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The last of my skate scans for a bit. @mikemcgill @bonesbrigade @stevecaballero with Chris Miller in there. @stevesteadham and @lancemountain make cameos. #skateboard @bonesbrigade #filmphotography at North County, San Diego


Just finished scanning a little over 600 of my skate chromes. @mikemcgill and @lancemountain (along with a cool VW prop back there) #skateboard #filmphotography @bonesbrigade at Carlsbad, California


Alright skater ‘em. Bonus points for location. All on film. All from the 80s (except maybe one). #skate #film Okay...first frame to last: @stevecaballero @tonyhawk @christianhosoi @onieder @eddieelguera @jaschultes @mikemcgill and @lancemountain with @stevecaballero at Carlsbad, California


The young guy on the left in the first frame is Doug Robinson. He grew up across the street from the Blair Speed Shop in Pasadena, California. He begged his mom to let him work for the shop but she wasn’t too hot on the idea. By the mid 50s he had gotten his wish though and started working his way up the grease monkey chain en route to a seat in a fuel roadster and starting his own shop...Horsepower Engineering. He retired from driving and had one of his associates take the wheel. That guy happened to be a auto shop teacher at a high school on the east side of Los Angeles. That’s where Eddie Marlen was a student (seated on the car in frame 2). Eddie caught the speed bug from his instructor and now he’s driving the 1929 Ford Model A fuel roadster. He’s hit 292 and was looking to top 300 during Speed Week. #speed #ford #bonneville at Bonneville Salt Flats


In the late 80s Mike McGill built a skate park out by Palomar Airport in Carlsbad. Legend has it that the ramps were built on top of a buried skate park that existed in the 70s. I used to head over there in the evenings with a Norman 200b flash rigged to my camera with a magic arm and a little soft box. 250th syncs but a long flash duration. All film so it was guess and shoot and wait until the film was processed...most of it Kodachrome 64 that was sent to the Kodak lab in Los Angeles in pre-paid mailers I bought from...Adorama? McGill in the first frame. Billy Ruff near the back at the Del Mar skatepark. The rest of the boys? Not sure who they are. I can’t name any of the tricks either! #skateboard #filmphotography @mikemcgill at McClellan–Palomar Airport


For tonight’s “guess ‘em all.” @pmurray22 was last nights king. Bryce Ellis gave guessers fits yesterday. The rest were @mrpottz @rob_machado @rustypreisendorfer @garyelkerton @boothy69 @cheynehoran Ken Bradshaw, Bugs (after a run in with his own board at Biarritz) and Jerry Lopez. Give it a go! #surf at Encinitas, California


Surf edition of “Guess ‘em all.” Be the first to guess ‘em all here on InstaG and win an eve at VGS and hope I won’t eat yours too. No expenses paid save for the donuts. Get busy. #surf @rob_machado @rob_machado_surfboards at Carlsbad, California


Meet Maddie Stringfellow of Heber Springs, Arkansas. The 17 year high school senior (Obviously confident she will graduate. First graduation gown I’ve ever seen at Bonneville!) holds the the record in her class at 187.431 mph. She is the youngest female to hit 200 mph in a run (At the four mile marker in a run. Your official time is from the total distance, not just a top speed). She drives Dad’s 1929 Ford Roadster in the C/AIR class...American Iron Roadster with a pre 1973 OEM engine. Uncle Jim (2nd image) helps keep the bolts tight and asked me if I was a “real photographer.” #bonneville #scta #speed #ford at Best Western Plus Wendover Inn


Speedweek is a vacation for one of my favorite Salt Flat subjects...Kypp Armstrong. Kypp doesn’t race (“Goin’ fast might be kinda scary.”) and has “only” been coming to Bonneville for ten years. But he drives this 1936 Chevrolet pick up (with a 355 small block he dropped ain’t slow) from Vale, Oregon each trip. He’s the school bus fleet mechanic in Vale (pop.2000) so he knows how to turn a wrench and keep his rig running. But that’s still a 374 mile haul each way. Down the 84 in Eastern Oregon through Boise, Mountain Home, Glenn’s Ferry and Jackpot. Then he hangs a left on I80 at Wells and passes through Oasis on his way to Wendover and Bonneville. It’s not the most comfortable ride. Kypp is more or less sitting on the floor and there’s no air conditioning. In fact, it feels like the heater is always on because there’s is only a thin sheet of metal separating him from that big ol 355. By the way, I googled Kypp’s route. If he wanted to, he could arrive at the flats by passing through Winnemucca, Wickahoney, China Hat and, I kid you not, Dickshooter, Idaho. #scta #bonneville #saltflats #speedweek at Bonneville Salt Flats


During the late 1940s Bill Burke of the So-Cal Speed Shop built the first "Lakester" from a surplus WWII fighter plane drop tank (the tanks held extra fuel to reach targets then were dropped after they were emptied). The idea of using a tank as an aerodynamic car body came to Burke when he saw some drop tanks on a barge being taken ashore at Guadalcanal. Burke recalls thinking, "My god, what a beautiful piece of streamlining that is!" With a tape measure, Burke went aboard and measured one of the tanks. He knew the dimensions of a Ford rear end and engine block, and he could see that the automotive components would fit. Many early lakesters were built from P51 tanks. Then the boys figured they could fit bigger engines in the P38 tanks. So that is what Wayne Yeats has done. He’s pictured here with his P38 drop tank lakester. He races it with a vintage flathead Ford engine and has hit 151 mph. Not bad for a 71 year old speed demon. #scta #bonneville #speed at West Wendover, Nevada


The big man with his big foot on the front of that 1937 Chevy Pickup is Eric Pillow of South Jordan, UT. Eric is like the other grease monkeys in this frame (l-r Kip Windward, Mike Poulos, Tim Elmer, Marcus Barnett, Mike Orback and Willy Snyder)in that he loves working on rods and watching them haul ass across the Bonneville Salt Flats. But Eric’s story has a bit of a twist...he didn’t start this truck build. His Dad did. A ways from finishing, Pops was diagnosed with cancer. He asked Eric if he and his brother Mark could finish the build and get him out to the flats for a drive. They did. Finishing the truck within a year. Five years ago to the day this image was made Dad buzzed around the flats in his 327 powered ‘37. He passed a week later. The Flats, no doubt, along with ole red 57 mean a bit more to Big E. #bonneville #speedweek at Bonneville Salt Flats


Just after The Taco Stand and just before....VGs. #sunset at San Elijo & Cardiff State Beach


Giddy yup.... at West Wendover, Nevada


When ya gotta go... at Exit 4/Bonneville Speedway/W


@avpbeach semis and finals tomorrow at the Hermosa Beach Pier!!!!!!! Free except for the parking business. @nbranagh @edratledge @chase_frish @markburik @aklineman10 @alwheels12 @thewilsonvb #beachmode #beach at Los Angeles Lakers Training Facility


The AVP is digging and diving this weekend at the Hermosa Beach Pier. Sand flies at 9am Saturday and Sunday. It’s #free ! One of these players is 49 years old! @avpbeach @thewilsonvb #beachmode @phildalhausser @ericfonoi @tcrabbs @ryandvolley @haileyharward at Hermosa Beach Pier


Take your pick. Hey...where is everyone? #middleofsomewhere #sand


After 18 years and 145 AVP tournaments, the best Big Ed Ratledge had ever finished was third. That all changed Sunday at the 2018 AVP San Francisco Open as the 41-year-old teamed with Roberto Rodriguez to both earn their first AVP pro tour victories. @edratledge also bought a new skateboard this weekend. @avpbeach #sanfrancisco @thewilsonvb #beach #beachmode at The Embarcadero San Francisco

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