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Made by Marcus
The Merchant Kitchen

Christmas markets are overrated. We’ll deliver the four main holiday food groups, candy, candy canes, candy corn, and doughnuts.


#Movember to me is about actively letting men know that it’s okay to open up about your depression or anxieties, and promoting positivity and love. As men, we’re supposed to be tough and brush stuff off like it’s nothing, but sometimes it's not that easy. As someone who’s had a couple rough patches of depression, I want to raise awareness on behalf of all the men out there struggling like I have.” - Justin Follow our #Movember journey all month long. #MoThanDelivery


You could indulge in some fine dining at this week’s #MTLaTable but let’s be real, you can’t show up in PJs. at Montreal, Quebec


Make your Diwali celebrations a little brighter with your favourite dishes. Sparkler not included.


Rah-Men 🙏 When the weather gets gloomy, let this be your silver lining.


"This is actually my first time participating in #Movember. I haven’t shaved my beard since before I was married, and my wife isn’t a fan of a clean-shaven me. She thinks I have too much face! I chose to get involved this year because of the stigma around men's mental health. Life comes at you fast, and it's easy to be too proud or too stubborn to take care of and be honest with yourself. I have a young family and an obligation to the people in my life to be a role model. If there’s anything that I can do to support my friends and their loved ones, I plan to!” — Tyler, SkipTheDishes Movember Team Follow our Movember journey all month long. #MoThanDelivery


Wait, #DaylightSavings means we could eat our order before we’ve ordered it? Great Scott! We may have just discovered time travel.


Crispy fries, melty cheese, liquid gold - us Canadians are quite the innovators.


Even if your house is this haunted, we always deliver. 👻


Raise a hand if you’re as excited for @timhortons delivery as we are! #TimsRun at Tim Hortons


Please pile the whipped cream high on our pumpkin pie. #NationalPumpkinDay


Have a classy night in. No tie required.


Our seaweed guy’s got the good stuff.


Seriously. Who has time to cook?


“We come back with inspiration for dishes every time we travel. Cho saw a version of the sushi burrito and kind of fell in love with it, and said, ‘I can do that in Winnipeg.’ So he came here and studied a bit, figured out the best fish to use, and where to get the best ingredients. That’s how we ended up with Chosabi and our famous sushi burrito.” - @chosabican at Chosabi


We now deliver coast to coast. We’re proud to say we really are Canada’s food delivery network.


We’re bringing sexy back to our living room. We’ll be watching the Cry Me A River video on repeat if you need us. at Earls King Street


We’re sure this is how the Jetsons would do Thanksgiving.

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