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Bahraini King’s Declaration of Worldwide Religious Tolerance Unveiled at Historic Simon Wiesenthal Center Interfaith Event


100% of proceeds of #TerminateHate t-shirt go to #SWC-fight hate spread tolerance @musoftolerance TY @Schwarzenegger copy/paste link to purchase:


Arnold Schwarzenegger and Simon Wiesenthal at a Wiesenthal Center event in the 1980's. @schwarzenegger


@brettrat A great #Shabbat dinner! I did the Hamotzi and the Kiddush (for all non-jews that's the blessing over the bread and wine) with #RabbiMarvinHier founder of the incredible @museumoftolerance and family @briangrazer and family and my brother @christucker an official member of the tribe! Thanks Rabbi for the beautiful meal! The #CHOLENT was delicious but is keeping me up all night!


Rabbi Marvin Hier, Dean and Founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center with Simon Wiesenthal at the Dokumentationzentrum in Vienna, 1999. Rabbi Hier was leading a Wiesenthal Center delegation to honor Mr. Wiesenthal on his 90th Birthday. Photo: Pictures Born. #SWC #Wiesenthal #simonwiesenthalcenter #rabbimarvinhier at Simon Wiesenthal Center