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Hello my awesome people! How’s everyone doing? It looks like it’s gonna be a rainy day so we gotta brace for it! . Talking about brace, @danielwellington is all ready to let you embrace your own style with their new Classic Bracelet! (Hur hur, see wut I did there? 🌚) . I love how minimalistic it is so it allows you to be able to match it easily with your outfits! I’m somehow into the whole white minimalist look these days so this was a perfect fit. 🤣 . Well, regardless of how you intend to match it to fit your style, feel free to use ‘Gelly2018’ to enjoy 15% off @danielwellington’s products at 😉✨ . That’s all from me folks! As always, here’s wishing you a great day ahead & to always stay positive! 💪🏻 . #DanielWellington #DWclassicbracelet #accessories #kilogrammerz . . . . . . #igsg #sgig #instasg #igerssingapore #instagramsg #ootd #ootdsg #sgootd #sglookbook #sggirls #sggirl #sgblogger #sgbloggers #styleblogger #stylepost #exploresingapore #asianblogger #leicaCamera #leicagram #sgfoodies #sgphotographer #sgphotography #portraitoftheday #pursuitofportraits at Asia/Singapore


Hello everyone! It’s Tasty Tuesday & I bring to you a panda-stic donut cake thing! I know, I’m an absolute genius at naming things. 🌚✨ /flips hair fabulously . It’s shaped like a donut but had the soft, dense texture of cake. 🤣 It’s a tad sweet because of the cute icing on top but it was worth it. The aesthetics were on point. . I would also like to say that I found this randomly at one of the train stations in Japan. There were souvenirs that were panda-themed everywhere & I loved it. I was gushing over everything. Huge panda fan right here. 🐼💕 . Well, I hope everyone has a panda-stic day ahead! If you’re not so lucky, well, I hope you manage to bear it & stay positive! 😉✨ . #gellyinjapan #visitjapanjp #kilogrammerz #siretocodonuts at Tokyo, Japan


Hello everyone! It’s Moody Monday but I’m here with @covetcrystalsjewelry to hopefully put everyone in a cherry mood. 😉 . I’m sure everyone has bad days & there’s all kinds of ways to make you feel better & one of them is crystals! Different crystals actually harbour different type of properties that can help to elevate your mood when you’re not feeling all that cherry that day. . The Cherry Collection doesn’t only look adorable, the crystals used in this collection can also help you in various prospects! . Malachite (Green), one of the crystals used for this collection can actually help battle depression & anxiety, support the immune system & even encourage healthier relationships! Not only that, it can also help in protecting you against noise, lighting & harmful rays from technological equipment. (Super important since nowadays everyone is glued to all sort of tech devices.) . Cinnabar (Red), the other crystal can help promote feelings of courage, vitality & confidence! It can also help you feel more positive & enthusiastic about your day! . Of course, these crystals harbour more properties than what I’ve listed but sadly I have a word count so if you wish to know more, do visit the link to find out! 😉 . Well, let’s all have a cheery Monday instead of a moody one because happiness is always of the utmost importance in life! 💪🏻 . P.S. Thank you for reading & do use the code ‘gelly10’ to get 10% off the Cheerful Cherries Collection! 🍒 . Earrings: . Necklace: . #covetcrystalsjewelry #malachite #cinnabar #cheerfulcherries


Hello Everyone! It's Wonderful Wednesday! Today, we're wandering back to the wonderful world of skincare with @alchemeskincare! They've finally released a new product specially catered for your eyes! I'm always up for trying out new skincare & of course, this was no exception! Like everything else with @alchemeskincare, this eye serum is personalised specially for your needs! . I've been trying this serum out the moment I got my hands on it & I was pretty surprised by the watery texture of serum because it's my first time using eye serums! I was using an eye cream before so I didn't really know what to expect. 😂 In terms of scent, there's a pretty strong scent of ginseng because ginseng root extract was one of the ingredients in my serum therefore I wasn't surprised. I actually quite like the scent of ginseng so I was pretty happy about it (I'm a huge fan of herbal soups & I'll happily drink american ginseng water without hesitation.) 😌💕 . In terms of dispensing the product, it's honestly pretty easy to manage since the pump has pretty good resistance so you just gotta be a tad more careful during the first few tries to figure out the right amount for yourself. I figured that it's always good to start out with too little rather than too much & then you add on if it's not enough (or else you end up desperately spreading the excess product everywhere). 🤣 . Well, I'mma continue using this serum & hope my dark eye circles get lighter because they are really displaying themselves in their full glory these days 😒(probably because I sleep late alittle too often nowadays). It's difficult ya know, er- Trying to sleep before 11pm if I intend to get proper 7 hours of sleep. I mean- How to watch drama/play games/laze around if I were to do that right? /sweats profusely . P.S For those who intend to hop onto the @alchemeskincare train, do use my code 'GELLY10' during checkout to enjoy 10% off your purchase! 🌚✨ . 📸: Leica . #alchemeskincare #bespokeskincare #personalisedskincare #alcheme at Asia/Singapore


Hi everyone! It’s Try-Out Tuesday! Over the weekend, I managed to try out this beast of a lens & attempted to capture some pheasants. . I also managed to narrowly miss a shitty situation that came from above that fell inches away from me. 🤣 . Now let’s talk about this lens, the Sony FE 400mm F2.8 GM OSS is a large-aperture super telephoto lens that is not only ultra sharp but also lighter than its competitors (although it’s still heavy for me 🙃). The lens elements are also placed in the back making the lens well balanced. The Linear Motors also allows very fast focusing. Combined with the Sony A9, its a really neat setup for capturing birds in flight! . I always admire photographers who are willing to lug such heavy (and super expensive) lenses around to satisfy their passion! Hats off to all of you! Meanwhile, I’mma stick to lightweight cameras & lenses, thank you very much. 😅 . Question time! What’s your favourite lens to bring along for photo taking? 😉 . P.S Check out @sgroader works using this lens! His feed is amazing!🤩 . #SonyGm #sel400f28gm #Sonya9 #Sonysingapore #sonyimages #kilogrammerz at Jurong Bird Park


Hello everyone! Moody Monday is back again! I hope everyone had a good weekend! I managed to hang out with some pheasants on Saturday but the weather wasn’t having it so it decided to cut our date short by literally being a wet blanket of rain. 🙃 . Ah well! Thankfully the weather during my trip to 九份 was much more forgiving! It definitely won’t be fun maneuvering around in such a cramped space while it’s pouring. It was pretty tricky to snap shots as well so this was the best I got. 😅 . Question for you guys! What do you dread the most when you’re on a trip? Bad weather? Bad living conditions? Do share your thoughts with me! 😆 . Meanwhile, let’s fight through the Moody & I wish all of you a good week ahead! 💪🏻 . 📸: Leica . #taiwan #jiufen #九份 #kilogrammerz at 九份金瓜石


TGIF Everyone! It’s Finally Friday! What will you be up to for the weekend? Me? I’mma Journey to the West for the weekend. 😉 . Also, let’s talk about this picture, this was also taken at Yehliu Geopark as well when I was walking on the path on the mountain! I loved the whole feel of it so I asked my friend to snap a quick picture for me. 💕 . The salty air made my hair look so poofy that it’s pretty funny. 🤣 . 📸: Leica . #yehliugeopark #taiwan #kilogrammerz at Yehliu Geopark 野柳地質公園


Greetings everyone! It's Trekking Thursday! I know that my post timings have been really random recently, do bear with me as I've been busy with load & loads of stuff so it was tough for me to post regularly. I hope that you'll still continue to like my content though! I'll be really grateful if you continue to keep watch of my feed despite my irregular postings. 💕 . Well moving on, I was in Taiwan for a couple of days for a nice holiday! It was my first time being there & boy did I have fun! One of the places I went was Yehliu Geopark where the Queen's Head resided. However, the waves there were really strong & it was really hard to get good shots with the relentless strong winds & the endless sprays of salt water in our faces so we ended up venturing up the mountain instead. 😂 . The weather was really nice & cooling & the path up the mountain was pretty chill even though it's abit of a distance to the end of it (Please note: I don’t exercise so please take my opinions with a pinch of salt). We actually ended up at the top & got to rest at this little terrace & admire the awesome scenery. 😍 There was also barely anyone there because we basically had to rush past this path that had waves coming at it to get to the mountain & not many people were as enthusiastic about it as we were. 😂 . Well, what about you? Have you been to Yehliu Geopark & walked up the mountain before? If you haven't, you really should! It's a pretty fun experience & it definitely helps to burn some of the calories from all the street food you'll be indulging yourself with. 😉 . P.S This shot was taken at the beginning of the long path towards the end of the mountain. I kinda like this shot more than my Queen's Head one so yup. 🌚 . 📸: Leica at Yehliu Geopark 野柳地質公園


Greetings everyone & welcome to Moody Monday! 😉 How was your weekend? Well, mine involved 50 shades of grey. 🌚 Nah, I'm kidding, just one shade. 😂 I can proudly say that I've contributed to the aesthetics of my house by painting ONE ROOM. . In case anyone is curious, the room you see here is supposed to be the study room BUT in truth, it's a gaming room. 😉 A gaming room in my house has always been a dream of mine & I'm so excited that I'm finally able to fulfill it. 😍 The furniture & stuff is on it's way & I'm SO SO EXCITED. 🙌🏻 . P.S I'll definitely be providing updates soon for this room. Hur hur. 👉🏻🌚👉🏻 . P.P.S Wah I tell you arh, I paint one room only the next day my whole body sour (translation: aching) siol. CMI man, this is what I get for not exercising. 🙃 . 📸: Leica . #defeatmoodymondays #kilogrammerz #triedmebest #itturnedoutalright at Asia/Singapore


Hello everyone! Here's some burg greetings for Moody Monday! I hope everyone had a good time whether it was meating up with some good friends or just loafing around at home! Well, lettuce get back to the grind & werk werk werk werk werk everyone! We can do this! We MOS hold on till the next weekend! 💪🏻 . P.S Yes, I'm in a very punny mood today. 🌚 . #mosburgersg #kilogrammerz #moscafe #defeatmoodymondays at Moscafe


TGIF everyone! It's Finally Friday! Phew, the weekend is finally here! I have no idea why but I just felt that this week was longer than usual. 🤔 Not like I had any bad days during the week or whatsoever but time just felt longer...? . Ah, I'm sure everyone has days or weeks that feel like this right? For various reasons? Well, you managed to power through it to reach the weekend during then & I'm sure you can do it in the future as well! 💪🏻 . I wish all of you an awesome weekend! Whether you're chilling or partying, I hope you'll have a great time! 😉✨ . 📸: Sony . P.S This is actually an old picture that I dug out & thought 'hey this picture nubbad siol'. . #kilogrammerz #TGIF #goodvibes at Asia/Singapore


Hello everyone! Wonderful Wednesday has come! To match the concept, I bring to you wonderful lobster rolls from @lukeslobster_jp & sadly as the IG handle says, you can only find it in Japan. 🙃 However, SG has lobster rolls too! I haven't tried any in SG though, have you? . My first & only experience so far is in Japan & boy did I looovveee it. 😍 There was sooooo much lobster & it was just so satisfying with each bite that I enjoyed every last bit of it. If you guys have any recommendations for good lobster rolls in SG, do share them with me alright? I would love to be able to reminisce my experience in a more convenient way. 😂 . #lukeslobsterjp #lobsterrolls #kilogrammerz #imdroolingalready #gellyinjapan at Luke’s Lobster, Japan


Greetings my awesome people! Moody Monday is back! However, you know what I always say! A smile a day keeps the Moody away! 😉 Keep smiling everyone, it tricks your mind into thinking you’re feeling just slightly better! 😆 . Heh, on a sidenote, has become one of my favourite food places to go. Their salmon zoodles & acai bowl is just soooo good. 🤤 If you’re a fan of healthier food options, you’ve gotta check this place out! . #defeatthemoody #kilogrammerz #haakonsg at Asia/Singapore


TGIF everyone! 💃💕 Woohoo! The weekend’s here again! If you don’t have any plans, how about heading down to the ultimate lifestyle block party on 9th Sept, Sunday? @foodpandasg has partnered up with some cool brands to bring you this event! What's more, it's free for entry for all ages - Just step right in! 🌚👍🏻 . Some bites include @burgerjointsg, @donhosg and @vatossg, along with live music from the likes of DJ Slvanesh and Maricelle, and wellness activities from PURE Yoga and WeBarre. What's more, @benandjerrysg's will be giving out some pints - Nah, I won't be scoffing them down // casually chucks newly finished tub out the window. . The venue: Amoy Street . The time: 12pm - 10pm . Do remember to bring a picnic mat, water and a ravenous appetite to gobble down all the delicious food! . That’s all from me! Have a good weekend everyone! Gelly out! 😉✨ . #foodpandasg #bitesandvibessg at Asia/Singapore


Hello everyone! It's Wonderful Wednesday! We're halfway to the weekend everyone! So, let me ask you a random question because I feel like it! 😂 If Singapore could have 4 seasons, what would be your favourite season & why? 🌚 . For me, I love autumn. It's like air-con temperature everywhere you go ya know? So shiok (translation: awesome af!) ! I'm also a fan of jackets so autumn is like perfect for me. 💕 I would love to experience winter as well! I've yet to see snow & I really want to see it one day! 😍 . Yup, so that's it from me! Do share with me your favourite season! I would love to know! 😉👍🏻Have a great day & remember, if you can't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else? . P.S If you know that quote, I would love to be your friend. 🌚 . #kilogrammerz #leicasg #wonderfulwednesday #stayhappyeveryone at Haji Lane


Greetings everyone! 😌✨ Moody Monday has come once again! What were you up to during the weekend? . Well, for me, I attended Mooncake workshop @culinaryon_sg over the weekend! I got to make some snowskin mooncakes as well as pick up some photography & flatlay tips from @xlbcr! It was sooo much fun & I really enjoyed myself! I'm really glad all my mooncakes came out well too. 😂 . All these snowskin mooncakes all have a truffle ball encased within them that has guinness infused into the cream! Who would've thought that guinness could go well in mooncakes? Well, the guinness provided that little kick to spice up the flavours of the mooncake & everything complemented each other well! 🤤 . If you're interested to find out how these Guinness mooncakes taste, here's how! Just make a minimum purchase of $90 worth of Guinness products at any leading supermarkets (E.g. Fairprice, Cold Storage, Giant, etc.) & you get to redeem a box of Guinness Snowskin Mooncakes [$58 (4pcs/box)] from link in their bio! .  Well, that's all from me folks for this Moody Monday! I hope that you had enough fun during the weekends so that your happiness is more than enough to defeat the Moody! 😉 . #DefeatMoodyMondays #GuinnessSG #cheersguinness #guinnessmooncakes #kilogrammerz at Culinaryon


TGIF everyone! 💃💃 It's Finally Friday! I hope the week went alright for you! If not, maybe you could vent it out during the weekend! Scream your frustrations out in karaoke, vent all that anger while exercising, whatever floats your boat! . Which makes me wonder... What do you guys do when you feel the need to vent or just destress? For me, I like to sing. I just like to sing in general to be honest, it's a fun thing to do! Who cares if you're bad at it as long as it makes you feel better right? That's what's important! 😏✨ . 📷: Sony . #sonysingapore #kilogrammerz at Asia/Singapore


Hello Everyone! It's Tasty Thursday! So, let's talk about food! Specifically, Mooncakes! With the Mooncake Festival coming up, I'm sure you guys are hunting down all sorts of brands to get your mooncakes? Well, for me, I'm more of a snowskin mooncake girl! I love the soft, chewy texture of snow skin more than the traditional brown, slightly harder exterior. . If you're like me, then this post might be of help! @dtccsg is celebrating the upcoming Mooncake Festival with 8 different snowskin flavours to take your pick from! These 8 flavours consists of: ▫️Strawberry Rose Truffle ▫️Choco Hazelnut ▫️Sweet Potato Chia Seed ▫️Kuro Goma ▫️Osmanthus with Single Malt Whiskey (Contains Alcohol) ▫️Matcha Sake (Contains Alcohol) ▫️Pomelo Dry Gin (Contains Alcohol) ▫️Baileys Amore (Contains Alcohol) . There's 3 different sets to choose from: ▫️Grandeur (Non-Alcoholic Flavours) [$65 nett (8pcs, 2pcs/flavour)] ▫️Royal Elixir (Alcoholic Flavours) [$68 nett (8pcs, 2pcs/flavour)] ▫️Majestic Mini Snowskin (Non-Alcoholic & Alcoholic Flavours) [$68 nett (8pcs, 1pc/flavour)] . Of course, they also have the classic ones made using less sugar premium lotus seed paste if you're not a fan of the snowskins! I've manage to gobble 3 so far (Matcha Sake, Choco Hazelnut, Strawberry Rose Truffle) & I'm glad that it isn't so sweet and the texture of the snowskin is on point! The chewiness is just right! 😍 The filling is also really tasty, the Matcha Sake had a kick to it & I could definitely taste the alcohol! Then again, I hardly drink so please take note, my 'alcohol taste quite strong' might not be the same for you. 😂 . Well that's it from me! Good luck with your hunt for mooncakes! If you have any recommendations, feel free to share them with me as well! 😉 . A huge thanks to @dtccsg for the awesome mooncakes, I really enjoyed them! 🤤💕 . 💡: Broncolor Siros L . #dtccsg #tccsg #tcc #mooncake #leicafood #broncolor #leicasg #kilogrammerz at Asia/Singapore

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