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Do you know what its like to want something so badly, simply the thought of it raises every little hair on the back of your neck, that you would give almost anything to have it, change your whole life.. reinvent yourself, the world around you even. . . You must let go....over and over and over and over again and over again..until it is yours, and you will know that it is yours, when you can no longer imagine the rest of your life without it. -Aparigraha . . . The laws of non-attachment show us Instead of focusing on possession, focus on what is happening around us to get us to what we feel we rightfully deserve. In the learn your capabilities, you learn patience, you learn forgiveness, you learn how to be enough & of course you learn to be a little bit wild!


pre yoga - m o o d at Athens, Georgia


”The secret to life is to put yourself in the right lighting” - Susan Cain at Athens, Georgia


Summer time in the country🌿 at Athens, Georgia


Are you ready to receive the love you’ve longed for? #Praticeandalliscoming at Miami, Florida


“Life keeps moving”.. my response when a friend asked me a few months back how to handle all of it, the giant weight of Loss? . . Today I learned, Life actually doesn’t keep moving, maybe it will seem as it is but when you’re not properly taking steps to come to terms with what you’re feeling and make the necessary changes, you’re not moving.. infact you may be more stagnant than ever.. . . When you’re grieving everything becomes overwhelming the need to nurture yourself in almost every situation becomes priority.. “I can sleep in, Im tired.. i need the extra rest”.. “I deserve this sh!t food it will make me happy, I earned it”...your punishments become your rewards.. because deep down you do in fact believe that neglecting yourself more is what you deserve.. Its pretty interesting the psychology of grief.. grief being any loss, anything you feel has been taken away from you. . . If you’re in a similar place this is your chance to snap out of it. “Today, Iam consciously making steps to end the over nurturing. Today Iam deserving of the best of everything.” #MentalHealthAwareness #StayWoke at Zoom Bloomz


Sweet surrender, iv been home for 3 days now.. Home, home...the country, the woods where theres no demands of me, no deadlines, no obligations, and no where else I have to be.. . . Iv been on an Alkaline water, coconut milk and Indian food diet😅.. In the mornings I watch the sun rise through the forest trees, I read then meditate.. practice yoga if my body calls it, then go for a walk in the woods.. My cousin and I make coffee (with 6 ingredients or more) 😂 and talk about our lives and what we’ve missed. I feel so at ease here, almost like a child again. . . . Next week I head to the city and the real life bustle begins, but only because I want it to and Im feeling more inspired than ever to get what I came for. Swipe🍑 at Georgia


The great cosmic joke is that you are what you are seeking✨. . . “I laugh when I think how I once sought paradise as a realm outside of the world of birth. It is right in the world of birth and death that the miraculous truth is revealed. But this is not the laughter of someone who suddenly acquires a great fortune; neither is it the laughter of one who has won a victory. It is, rather, the laughter of one who; after having painfully searched for something for a long time, finds it one morning in the pocket of his coat.” at Paradise


This skyline, makes me melt.. last flow in my glass box🧚🏿‍♀️ at Downtown Miami


Candidly being a goof 🤓, this last week in Miami has really made me slow down and appreciate this city. . . I made my way in three years from the quiet beaches of Sunny Isles to the noisy bustle of downtown and iv become fairly well versed in all the spaces in between.. but this cute little spot was right across my street, a hidden alley with foods from all over the world. 🤯 The one thing I can say about this beautiful place is it will never stop surprising you. at Downtown Miami


I said to the universe, “I want to fall in love”. . She responded, show me what you look like in love. . . So I must fall, for the yes’ and the no’s.. the easy and the painful what comes naturally and what is out of reach, being wrong just as much as being right? . . . I showed her I would fall for all of it, that I believed I was worthy of every lesson and she showed me the love I was seeking I already possessed. The reflection of my love was wherever I chose to see it. -Wildflower at Miami Beach, Florida


Do you remember why you started? Do you remember how it felt to be terrified of the unknown? Do you remember being out of your comfort zone without routine and a stranger once again.. . Do you remember the butterflies in your chest or snakes in your belly? Do you remember the involuntary tears of excitement of fear.. . . Do you remember how amazing it is to know nothing, to be wrong, to fall down, to find your way?. . This feeling is the human experience in its truest form, this feeling is being alive, this feeling is love. at Downtown Miami


Off to another adventure!🌻🌿 #anothertriparoundthesun at Scottsdale, Arizona


I had soo much fun at WMC @wintermusicconference or what I call “the educational version of Ultra.” Lol! Thanks to @lyft for getting me places! Discovering and enjoying Miami Music week events is my favorite!. . . . #lyftismiami @miamimusicweek19 @lyft #lyftismiami #giftfromlyft @theartplugpowerhouse @miamimusicweek19 @gobrightline at Faena Forum


I left the Wildflowers to become one.. . . Blooming through the cracks in the places you forget existed.. inspiring beauty in the lonely spaces, rich in color, free flowing in the breeze & demanding every bit of your love, bringing you to your knees, to acknowledge, the wildflowers🌿 at Zoom Bloomz


Being woke is realizing no one is out to get you, but you!✨ . . . Had a lovely chat with a lovely friend last night about the reality we create for ourselves.. tying back the @modernom meditation earlier that night.. “seeing the world, with the excitement & curiosity of a child”. Everything is an opportunity to learn! Im grateful for the mentors I have on this journey. at Miami Design District


Saturday Night plans: Listening to Yo-Yo Ma, wishing I could see the northern lights.. 🙈💔 at Downtown Miami


The place between effort & ease🌻 at Vino To Vinyasa -All The Babes

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