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Footage from ‘s last show at the Middle East! Come catch us there again on the 27th with @thecotones @groundwaterband and @okgoodnightband !!!


Hey guys’s playing a show with @thecotones , @groundwaterband , and @okgoodnightband on the 27th! Come see some incredible musicianship!


This is me playing Mateus Asato’s feature solo on Polyphia’s new album. Easily my favorite guest solo 🤘🤘 #polyphia #newlevelsnewdevils #mateusasato #strandberg #strandbergguitars #solosection #guitarsolo at Berklee College of Music

11 first show of the semester with @saintluneband !!! Kind of short notice but if you’re not doing anything this Saturday please stop by! at Boston, Massachusetts


Hi I played bass on this please check it out @doubtingthieves ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @bpcast_98 @thebiggerstaff @doubting_dylan at Boston, Massachusetts


H O L Y C R A P at Clovis, New Mexico


There’s nothing more humbling as a guitar player then recording yourself through an iPhone camera with no backing track 😂 Enjoy some super raw footage of Sure Shot by @aaronintervals #intervalsband #guitar #guitarist #metalguitar #metalguitarist #guitarsarebetter @guitarsarebetter #guitarsdaily @guitarsdaily #riffwars @riffwars #riffwarsmetal #lickwars @lickwars @solo_section #solosection #guitarsolo #shredguitar #universityofrock @universityofrock #strandberg #strandbergguitars at Clovis, New Mexico


Amazing week playing bass with @doubtingthieves !!!! Check them out they are crazy talented!!! @bpcast_98 @thebiggerstaff @doubting_dylan


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