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Moment of truth! 📸: @ajgottschalk #sixgillfishing #rulethedepths


Check out this monster @peter_hartt hauled in with the Typhoon reel and Cypress rod! Solid one, Peter, that’s one way to lock down first place! #sixgillfishing #rulethedepths


How to win a #sixgillfishing hat at the #bassmasterclassic2018! #rulethedepths at TD Convention Center


Come see us in Greenville, SC this weekend at the Bassmaster Classic 2018! #lakehartwell #sixgillfishing #rulethedepths at TD Convention Center


Have you jumped in on our Wraith giveaway yet? Enter so you can get out there and start putting it to use like our buddy @jhunterfishing here! #sixgillfishing #rulethedepths


All loaded out! What are we chasing?! #sixgillfishing #rulethedepths


When @tyler_carriere_fishing takes @jhunterfishing and friends out on the Louisiana bayous, it’s so much more than redfish! 🎥: @ajgottschalk #teaser #sixgillfishing #rulethedepths


The Crius might be getting an update, but that’s not stopping the original Crius from getting on fish! Thanks for sharing Darren, nice fish! #sixgillfishing #rulethedepths


You’re probably going to want to check out the link in our bio. Just saying. #sixgillfishing #rulethedepths


A solid one from @jessierlong on SixGill gear! #sixgillfishing #rulethedepths


Here’s your chance to get your hands on one of our excellent new Wraith reels! Stop by the Houston Fishing Show this weekend! #sixgillfishing #rulethedepths at George R. Brown Convention Center


Flippin’ time at the Houston Fishing Show! Come see us! #sixgillfishing #rulethedepths at 2018 Houston Fishing Show!


The new squarebills are in, and they’re available to get your hands on here at the Houston Fishing Show this week! #sixgillfishing #rulethedepths


All set up and headed back out here at the Houston Fishing Show, come see us starting tomorrow at noon! #sixgillfishing #rulethedepths at George R. Brown Convention Center


There’s going to be some excellent opportunities to get your hands on SixGill gear in the coming weeks, from the Houston Fishing Show in Texas this week to the Bassmaster Classic middle of next month in South Carolina. Come meet the crew, spin some reels, check out some rods, or grab the new hooks and lures! #sixgillfishing #rulethedepths


The third of our new hooks is the straight offset, a killer hook for flukes and similar soft plastics. You’ll want to get your hands on some of these! #sixgillfishing #rulethedepths


In the Greensboro area this weekend? Stop by and see us at the Greensboro Coliseum! Get your hands on the rods and reels, and check out the new lures and hooks! #sixgillfishing #rulethedepths at Greensboro Coliseum Complex


Our Extra Wide Gap (EWG) Heavy Worm Hook is the second of the three new additions to our SixGill hook lineup. It’s the perfect hook to haul trophy bass out of heavy cover. #sixgillfishing #rulethedepths

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