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Today marks the 6th month since the completion and release of my first music project “1000 Years EP”. The responses, love and support has been greatly appreciated. Excited for what’s to come. Here’s a recap. 🤘🏾CLICK THE LINK IN BIO


Behind the Scenes footage from the making of "Chance Of A Lifetime" Acoustic Version available now on all music media and streaming platforms. Full Video Link In Bio 🤘🏾 Recorded at @palominosound Studios Management @rlbnation Production/arrangement @druskiville & @jsoda @mikeonkeyz Synths -Rhodes @andy_vimar Eletric Guitar @Drepickney Bass Guitar @_jamaryoung Drums Shot by @js0verl0ad Directed by @_paul_martin_ Video edit @grantwoell


Last night’s event @thehollywoodroosevelt for Legendary Thursday’s @legendarydamon


📸 @js0verl0ad


The process of songwriting varies..sometimes the lyric comes first then melody or vice versa. In some cases all it takes is a spark of inspiration that can come from all sorts of things in our day to day life. I like to start with a simple chord progression. Once the feeling is there you can’t deny the lyric that comes about. Here’s an inside look of a new song I’m writing for an upcoming project. Can’t wait to record this...Share your thoughts 🤘🏾


In between writing and recording sessions, I like to study and transcribe some of my favorite artist’s music. Breaking down each chord and lyric..It’s both informative and inspiring. Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On” is one of my all time favorites of his work. And answer your question, that is my kitchen 😎🤘🏾


Simplicity is key. Sometimes it’s not about the amount of notes within the music...but it’s about the amount of music within the notes 🔱 #sirjeremygreen @palominosound @jsoda @_jamaryoung Great Session Today..


Mirror Mirror [Official Music Video] 🔱 Link In Bio


Thank you all for the Streams, Downloads & Shares of my latest EP [1000 Years] available now on all social media and music platforms ⚔️ LINK IN BIO🤘🏾 📸 @js0verl0ad


“Chance Of A Lifetime” From my latest EP [1000 Years] Live Recording Session @palominosound Full Song LINK IN BIO🤘🏾 Management @rlbnation Production @druskiville & @jsoda @mikeonkeyz Synths -Rhodes @andy_vimar Eletric Guitar @ Drepickney Bass Guitar @_jamaryoung Drums Shot by @js0verl0ad Directed by @_paul_martin_ Video edit @grantwoell


Am I the only one who longs for love...who longs to feel the joys that it brings


One of my latest songs following my newly released EP [1000 Years] “JANE “ A song of Queens, You Are Beautiful🌹 Full Song Link In Bio...


Open your mind to creativity. Be Inspired...Live To Aspire 🔱


Playing a song I wrote on this Grand Piano..what an amazing sound. Can’t wait to record this one -stream/Download “1000 Years EP” Link In Bio #losangeles #hollywood


Writing Songs For The Soul ⚔️... Stream/Download My Newly Released EP [1000 Years] Link In Bio Shot By @js0verl0ad and @_paul_martin_


Mirror Mirror [Official Music Video] Stream Now...Link in bio


@palominosound live recording session. Thanks to the band @mikeonkeyz @andy_vimar @_jamaryoung @rlbnation for helping to make the Vision come alive . Also, Thanks to @_paul_martin_ @js0verl0ad for capturing both sound and soul of our performance . Official video coming soon. Swipe ⬅️ for more BTS footage.

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