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GLUTE EXERCISE CORRECTIONS | I see so many people doing banded glute work in an effort to switch on or work their glutes without ACTUALLY putting much mental or physical effort into the exercise. - I feel like this goes without saying, but imma say it anyway - It’s imperative that you pay attention to what you’re doing when exercising. Unfortunately with the state of group fitness classes these days, most people are trying to just stay alive and mentally go to a happy place to avoid actually ‘feeling’ the horrendous experience that is bootcamp fitness (this is why I thoroughly advise against that shite). Anyway - back to the matter at hand... - The BANDED LATERAL STEP - requires that you externally rotate your femur (thigh bone), against the band, using your butt and lead with the knee, rather than the foot. If you only step with your foot, as you can see from the first example, there is no external rotation, no glute activation. - When you step really try to push your knees outward against the band which is trying to pull your knees inward (internally rotation). If they drop inwardly you render the exercise redundant. Harsh but true. - Other things to watch: Keep your hips level as you walk - try not to rock from side to side. Unless of course you ARE trying to recite ‘I’m a little teapot’ while activating your glutes (again, I would advise against this). - Don’t let the band go loose - you always, always want tension on the band. - The further the band is from your hips, the harder the work becomes. If you’re finding it too difficult to do the exercise with the band below the knees, bring it up above and aim for better execution there. - Ok drop your question below fam ❤️ - Ps. @jamessmithpt filmed his video AFTER MINE. It’s so cute when he copies my content; I used to get mad but now I take it as a compliment. #vertuecrew #vertuemethod at North Bondi


Smoothie Recipe: Blueberry, Cardamom & Vanilla Protein Shake - 2 x handful frozen blueberries 1 x handful frozen spinach 1 x tiniest pinch of crushed cardamom* 1 x half cup your favourite nut Mylk 2 x scoops vanilla protein** - Blend and enjoy listening to your favourite old school hop hop (it makes the smoothie more bioavailable) - Tip: To stop your smoothie from having the same texture as vomit - blend up the frozen items with some milk first until you get a nice liquid consistency. Then add the protein powder and blend again. - Side Note: Protein Smoothies & Protein Shakes are not prerequisites for a healthy or fit body. They simply make my life a little easier and I enjoy the taste of them. If you can’t afford protein powder, or you don’t like shakes you aren’t going to die, starve or not be able to achieve your health and fitness goals. - Personally I find this a convenient and tasty way to get in protein as well as the array of other macro and micronutrients I am ingesting here. - *(seriously, I mean it when I say tiny. Don’t over do it - you can always add more later. You don’t want your smoothie to taste like a takeaway rogan josh - or maybe you do, but I don’t and this is my recipe). - **(I use a vegan one in Australia that tastes like I’ve also added two scoops of clay from my back garden and a gallon of stevia, but there are good ones out there - I just haven’t found an Australian one). - And yes - I got whipped in the eye by my hair. Serves me right for making this self-indulgent, narcissistic, millennial-mindset-driven content. #notsorrytho #vertuecrew at Sydney, Australia


I began working at @fitnessfirstau 7 years ago (and worked there for two years before leaving for the U.K. where I continued to work at other commercial gyms and smaller PT studios). I’m not going to lie, Fitness First was a scary place for a young, (mixed race) yoga teacher and PT who had never worked in a commercial gym before (only small friendly studios). The other PT’s were bigger, stronger and more knowledgable than me and I was WAY out of my comfort zone - ultimately however, this is usually where all the magic happens. - The pressure to perform (and pay gym rent) helped me to develop so much as a personal trainer (and yoga teacher) and I really can’t thank both the PT’s and Fitness First enough for all the lessons (both painful and pleasurable) - let’s face it - it’s usually the painful and uncomfortable lessons that have the most profound effect. - Working at fitness first (imo) was one of the best ways to gain exposure to an array of different bodies and personalities (because yes, being able to coach someone isn’t just about working their body, but also how they psychologically respond to the coaching and information). - The Vertue Method would not be as successful as it is today if I had not spent hours and hours and hours on the gym floor learning from my clients. - MASSIVE THANKS goes to the @fitnessfirstmag for such a big feature in the magazine. It really means a lot - not just because IT’S MY FIRST EVER COVER - but also because Tony and the team were so adamant that it reflected the real Shona (curly haired and brown) and it means a lot that my skin wasn’t lightened, nor did I have to straighten my hair. - It’s kind of ridiculous that in this day and age I even have to concern myself with this kind of thing but it’s happened in at least 70% of the print media I’ve ever been featured in. Also, as you can see from the second photo (taken on my first day at FF) - embracing my authentic ‘ethnic’ self has taken ME a good 20 something years (and it’s still a work in progress). - The fitness first mag featuring a WOC on their cover is a BIG STEP for Australian media - I look forward to seeing more and more POCs in the future. #vertuecrew


HAI - EXCUSE ME - Just a quickie: My DMs are exploding and while I LOVE chatting to you I just want to make a little comment: 90% of the questions you ask me about fitness and exercise can be resolved by undertaking my fitness programme (link in bio) - This is NOT another PDF - in fact it’s not a PDF at all. It’s not even moving GIF’s. - I want to specify - my programme contains ‘real time’ videos. We workout together. Every rep, every set, every bit of sweat - I’m there with you (well, in the device). - It costs £39.99 or roughly $73AUD for the 12 week video based fitness programme - once you buy it you own it. It’s not a membership based plan, not do you have to do within a certain time frame. You have it for life (or at least until some kind of apocalypse takes over the world and we lose all technological communicative capabilities and we have to hunt and/or gather our own food again). Anyway - I will get back to answering DMs but seriously, you will not regret joining the Vertue Crew. If you are a member of the VC don’t forget to join the FB group. It’s such an awesome and rapidly growing community. We got QUALITY AND QUANTITY - WINNING. Hit the link in my bio or head to K that’s all. . See you on the mat #vertuecrew at Canggu, Badung, Bali


ADVANCED CORE WORK FOR YOGIS - I say yogis because it also contains upper body work for chaturanga (yoga push up) and handstands. - Swiss Ball Pike x 10-15 (if you can do more than 20, raise the hands on yoga blocks). . Kettle Bell/Parallette Bar Swiss Ball push up to Pike x 10-15 (if you can do more than 20, put your feet on sliders instead of the Swiss ball). - I highly recommend specific strength training (or drilling) for yogis OUTSIDE of the yoga practice for a number of reasons: - 1. You’ll progress quicker (I know that’s not the objective of yoga and that most yogis acknowledge that time is but an illusion/construct to keep us on the same page) but specific drilling work will help to stimulate the adaptation required to get stronger in your practice. - 2. Hypermobility will F you up. It’s not a matter of if, but when. If you do NOT support your flexibility with equal parts strength, you will get injured. - 3. Health practices should be integrative - and include the application of different forms of training. - Alternatively you could just do the Vertue Method (link in bio) and get stronger and more mobile at the same time. 🤯 - #vertuecrew at Bali


The books that have changed (or are in the process of changing) my life: - I get asked this a lot so I wanted to share with you a few of the books that are really important to me. Y’all can hit the bookmark and the next time you’re in a bookshop or the airport looking for a good holiday read you can come back to this list. - Halfway through writing this list it suddenly dawned on me that it was going to be impossible to list out all the books that have really changed my life - there have been too many. - I truly believe that books find us at the time we need them the most, so some of the books that changed my life, I wouldn’t actually recommend anymore. That’s not to say they aren’t good, they just don’t hold as much relevance to my life atm. - These books were the first to come to mind and at the risk of sounding like a hippie - are perhaps the ones that YOU NEED RIGHT NOW (insert x-files theme song). - HEALTH & FITNESS: The Vertue Method (lol, it will change your life tho innit) Intuitive Eating - Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch Strong Curves - Bret Contreras The Lean Muscle Diet - Alan Aragon Yoga Mind body and spirit - Donna Farhi (Disclaimer: These days a lot of the people that I read haven’t published books and instead create incredible courses. Dr. Andreo Spinae being one of them. I had to mention him here because for my stretch and yoga fam - his research and method will blow your mind). - LIFE TINGZ: Love Factually - Laura Mucha Ego is the Enemy - Ryan Holiday Bad Feminist - Roxanne Gay Sapiens & Homo Deus - Yuval Noah Harari Brit(ish) - Afua Hirsch The 4 Hour Work Week - Tim Ferriss The Art of Thinking Clearly - Rolf Dobelli Essays in Love - Alain de Botton - Feel free to drop your favourite book in the comments below. If you’re feeling really keen - perhaps even categorise it too. - K, that’s all. - This was taken in Fiji 🇫🇯 at Cloud Nine. - #vertuecrew #betterreadthandead at Cloud 9


Hanging AB workout: Perform these in straight sets, one after the other and give adequate time for your grip strength to recover. . - If you can’t do this because of your grip strength then you had better sort it out mayte. Having the hand, forearm and shoulder strength to hold your weight hanging is INCREDIBLY important for life and for the health of your shoulder girdle and posture. - . Toes to Bar x AMRAP x 3 sets (AS MANY REPS AS POSSIBLE, literally if you can only get one, that’s fine. This isn’t the best technique I’ve ever done but it was 40 degrees and I stupidly filmed the easier ones first and finished with the hardest - IDIOT). Rest 60-90 seconds between each set. - Bent Knee Hanging Raises x 12-15 x 3 sets (notice that I am extending and then flexing through the spine, all the way down to the pelvis. It’s really important to get the rounding/flexing part ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE PELVIS, otherwise it will just be a hip flexion exercise and will barely hit your abs). - Bent Knee Round the Worlds x 24 alternating x 3 sets (This exercise works the commonly neglected obliques. I don’t want to see any comments about this making your hips/waist bigger. If you are a bikini competitor or body builder then fine, do your thang. If you are a functioning member of the human race, you should probz have well functioning obliques and they should be more important than the f**king beauty standard). . - Incline Reverse Crunch x 30 x 3 sets (If you really struggle with all of the above, at least get these bad Boys in as they will help you to develop the strength to eventually execute the others. You will notice in this video that my stomach blows up a little, this isn’t ideal. In fact this is the perfect example of my TVA disengaging. Try to avoid that ‘bloating’ of the belly during this exercise). . - DISCLAIMER: This workout sequence is relatively advanced. Please be really careful and regress wherever needed. . #vertuecrew #nas #madeyoulook (is the song) at Canggu Club


STRENGTHEN YOUR ABS (specifically, your Toes to Bar exercise) with this: - Right - every time I post footage of the toes to bar movement, I am inundated with dms about how to: a. Do it and b. Improve ones ability to do it. - Here are two exercises that will not only strengthen your ability to do it, but will also grow your abs (if that’s a goal of yours). - 1. Eccentric Toes to Bar. Make the concentric phase (the lifting part) easier by bending your knees and straighten your legs and SLOW IT RIGHT DOWN as you perform the eccentric phase (the lowering part). We are naturally stronger during the eccentric or lengthening phases of an exercise and if you train that portion to become really strong, you develop strength during the concentric (the contracting/shortening phase). - 2. Weighted Hanging Knee Raises - this is important. For some reason we seem to think that the abs don’t need weight training and instead will happily subject ourselves to thousand rep workouts (ok happily might be the wrong word). DISCLAIMER: on the other hand TOO MANY PEOPLE add weight to dysfunction. If you cant execute these exercises with correct spinal flexion and posterior tilt (see my last post on hanging work), then adding weight will just put you on the fast track to injury. - Having mobile hamstrings is WAY helpful for these. If you did the Vertue Method programme (link) in bio, you’d be well on the way towards having those. . Let me know any questions you have below. . . Song: my favourite remix of Dilla and Aaliyah by the musical genius that is @_jamurai . #vertuecrew #vertuemethod at Sydney, Australia


SAVE TO RAVE (and by rave I mean prepare your body before you run): - This is another sequence that I use outdoors when there’s not even a bench in site to both Prepare my hips for a run and prime my nervous system. - You might not find all of them possible (but do what you can - don’t just walk out the front door and start running. That’s just disrespectful to your body). - Why (TF) burpees you ask? I just use them when I’m feeling really uninspired to run as a means to activate my nervous system. I do them after the hip and core work, before I begin the run. - I’m not a long distance runner, but I do LOVE the feeling of cardiovascular endurance (and the fitness does pay off in Jiu-Jitsu and the dance floor and running for the tube and running away from zombies #zombieapocalypseiscoming ). - MASSIVE APOLOGIES TO MY FELLOW HIP HOP HEADS - IG keeps taking down my hip hop tracks because they’re licensed instrumentals. IF ANYONE KNOWS OF A GOOD ROYALTY FREE HIP HOP PAGE, please comment below (don’t dm them). - Hit the link in the bio if you REALLY ACTUALLY want to get fit. . #vertuecrew at Sydney, Australia


LOWER BODY WEIGHTED EXERCISES FOR YOGIS | Tag your yoga buddy because this is tres important; - I will never, ever encourage anyone to do yoga only (unless they want to live in the ganges and transcend their body - you know, the old school way). The reason being is that our bodies also require strengthening and although yoga can provide some great isometric strength (holding positions) it’s not enough to warrant some of the benefits that come from resistance training with weights. - One of the reasons many people that do yoga (or dancers or Pilates goers) fear weights is the misnomer that they make you both stiff and bulky. However it’s JUST NOT TRUE. In fact, I have made my clients MORE mobile by introducing weight training to their regime. - The Vertue Method (link in bio) is about developing as much STRENGTH as you have mobility using weights, so that you take control over your ‘range’ (the range of movement within your joints). - This sequence is NOT FOR BEGINNERS - It’s a series of exercises that I use to maintain the mobility I personally like to have in my life and for my yoga, bjj and gymnastics practices. However if you are already flexible or only do yoga, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider introducing some weighted mobility. - This video is sped up 1.5x but it’s really important that you perform these exercises in a controlled manner. - Drop your Q’s below. ❤️ and join the Crew (link in bio) - #vertuemethod #vertuecrew


FIX YOUR BUTT 🍑 | Posting this again for two reasons; . 1. I STILL SEE TOO MUCH ANTERIOR TILT ON THE GRAM AND IT HURTS MY EYES. I know that the anterior tilt gets more engagement because it accentuates your curves and makes your butt look perkier and bigger - but it is incorrect form and it’s actually going to inhibit your butt development. If you’re in a position of influence - stop misinforming people. TUCK THAT TAILBONE. . 2. Many of you are asking why you can’t feel your glutes in hip thrusts and glute bridges and 98% of the time it’s down to this adjustment. Set that pubic bone to offensive, don’t over extend through your back and KEEP YOUR HEAD LIFTED - it helps with the spinal flexion. In some cases, many of you will find you’re unable to tuck because your ability to hip extend is inhibited by your hip flexors (THIS IS AN IMPORTANT ISSUE TO ADDRESS) and something I address in the method (link in bio). . Sorry for yelling so much. Ps. Everyone says don’t make eye contact during a hip thrust, but I say DO make eye contact and see what happens. YOLO. . Drop your Q’s below. 🍑🙏🏾 . #vertuecrew


PEA AND BROCCOLI SOUP RECIPE - You can’t win friends with salad, but I GUARANTEE you’ll win friends with this soup. . Hey IG fam - I’m Just trying to break up all the summer shiz I got going on here in my feed by providing you with one of my favourite go-to winter recipes. . INGREDIENTS . * 1 tablespoon olive oil . * 1 brown onion, finely chopped . * 2 garlic cloves, crushed . * 4 cups vegetable stock . * 1 small head broccoli, coarsely chopped . * 2 cups (240g) frozen peas . Optional Toppings: * Sautéed Edamame Beans (added protein! Woohoo!) * Sliced chilli for decoration and spice! (And increased gram- worthiness) Method: . * Heat the oil in a large saucepan over medium heat. Add the onion and garlic. Cook, stirring continuously, for 5 mins or until onion softens. . Add the stock and bring to the boil. Add the broccoli and peas. Reduce heat to medium and cook for 10 mins or until broccoli is very tender. Set aside to cool. . * Transfer the cooled broccoli mixture to a blender and blend until smooth. Return to the saucepan over low heat and heat through. . * Divide the soup among serving bowls. Top with sautéed edamame beans and sliced chilli. . If you HATE vegetables - this soup recipe will turn you. I received a lovely message from a fellow Vertue Crew member who said this was the ONLY way she could get her dad to eat veg. Trust me, it’s a good one. . Hit the BOOKMARK and make it for your dins tonight. Share it with bae or freeze the leftovers for another night/lunch the next day. . Ps. Sorry about all my summer vibes. End of Jan/Feb is REALLY a tough time during winter. I haven’t forgotten what it feels like (quite frankly I’m scarred by it). Y’all just let me know what kind of content you want to see to help you get through the cold, dark, rainy, existential and cynical days 🙏🏾🤓. I figured soup was a good start. . #vertuecrew #vertueeats at London, United Kingdom

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