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The mighty Mount Blanc on an early morning during our altitude training in the Alps some weeks back. Fun fact: Our acclimatisation tours here in Ecuador already take us as high as Mount Blanc. And if everything goes as planned, we'll reach the summit of Chimborazo at 6300m by the end of next week. Fingers crossed. #staycurious #stayadventurous #climbmountains #liveofadventure #liveauthentic #ecuador #chimborazochallenge #chimborazo at Punta Helbronner


For as long as I can remember, the mountains played an important role in my life. They were my first love and passion, long before I picked up a camera to document life. No matter if it was glaciers and high summits, long multi pitch routes or just the boulder fields at the bottom of the big walls, the mountains have always been my happy place. So you can imagine how excited I was, when I got asked to go to Ecuador to document an expedition to climb Chimborazo, the highest mountain in Ecuador and the furthest point from the center of the earth, in an effort to raise funds for SOS children's villages. After some months of training, like at Mt Blanc, where this image was taken, or in the woods and hills around my house, we just landed in Quito to embark on this epic journey. More to come soon. #stayadventurous #staycurious #liveofadventure #liveauthentic #chimborazochallenge #climbmountains #soschildrensvillages #ecuador at Quito, Ecuador


Laurensia Mapunda is harvesting coffee beans on her small field behind the house. It is one of her main sources of income, selling it at the local market to the middlemen. Like that she managed to create an income for her family and take care of her disabled son Gervais, who helps her as much as possible. For instance he taught himself to repair shoes, so that he can create a bit of income as well. I asked her about her biggest struggle and she does not hesitate to point out that this is to create an income that allows her to give Gervais a life without  suffering. But she also does not hesitate to point out that its her son, who makes her most proud. . . . . . #roamtheplanet #discoverearth #natgeoyourshot #everydayafrica #theglobalwanderer #reportagespotlight #documentaryphotographer #visualscollective #folkscenery #storytellers #photojournalism #humansandhabitats at Tanzania


I had sat there, enjoying the view over the coastline. A fresh breeze was blowing and the sun was behind some clouds, what was easing the heat of the day. Suddenly I heart some crawling sounds underneath the small bench I was sitting on. Then I saw the face of the lizard, slowly lurking over the bench from the side. I sat still, looking at him and after a short time he climbed on the bench next to me, seemingly unafraid of my presence. We sat for maybe a minute or two, before he disappeared again in the high grass and the woods and I was left with a big smile for that experience. . . . . . #humansandhabitats #roamtheplanet #earthfocus #wekeepmoments #natgeotravel #natgeoyourshot #discoverearth #exploremore #storytellers #discoverer at Australia


Nkasi is getting ready for the day. In the middle of Kaylitsha township, close to Capetown, where she grew up and still lives, she works as a soccer trainer. Its been a long way to that for her, a way, where she had daughter, but could not take care of her, so she grew up with Nkasi’s mum. A way, where it took her some time to find out what to do with life. But the days we stayed with Nkasi we also got to know a big hearted, warm women, that had found a path to follow. Now she was earning money, enjoyed her work for a local NGO and got to see her daughter more often as she could be there for her. . . . . . #humansandhabitats #everydayafrica #discoverer #dynamicafrica #exploreourearth #documentaryphoto #documentaryphotographer #wekeepmoments #storytellingphotographer #storytellers #natgeoyourshot at Capetown, South Africa


It was just a short boat ride away, but felt so far away from the busy city life in Sydney. I dived deep into the small national park, getting lost on small paths and big trees, amazing vistas over the sea and small pockets of flora and fauna. And the best of all was, that on this weekday there were no other people around, what made the experience, as close as it was to the city in reality, feeling even more remote. There are few cities in the world, I have been to, where the close proximity between big city feel and nature was that immediate. Its something that makes being in a big city seldom feel that way. . . . . . #humansandhabitats #wekeepmoments #discoverer #visitaustralia #travellingphotographer #theglobalwanderer #roamnation #travelstory #natgeotravel #roamearth at Sydney, Australia


The sun has dropped behind the hill and the humid air slowly started to cool down a bit, when we walked out of the village. I followed this young guy, carrying his little sister. Through a small path we soon reached the spot where the women go to wash themselves. As we were guests, they brought us there as well for more privacy. The whole day we had fought our way through the jungle, following small tracks if the hunters or sometimes just using the machete to get through. Now we were here, with some of last hilltribes in Northern Laos, completely detached from the world. Only four men in the village were going out from time to time to the local market. It was only a month before we came that they had their first visitors from outside. . . . . . #humansandhabitats #roamtheplanet #duscoverer #discoverearth #documentaryphotographer #exploremore #natgeotravel #natgeoyourshot #everydaylaos


Deep in the Nyungwe rainforest you feel as close to nature as you could feel. Everything around you is alive and growing in every corner and square inch. Nyungwe National Park is Africa’s biggest protected mountain rainforest. It is also the attempt to create another tourist destination in Rwanda beside the gorilla tracking in the north of the country in an attempt to make tourism a major industry of growth. . . . . . #roamtheplanet #humansandhabitats #everydayafrica #nategotravel #discoverearth #documentaryphoto #natgeoyourshot #discoverer #lifeofadventure #ourplanetdaily at Rwanda


Imagine a place so different, that feels as if the world opened up and tried to build stairs down to its middle. That is how it felt at times, hiking over the long ridge somewhere in the middle of Ethiopia. The views were endless and the valleys deep, but was so fascinating was that it all happened in layers, as if a giant had started to build a huge hill garden for himself. Always, when you thought you could see the bottom of the valley from somewhere, there was another step further downwards. You can imagine the incredible views from up here. For days we hiked with famers and herders through the hills, sleeping in small hut on top of the ridge, sitting in awe in the evenings, watching the sunset. . . . . . #humansandhabitats #everydayafrica #untoldvisuals #travelvibes #travelingphotographer #natgeotravel #roamtheplanet #discoverer at Ethiopia


The walk was becoming more and more of an issue, but he saw no different solution to his problem. Since some time now, the police did not allow the homeless people and streetkids to stay inside the city of Butare, so every evening they walked out into the forests to find a place to sleep. The young groups of streetkids had taken over the nearby spots, so he walked to to 10 kilometres every evening and then back the next morning. Since the genocide in Rwanda the country has been in a remarkable rise and development has been going faster than most other places in Eastern Africa. But often that fast development also left out the poor, that had no chance to be part of it, and slowly got pushed out. Like in this case, where the premise to make the city clean and safe, made life for this old man more and more difficult and unbearable. . . . . . #humansandhabitats #untoldvisuals #roamnation #documentaryphotographer #storytellingphotography #theglobalwanderer #everdayafrica #dynamicafrica #natgeoyourshot at Rwanda


How does that look like as your morning commute to work? The whole place seems to be set up for getting lost. For hours I could float through the small river lands and thick vegetation, over the lake and through the areas of floating shops and houseboats. It really feels like a place out of this world and in its magic closer to a fantasy movie than a real place. Dal Lake, close to Srinagar in Kashmir, is a special place, but what makes it even more special is how people embraced the place and created their own unique way of living with and on it. There is a floating market, where people sell their goods on small boats, there are houseboats where people live on and small floating villages with shops and everything else you need. It is a microcosm of life that like that I never experienced anywhere else. Every morning I would jump into our small boat and paddle around, getting lost and finding new places, meeting new people, while on a shoot for a documentary about the identity of the Kashmiri. Times I will not forget. . . . . . #exploremore #natgeotravel #humansandhabitats #discoverer #kashmir #documentaryphotographer #documentaryfilmmaker #storytime #visualambassadors #visualscollective #natgeoyourshot at Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir


It had all started as all good things start: with a lot of curiosity and playfulness. When one of the canoes had cracked, the boys took one half and tried to get out in the waves with it, trying to stand on it. Only years later they learned that this is called surfing, when a young NGO worker showed up at their beach with his surfboard. Since then the community developed a small surf hub for the local kids and with some support established a small surf school, still pure and raw, driven by curiosity and playfulness. To me it sounded like something I needed to see, when I heard rumours about them, while in Sierra Leone for a different project. So we took a car on a Friday evening and drove the hours to the beach. The next days we lived with them, surfed with them (or tried unsuccessfully in my case) and left inspired by their approach to life and simple living. There is a short film I made there with the boys. You can see it in my stories. . at Sierra Leone


The vastness was unbelievable. For hours we hadn’t seen any other life, but had been driving through endless feeling lava fields. First through the fresher one, where the lava was still hard, sharp and blank, then trough the fields, hundreds of years old, covered with moss that is thick and soft and so unique to Iceland. In 2006, while still studying geography, I went on a research field trip to Iceland. For a month we explored many of the most remote corners of the island with our big Unimog, a car that often gets used to cross places like the Sahara desert, but now took us to the wildest places we could imagine. It was back then that both a childhood dream of mine got fulfilled, but also that a sense of wanderlust that always had sparked my life got taken to whole new heights. Since then I travelled all over the world, first out of pure curiosity, then out of responsibility for documenting what I witnessed while it simply became my job as a filmmaker and photographer that I took on full-time after I finished my studies. . at Iceland


Somewhere along the road we stopped. The drive was exhausting. Small roads, often in bad condition and every time a truck was coming from the opposite direction it got so tight, that you could see the wheels scratching on the edge, from where it often would go hundreds of meters down. The altitude was taking its toll as well, so a slight frequent headache was present with all of us and the conversation had become less and less. But the views had been spectacular and I could not stop to press my nose against the window to take everything in. Now, when I stepped out into the fresh air, I just sat down, breathing the air, feeling the wind in my face and watching the clouds as they rolled gently over the rough, vegetation-less mountains. What a place, I thought, what a place. #ladakh#alwaysexplore at Manali Leh Highway


“I can go to school. That has always been the most important thing in my life. And that is something that never changed, even after my mom died and I came here to Freetown,” Musa is telling me, while we sit behind his Grandaunts house, where we lives now. In first glance its hard to imagine any kind of hardships in his life. The 12 years old boy is full of energy, always joking, always curious. But when we talk, his other side comes out and it turns to the moment, when his mom died and his life changed forever. His dad had two wives, so after Musas mum died, his dads second wife did not want him in the village anymore. So he came to Freetown. But that strengthened his wish for a good education as he could see, how important it would be, now, where he is almost on his own. When I ask him, if he regrets something in his young life, he says: “I wish I would have understood this earlier and have better access to a good education, even when I was still with my parents.” at Freetown, Sierra Leone


Its only from above that you start seeing the lifelines, meandering through the dry landscape, that is yet to see rain again after one of the longest dry periods in recent history. The pastoralists have been moving south for generations, when the dry season comes to find water for their cattle, but been moving north again in the rainy season. But what happens, when the rains does not come? They are forced further and further south, some even moving into the cities in search for water. And while the rivers fall dry one after the other, some lifelines persist, visible from above as the only places where some green is left, running through the landscapes like veins. at Kenya


The last person up here has been here more than a week ago. We had walked for hours to get up here, to this small hut, shattered by the wind and the conditions. Inside we find not much more than a stove, some firewood, a small table and some old mattresses to sleep on. I love places like this, down to the bare minimum, more a shelter that keeps you safe if a storm rolls in or it suddenly starts to snow. Over the years this happened a couple of times to me and the days in those places always remain something special. Especially the silence up there, when the storm stops, the stars come out and it feels as if the world is just you and the majestic nature around you. at Strandavatnet


It was early morning, when we walked up the hill and met Siphiwe. The first light had just come over the hill and was dipping the landscapes around us into soft warm colours that you only find here and Siphiwe was sitting on her mat in from of her hut, legs straight, back straight - a position I could hardly hold for more than two minutes, but natural for her. And while her grandchildren were playing around us and her granddaughter translated for us, we asked here a few questions about life and her journey in it. Her answers were reflecting, looking back. “I do not wish for anything anymore for myself. I’m happy where I am. If I should wish for something, its that my children and grandchildren should grow up healthy and happily and that they can be with me until I die.” She told us about how she lost her believe in god after she left her husband in Zimbabwe, got raped in Johannesburg, but found it again when she reunited with her children. And when I printed a small picture of her at the end, she gave me a big hug and told us: “This might be the first picture I have of myself. I will keep it so that I can take it to my grave one day.” at Swaziland

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