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On my way home....


On my way...


After 18 years and 145 AVP tournaments, the best Big Ed Ratledge had ever finished was third. That all changed Sunday at the 2018 AVP San Francisco Open as the 41-year-old teamed with Roberto Rodriguez to both earn their first AVP pro tour victories. @edratledge also bought a new skateboard this weekend. @avpbeach #sanfrancisco @thewilsonvb #beach #beachmode at The Embarcadero San Francisco


Sandy Saturday at the 2018 AVP Seattle Open (Irene Hester Pollock will have to shower twice). Semis and finals tomorrow at Lake admission! Lookin at sunny and 80 by the lake. #beach #seattle @irenepollock @tcrabbs @betsiflint @caseypatt @nicmartin_vb @aprilrossbeach @thewilsonvb @avpbeach Or watch the whole thing on @amazon Prime! 9:15 first serve. at Cougar Mountain


The McKibbins are IN. Get out to Lake Sammamish tomorrow to watch @riley_mack4 and @mmckibbi take on the top beach players in the world at the @avpbeach #seattle open. 9AM start time. And I promise to take more pictures of the refs this week. @thewilsonvb #beach #beachmode at Issaquah, Washington


And how bout these guys sticking it to the Germans? Hirving “Chucky” Lozano scores the only goal of the game! Viva El Tri! #worldcup #mexico #soccer @hirvinglozano @ch14_ @carlosv11_ @osoriodt


@phildalhausser and @njlucena take the men’s side of the @avpbeach Gold Series in #nyc . @sarahughesbeach and @summernoelross grab the women’s title. See you in Seattle in two weeks. @tcrabbs @ryandvolley @lordbrunner @nbranagh #beach at Statue Of Liberty


One more day. Sunday is all semis and finals. C’mon out to pier 26 on the Hudson or watch the finals on NBC. @avpbeach @caseypatt #beach #nyc @shakesbeer_ @sarahughesbeach @njlucena at Bleecker Street Pizza


#sunset at Union Square. #nyc at Bubby's


A set from National Donut Day #sunset at Swamis.....which is pretty close to VGs. So I went to the best donut shop on earth and they had just pulled a rack of cinnamon rolls out of the frosting vat. Well, I had to have a couple. Actually, I had to wait three minutes for them so I had a cinnamon glazed twist while I was waiting. I passed out from the sugar high and hence the delinquent post. #donut #surf at V.G. Donut & Bakery


Happy birthday to the Big Bub. First day as a 24 year old! #eatcake at California


Last day as a 23 year old for this young fella. He might be taller than me now. Maybe a faster swimmer and some say better looking....but he’ll never be older. A few clips from the a stand in for Kobe and Oscar de la Hoya. A model for SI For Kids and a model for a Sports Illustrated fitness piece. On the mend. In the pool. At the Super Bowl. What a run! #happybirthday Bubber! at Carlsbad, California


Ponto #sunset after a breezy day. #surf at Witt's Carlsbad Pipelines


One more day in #keepaustinweird . @avpbeach semis and finals tomorrow at Krieg Fields. If you’re in town but can’t afford free, check the play out on Amazon like everyone else. #beach @thewilsonvb @katiespieler @caseypatt @nicmartin_vb #austin @primevideo at Amy's Ice Creams on Burnet


The way to say “no thanks” on the AVP Tour. @avpbeach @thewilsonvb #beach #block #stuff @shakesbeer_ @staffordslick @laurenfendrick @kingcrabb808 at Black's BBQ Austin


Folks wait, on the Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge and on the Lady Bird Lake in Austin, for the hundreds of thousands of bats to fly out from under the bridge at dusk. I waited too....they didn’t fly tonight. #austin at Home Slice Pizza


The @avpbeach tour touches down deep in the heart of Texas....Austin to be exact. Krueger Fields to be even more exact. Qualifiers begin tomorrow with the main draw rockin Friday through Sunday. F R E E general admission. #beach #volleyball #austin @thewilsonvb at Krieg Softball Complex


Thanks to all of you Moms out there....for letting us have our cake and eat it too. #mothersday at Dana Point, California


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