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The Calgary New Central Library has officially reached construction completion! On September 14, the building was officially handed over to the City of Calgary and Calgary Public Library. Over the next few weeks, @calgarylibrary will be moving in 300,000 books to prepare for the grand opening on November 1. We’re so excited to share the building with the world, and hope you’ll be able to join us for the public opening - comment below if you’ll be there 📚✨Facade detail 📸 by @julianparkinson. #calgarylibrary #nclinev @dialogdesign @calgary_ncl at Calgary, Alberta


In collaboration with François Chatillon Architecte (@fc_architecte), Snøhetta has been commissioned by Paris Musées to undertake the architectural renovation of one of the most prominent museums in France: the historic Musée Carnavalet. When the renovated museum reopens by the end of 2019 it will offer an enhanced visitor’s experience that provides a unique travel through time to discover the rich history of the city of Paris – a story told through 615,000 artefacts, including paintings, sculptures, furniture, woodwork, art pieces and photography. More info at 📸 Agence NC, @antoinemercusot at Musée Carnavalet


#WIP: We couldn’t resist reposting this aerial shot of a new project under construction in California, being built by our excellent construction partners at Cello & Maudru (@cellomaudru). Fun fact: The post-tensioned concrete slab, designed by Holmes Structures, provides 70’ clear spans for the lower level and a 20’ cantilever for the room above. 🤓Video by @holmesstructures #workinprogress #concrete #drone


On behalf of British Land, Snøhetta has designed the Snøhetta Book Pavilion. Located in the dynamic neighborhood of Paddington Central, London, only a 15 minutes’ walk from Oxford Street, the permanent installation offers an immersive experience into the world of books by providing a flexible space that can be enjoyed by everyone at any time. The oversized walls of the pavilion can be physically turned in a 360-angle, creating a wide range of atmospheres, whether quiet and intimate or open and public. 📸 @markcocksedge and diagram by Snøhetta at 2 Kingdom Street


at Snøhetta Viewpoint


Join us tomorrow at 6 PM for the Nordic Life in Urban Spaces pop-up event hosted by our good friends at Vestre (@vestre_furniture) in Stockholm! Jenny Osuldsen from Snøhetta will be speaking about urban development alongside artist Hanne Mjøen. For more information and registration, go to Pictured here: Snapshots from the Snøhetta designed anniversary book for Vestre celebrating the company’s unique history and success as a global manufacturer of urban furniture design. 📸 by Calle Huth (@callehuth)


Tomorrow evening, Kjetil Trædal Thorsen will share his personal experiences as an architect and his journey as a Founding Partner of Snøhetta at Vulkan Arena, Oslo, during the international lecture series “Architects, not Architecture” (@architectsnotarchitecture). Make sure to pop by if you’re in town! See the link in bio for more info and registration.


We remember the victims of the tragic events of September 11, 2001. Their families and those who risked their lives to help are also in our minds and hearts. Today, the 9/11 Memorial, Museum, and the rebuilding of the World Trade Center site stands to honor their memory while looking forward to the future of the city. In our design of the 9/11 Museum Pavilion, which mediates between the museum below grade and the new towers rising above, we hoped people could find a moment to reflect on their present moment in time. Photo by Jeff Goldberg #Honor911 at National September 11 Memorial & Museum


The Willamette Falls Riverwalk has received an ASLA National Honor Award for excellence in Analysis and Planning! Together with our partners @mayerreed and @dialogdesign, our approach to the postindustrial site repurposes and edits existing structures, connecting them with a sequence of elevated explorer trails and pathways. Pictured here in section, the Clarifier, a water quality treatment structure, will be repurposed as a new park ringed by a walkway that will allow public access to the falls. Swipe through to see the proposed and existing conditions. Read more at Congratulations to all of the 2018 winners! #ASLAawards #WFLP #WillametteFallsRiverwalk #OregonCity @nationalasla @willamettefallslegacyproject


Today marks the launch of the first of four Snøhetta designed SKAM books. The first book is based on writer and producer Julie Andem’s manuscripts and notes from the first SKAM season, where @evamohn2 was the main character. Ever since SKAM first aired in 2015, the series has been a tremendous success, partly attributed to how it successfully merges digital and analogue storytelling. The book covers are designed to match each SKAM season, and each book has its own distinctive color. The book’s pages are filled with Andem’s unrefined and original script, giving each page a feel of raw simplicity. The first book is out now on Armada Forlag @nrkp3 @julieandem @skam.p3 📷Snøhetta


When designing STUA for IKEA (@ikeanorge), we were inspired by IKEA’s approach to efficient material use and the well-known flat pack concept. All of STUA’s components are light enough to be carried by one person alone, and each piece is precisely carved to fit perfectly into the structure. Just like a piece of IKEA furniture, STUA can be set up quickly and intuitively. The freestanding room can be placed in a variety of spaces, whether in the garden or in the backyard. More info at! Animation: Snøhetta


We have joined forces with IKEA (@ikeanorge) to inspire people to rethink their living rooms. The first result of this transdisciplinary collaboration has been a prototype based on an IKEA-inspired building system dubbed STUA. STUA is a circular 20-square-meter room that is physically freed from the constraints of the traditional four-wall living room, and it is inspired by IKEA’s approach to efficient material use and the well-known flat pack concept. A rich, singular graphic profile supports the launch of the project through digital channels and printed material. More info at 📸 Plompmozes and Snøhetta

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