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I hit my mark! . . . The 3 months of “finding myself” that turned into 3 years of a magical adventure.. moving to Miami lost and afraid running, hiding even.. and this city opened its hands to me and showed me countless times this is where my gypsy heart belongs.. . The beach has been calling me my whole life.. the Diversity where I thrive, the Creatives where I play, the Conscious community where I explore, and the countless opportunity packaged up in Sunny days and palm trees.. This place is a heaven on earth!.. but what it’s taught me most is, when you open your heart to possibilities everywhere is a heaven on earth. . . I didn’t know a single soul when I moved here and tomorrow Im teaching a festival yoga class 50 stories high with 100+ of my yoga friends, my family!. . . My heart is sooooo full! Thank you Miami.. 3 years & counting🧚🏿‍♀️🌴. . . Catch me tomorrow morning in the clouds at @daybreakermiami ✨ at Florida


If there’s anything this day continues to teach me.. 12.13 & counting.. “Take the time to waste the moment” - Kings of Leon #celebratingsoomuchlife at Greater Downtown Miami


Darling, would you walk through the pits of hell to save someone you love? . . . Every single day✨ at Miami Beach, Florida


“Chain-smoking your love” #addictedtothesunrise at Downtown Miami


I spent 20 min on the phone with my Ummi explaining why this art piece is one of my favorites, and how I missed the show but lingered around to hear the organizer explain the pieces and why my nonchalant sipping of the cup was soo inspired. . . Whats your interpretation? What do you see here? #ThinkGreen #ArtBasel #ArcadiaEarth . . . . Find 📸: @mariafornieles post for the other half of the photo!👏 at Arcadia Earth - Natural Health Solutions


This mornings meditation: ”If we’re caught in our mind, we cant find our beingness, the sacredness of whats here” -Tara Brach at Greater Downtown Miami


🎬 at Greater Downtown Miami


Note to self: keep shining, you deserve it!


Sh!t happens... just enjoy the ride!. . . . @daybreakermiami updates! Use my code: WILDFLOWER🌸 for 20% off and come party with me and @dudeskywalker_ next Saturday! Link in bio🧚🏿‍♀️ at Miami Design District


Mondaze😴 at Miami, Florida


Last night was the first time I dreamt of you in almost 3 years, and every time before I feel like you were visiting me to tell or show me something I really needed to know. . . Somehow almost 6 years later you still put soo much into perspective for me, hell you’re the reason I’m here.. The small town we’re from shrunk even more with your emptiness and I needed to run far.. where the streets, and bars, and houses couldn’t have memories of you, where no other blue eye’d boys could be mistaken for you... . Its been very tough coming to terms with how much your death meant to me..its as if I completely erased you from my memory to get through each day. . . But nights like last night, beautiful nights with soo many beautiful vulnerable people who are looking for love support and connection pull you back into my subconscious. . . Pull me back into why iv started all of this in this first place.. So no one else in my life ever has to feel as alone as you did, so conversations about mental health can be appropriate, so it can be talked about,so it can be ripped at the seams and it can be healed...with love. .I finally feel like I’m doing just that!✨ . Thank you for everything. You’re still in my heart John, keep resting in paradise😇 at Greater Downtown Miami


Im excited to announce ill be teaching the next @daybreakermiami at @wmiamihotel one of my favorite venues with friends iv gotten to know well the past couple years!. . . Iam soo stoked to show you guys the flow thats given me my name. 🌺The freedom of movement that lights my soul! . . . Register online & Save The Date for Dec.15!🧚🏿‍♀️ at W Miami


All I ever wanted was the sky 💭 at Miami Design District


Dreaming of Soho✨ at New York


Chicago and its gravitational pull. . . About 9 months ago I had the random idea that I was done living in Miami and I wanted more city, more fast paced, more business MORE COLD! I changed my location on some of my apartment hunt apps and began talking to realtors in the city.. (had never actually been to Chicago btw).. A good friend from school was living there and basically gave me an itinerary of every corner and that was enough.. Months passed, things shifted, my only family (sister & ex bf) moved away and Miami quickly became a lonely place for me.. Work was great, my place was gorgeous, but the entire city somehow felt like an empty house of childhood memories. . . I slowly started to drift back into my introverted ways - for me, thats taking on soo much personal responsibility Im literally drowning trying to make myself happy. Trying to stay distracted, saying yes to every demand, trying to fill the voids that were simply me refusing to break out of my comfort zone.. Having my family leave Miami was devastating for me, yes, but mostly because I was afraid of being alone and when that realization finally settled in. . . I knew right then I had to get out... The past couple months iv been in a different city almost every week and its almost as if.. I cant... stop.. moving... and in the time that iv been gone iv began to shed layers and rediscover the “why” I found Three. . . 1 - your comfort zone will kill you in cold blood. 2 - A new city will not make you less lonely if you’re the reason for your emptiness. . . Why the contradiction? ...because most importantly number 3 - Get out of your fu✨ing head and just learn to love the color green, because when its your choice where you stand, the grass is all you need. . . Iv been trying to find these words for 2 months.. and though, I know my bikini pics show waaaay more personality 💀.. I appreciate those of you who read🤙🏿 Hang in there, Stay Positive.. The Power is inside of you! at Chicago, Illinois


Duffle bag full of swimwear, lets ride! 🌴✨ at Florida


Harmonized “Toes” by Zac Brown Band with my Uber driver the whole way home and it was magical! ✨ at Surfside, Florida


Livin in a daydream🌴 at South Beach, Miami

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