start now instead of waiting for the “New Year New Me”. #IDareYou #affirmation #millennialmogulbook #shawntblanchard #letswin


Allocate your focus where you need to focus. As simple as that sounds is as simple as your winning will escalate. #mogulmindset #shawntblanchard #letswin


Comment “Amen” family! It’s a blessing just to see your comment this morning. #GodisDope #letswin #share #rp


🗣KEEP THESE KIND OF FRIENDS AROUND YOU! When you see your boy killing it and instead of hating... you pray for one another’s success. #spreadlove #GodisLove #letswin #share


How’s your self care? Really, how is it? Today we talked about this concept, “You can exercise and eat healthy voluntarily or you can be sick involuntarily.” 💈 My self care is always in progress. I Love what I do so much that I tell myself it’s okay to go hard non-stop. Truth is, I always need to check in with SB and dive into more self care. 💈 What are your thoughts? #FreshCutFriday #wavy #CutAndConversation #letswin


Winners love to see people win and there is enough success in the 🌎 for everybody! When you encourage other people to win there are at least 3 positive elements taking place. 🔑 1. Exuding positive energy attracts positive energy. 🔑 2. You’re building healthy relationships. 🔑 3. You’re modeling healthy behavior for those that follow you whether they are vocal or not. **Show people how to spread love** #millennialmogulbook #shawntblanchard #letswin


Comment “No Fear” if you plan on beating down your fears moving into 2019. 💥 The smallest things can hold us back from new levels. If you don’t take the chance and give it all you’ve got... you’ll have a 100% chance of never experiencing your goals. #millennialmogulbook #nofear #letswin


The mission of helping 100 passion people become impactful authors is moving! 📚 Join us tonight to learn lots of “Author Keys”! Everyone needs a mentor. For all my passionate people who want to take being an author to a new level... click the link in my bio. I’ll see you at 9pm EST. cc: @neodaviso #authorsecrets #lionsdreampublishing #shawntblanchard #letswin at Link In Bio


Which one are you going to choose? #GodisDope #letswin


🗣It’s NOT a game family! I want to see you at the top of your game. That means some hours of staying up late, some hours of getting up early, mixed with lots of routine! At the end of all the dedication is a serious successful situation. #millennialmogulbook #serious #authorsecrets #shawntblanchard #letswin


That’s what editors are for. Many people get discouraged because of the fear of writing and failure. As an author your job is to provide information to an editor who can assist you in clearly articulating your thoughts. Just get started and put your thoughts on paper. 📚 Click the link in my bio to register for tomorrow’s FREE class to learn how to make impact and income as an author. #authorsecrets #mentor #repost #follow @lionsdreampublishing


Comment “I’m ready” if you’re ready for your next level. 🗣2019 is coming and there are some adjustments that you want to make to move to your next level. 🔑 Think about where you are currently and then think about your next level. Ask yourself, “What can I do to add “$X” per day to get to my next level?” You’re welcome family💯. #millennialmogulbook #mogulmind #shawntblanchard #letswin


It’s mentoring time! That dream is coming alive! I remember looking at the author journey with Big Eyes👀. 🗣 I didn’t know where to start with writing a book, but I knew where to start with mentors. My first book launch provided $20k the first day it was released and hundreds of thousands in books sales over the course of 2 years. Additionally, I’ve had the pleasure of impacting thousands of lives across the 🌎! 💥 People ask me all the time how I did it and how am I doing it, given that my next book is about to launch, and I’ve assisted dozens of authors in the book publishing process. 💥 Join me Thursday at 9pm EST to learn 3 Big Author Secrets. It’s a FREE webinar training that you don’t want to miss! Register and download the free interactive workbook Click the link in my bio to register ASAP. --- Here are the 3 Big Author Secrets you will learn: 📚 Secret #1: How to Become a Best-Selling Author (It's easier than you think!) 📚 Secrets #2: Strategy to Become a 6-Figure Author (The numbers work!) 📚 Secret #3: Strategy to complete your book in 90 days! (Yes, it's definitely doable!) #authorsecrets #mogulmindsets #millennialmogul #shawntblanchard #letswin


Those habits that brought you this far will need to be taken to a new level to get you to a new level! Let’s go HARDER!!! #millennialmogulbook #push #goharder #shawntblanchard #letswin


Rock the VOTE! Throw a “🔑” below if you voted today🇺🇸. #letswin #literally


Even though this is hilarious voting is a serious matter! Exercise your power and voice through your vote! #letswin #literally


It’s cool to vote. Too many people died to keep your soul away from the poll. This year we are turning out in record numbers and thoroughly informed. Here are a few things to do before you go to the polls. 🇺🇸 1. Be thoroughly informed about the proposals that affect you and your loved ones. 🇺🇸 2. Know what candidates align with your values beyond name recognition. 🇺🇸 3. If you don’t know much about the candidates and proposals check in with a person you respect and trust for political advice. #letswin #literally

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