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Waddap everyone! It's Finally Friday! Woohoooo! 🙌🏻 So, I have a question! What's your favourite form of transport and why? . For me, I like anything that allows me to look out a window. (Yeh, I know, that's pretty much every single form of transport) BUT I like it quiet. I always have earphones on when I'm on transport & I'll just listen to music & chill because it's just so nice to stare at the passing trees & empty my thoughts. Buses are my favourite in terms of public transport in SG. Especially the more empty ones. I always appreciate an empty bus because I ain't a fan of crowds. . Of course, cars are awesome too but they are hella expensive and I'm broke so nah- Ain't got no money fo dat. I do take grabs & gojeks rather often too because I'm lazy. 😂 . So, that's all from me today, I wish all of you an awesome weekend & do share with me your thoughts! 🙏🏻💕 . #chilltime #lepakonly #kilogrammerz #gainingchillpoints . . . . . #igsg #sgig #instasg #igerssingapore #instagramsg #ootd #ootdsg #sgootd #sglookbook #sggirls #sggirl #sgblogger #sgbloggers #styleblogger #stylepost #exploresingapore #instafoodsg #sgeats #asianblogger #leicaCamera #leicagram #sgfoodies #sgphotographer #sgphotography #agameoftones #artofvisuals at Singapore


Waddap everyone! It's Wonderful Wednesday! Well, I'mma share with you my wonderful experience with @foodpandasg during their Good Food Tour last week! . So, what was the Good Food Tour about? Well, we got to go to 3 different food places to feast: 1. @vatossg 2. @pscafe 3. @haagendazssg And another cool part about this was that we got around in a kombivan! It was my first time on a kombivan & boy was it fun! I was also very amused that one of the kombivans (the white one at the back) had long, luxurious looking eyelashes pasted on its headlights to show that it was the pretty lady between the two. 🌚👍🏻 . We got to feast on different kinds of food from these places and here's some of them! Honey Tequila Chicken Wings from @vatossg were one of my favourites! @pscafe newest dish, Crispy Roast Chicken with French Onion & Garlic Bread Sauce was absolutely delightful as well & to finish off the evening, @haagendazssg Cream Cheese Mochi was the perfect dessert! 🤤 . Good company & good food, what more could one ask for? Ah, I had such a great time! So, for all of you who wish to try out these new dishes, I've got a good lobang (translation: deal) for you! Just use the code 'GOODFOODTOUR' to enjoy $10 off your order (Mimimum Order: $25) from the places mentioned above! . Shiok (Translation: Awesome) right? I know but DO TAKE NOTE: It's for ❗️FIRST-TIME ORDERS❗️ only. . Well, for the regulars, I have a question, what's your favourite thing to order from @foodpandasg? 😉 . #foodpandasg #goodfoodtour #vatossg #pscafe #haagendazs at Singapore


Greetings everyone! Moody Monday is back again but that's alright! We can all bring our heels down on the Moody & trample it into the ground till it disappears! 🌚👍🏻 . Speaking of heels, CNY is around the corner, so I'm sure many of you are looking for some new kicks to walk around in during your visitings! Well, @audrehofficial might have something that might suit you! Whether it's flat or heels, they have it both! . @audrehofficial is a young brand so the designs are pretty limited for now but their shoes are of really good quality & are comfortable as well! . Now, I'mma tell you the truth & say that I'm really bad with heels. I'm hella clumsy & have two left feet so I trip over non-existant things all the time which is why I always wear flats & wear heels for special occasions only! . Thankfully, these heels that I chose aren't too high so I still can walk around pretty well with no problems at all! I still can't walk on uneven ground though. 😨 I have no idea how people can walk in high heels on uneven ground. 😨 Please teach me, senpais. 🙏🏻 . Well, ladies (and gentlemen, you know for gifts and stuff. 😉 If you're superstitious, just ask for a dollar back when you're giving it to someone. 😂), feel free to check out @audrehofficial website (the link is on their IG page!) & see if there's anything you fancy! . Heels in Picture: FIORELLINO . #audrehofficial #heels #shoes #fiorellino #audreh #sonysingapore #heysonysg #sonyforher at Singapore


Hello everyone! It's Finally Friday! I somehow felt like the week flew past! Hmm, strange. Ah well, not that I'm complaining! As long as the weekends don't fly by as fast I'm all good. 🌚👍🏻 . So- I blame the weather for all these dessert posts. Like really, SG weather, please chill abit, thanks. You've got me missing nice chilly, autumn weathers & awesome crepes. I'm totally whipped for dem crepes. I always get hyped when I see a crepe store. Like seriously, my eyes get all sparkly & I'll be hovering around the store like some fangirl who just saw her favourite idol. My love for crepes run deep. 😂 . Well, I hope all of you will have a good weekend & not a crepe-y one! Enjoy yourselves & take care now everyone! 😉🙌🏻 . #weatherpleasechill #crepeitshot #allhailtheaircon #visitjapanjp #gellyinjapan at Japan


Hello everyone! It's Wondering Wednesday! Why wondering instead of wonderful today? Well, it's because I've been wondering what type of hairstyles might suit me. 😂 I'm honestly someone who likes to change styles here & there every once in awhile (despite looking the same for 1 year I really really do like to explore different styles) to spice up my life so maybe you awesome folks might be able to give me some suggestions? It could be anything, I'm open to all hairstyles whether short, long, perm, etc. . I'm waiting for the suggestions everyone! Do help me out here & give me more ideas! 🙏🏻💕 . #newyearnewme #itrylaitry #suggestionspl0x at Singapore


Hello everyone! Moody Monday is back & it’s time to say goodbye to short weeks. Ah, those were good times. -dramatically wipes tear- . Ah well! It’s alright! In just a blink of an eye it’ll be CNY & it’s time for ang baos & more public holidays. 😉 Hang in there everyone! 💪🏻 . If you need a little pick-me-up & are a fan of ice-cream (-raises hand enthusiastically-) Feel free to head on down to @naganumaiceco where you get to choose from either 11 flavours of gelato or 6 flavours of soft serve! I highly recommend the Yame Matcha for all the green tea lovers in da haus! 💚 . Well, as I always say, A smile a day, keeps the Moody away! Chin up & let's charge forward through the week! 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♂️💨💨 . #naganumaice #softserve #gelato #hokkaidorawmilk at Naganuma Ice Co


Hello everyone! It's Finally Friday! I hope everyone had an awesome first week of 2019! I'm sure you've seen these 'best nine' montages from various people on IG but I thought it was a great way to sum up 2018! I might be alittle late to the party (I always am) but hey, better late than never right? 😉✨ . Well, I look forward to what 2019 has in store for me & I'm crossing fingers that it'll go smoothly. Life has been treating me pretty good so far & I'm really thankful for everything I have! Of course, there were bad times but nothing too bad so I'm really grateful for that. . Well, here's wishing all of you a good weekend! Have fun & enjoy yourselves! 😆💕 . P.S. I'm pretty amused by my best 9, this tells me I should get a new haircut since I pretty much looked the same for the whole year. 😂 . #2018bestnine #best9 #gellybestnine #goodbye2018 #hello2019 #alittlelateiknow at Singapore


Happy 2019 everyone! It’s the second day of the new year & what better way to welcome the very first work day of 2019 feline all nice & fluffy like this cute little one right? 😉💕 . So, any new year resolutions for 2019? I’m going to attempt to exercise as well as continue to go on trips overseas! I’m also aiming to adopt a cat this year! Any cat owners willing to give me tips in advance? I’ll be extremely grateful! 😉💕 . #catcafe #kilogrammerz #gellyinjapan #throwback #visitjapanjp at 猫カフェモカ 原宿店(CatCafe Mocha harajuku)


Hello everyone! It's New Year's Eve! Time sure flies, are you ready to welcome 2019 yet? @altheakorea has been on a roll & has been releasing all sorts of new products for 2018 & I look forward to more good stuff in 2019! . They've collaborated with Titi Kamal, a beautiful & talented movie star and singer from Jakarta, Indonesia to create Althea's very first body mist, the ' Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist' ! This mist contains scents from Orange, Peach, and Rose! . In my opinion, the rose scent was the more eminent one for me compared to the rest & it was more flowery than fruity to me! I like that it's not too overwhelming because I don't deal well with strong scents (Have you ever smelled a scent so strong you could taste it? Yeah, can't deal with those.) . The bottle's pretty handy-sized as well so you can just chuck it in your bag and just spritz on the go whenever you feel the need to! . So, are you more of a body mist person or a perfume person? Do share with me what kind of scents you prefer! . #TitixAltheaKorea #AltheaAngels #AltheaKorea #bodymist at Singapore


Greetings everyone! It's Finally Friday! The weekend's back again! Now, put your hands up! Who's gonna be holding New Year parties this weekend? And who isn't well... very well-versed in the art of cooking? Don't be shy now. -puts hand up shamelessly to serve as encouragement for others- Well, don't worry my fellow folks, we have @foodpandasg here to save the day! . If you're like me & you're not exactly a master in the kitchen yet or you're just too busy to whip up something scrumptious for that party you're holding, @foodpandasg has your back with a list of possible options whether you're in the mood for Japanese, Western, Vietnamese, you name it, they have it! Just choose all the food from the restaurant(s) you want, sit back, relax & wait for it to arrive at your door & then you plate it allllll nice & pretend you made it! 😇 . Sneaky sneaky I know but fake it till you make it right? 😏 So now that you know what to do, time to put your plan into action, get out all those nice cutlery & impress your guests with tasty food delivered to your doorstep by @foodpandasg ! . P.S. Everyone knows I can't cook so I was just passing my phone around with the foodpanda app open & asking them to take their pick from the MOF menu. 🤣 . #foodpandasg #kilogrammerz #mof #japanesefood #sushi #foodpanda at Singapore


Hello everyone! It’s Thinking Thursday! So, with new year around the corner, lemme ask, what are your thoughts for 2018? Did you have a good year? . For me, my year was pretty much way busier than before thanks to social media! Weekends meant going out, taking pictures, attending tastings & all sorts of stuff! It was fun but it does get tiring as well so balance is very important in handling life so you don’t burn yourself out! . Well, do share with me about your 2018! I’ll be waiting! 😉💕 . P.S This is a throwback picture taken in the earlier part of the year! Ah, time sure pasts so fast. . #thoughtsfor2018 #sharingtime #timeflies #kilogrammerz #sonyforher at Singapore


Greetings everyone! It's Wonderful Wednesday! Well, we're back to the grind but no worries! Just 3 more days & it's the weekend again! So I would like to ask all of you today, do you like aesthetic looking phone cases? . Just in CASE you are, then @richmondfinch can be added into your list! They've recently released their winter 2018 collection called the 'Freedom Series'! I'm a huge fan of dark red so I immediately got attracted to the case I've chosen & of course, the gold pops really well against the red & I like how it's bold without being too over the top! . It supports wireless charging, has 360 degrees drop protection, scratch-resistant finish & other types of protection for your phone! Ah, if only they had a card slot somehow & it would be perfect! . I need card slots for my phone covers because I'm a lazy potato who doesn't like fishing for my wallet in my bag to get my card. 😂 Someone did suggest for me to paste my own card slot but it'll just cover the pretty design. 🙃 Do any of you have any other suggestions for me to be able to use this pretty phone case & be able to have a card put into the case as well? . If you do, please do share with me in the comments! For those who wish to check out @richmondfinch I have a promo code! Just type in ' SOGELLY20' during checkout & enjoy 20% off! It's only valid till 31/12/2018 so you gotta act fast! 😉✨ . #richmindfinch #phonecase #winter2018collection #freedomseries at Singapore


Merry Christmas everyone! I hope all of you are having a jolly good time so far! Tis the season for christmas parties & upcoming new year ones so I anticipate late nights for most of us! It's fun & all but the lack of rest takes a toll on the skin & that is a no-no. So, I've decided to try out the @eucerin_international Hyaluron-Filler Overnight Treatment! . It helps to give radiant & plump skin overnight using a AHA Complex & Hyaluronic acid that is equally dispensed from a dual chamber! It's my first time using a dual-chambered product so I was pretty amused by it! It has a slightly thicker gel-like consistency to it & it absorbs pretty well into my skin since it isn't too thick! The AHA Complex & Saponin can help exfoliate dead skin cells & promote skin renewal! Hyaluronic Acid contains large HA molecules to retain moisture & low-weight HA molecules to penetrate deeper into the skin! . Did you know that your skin renews itself approximately every 27 days so you'll have to consistently use a new product to see results! Good things take time ya know? 😉 Well, I've been using it for 2 weeks so far & my skin's pretty happy with it. Probably helps that it's dermatologically tested & suitable for sensitive skin! . In terms of the creams, it's a tad too thick in consistency for me but it is said to be for dry skin & I have combination skin so I decided to go back to my usual moisturisers! . So, how do you use it? Very simple everyone. Every night, after cleansing & before putting on your moisturiser, just pump out a suitable amount for your face, spread it all over & pat till it absorbs into your skin & you're done! 💁🏻‍♀️ . So everyone, how do you maintain your glow during this jolly season? Do share your tips & tricks with me! 😉💕 . #EucerinSG #hyaluronfillerovernighttreatment #dermatologicallytested at Singapore


Greetings everyone! Welcome to not-so-Moody Monday! Tomorrow's Christmas so I'm sure the Monday blues aren't hitting as hard right? If they still are, no worries, I have some one-derful sushi to share from @onesushisg ! . They have some Christmas Special items that are only available till 31st Dec such as Sushi Donuts, Sushi Pizza & lots more! I donut kid you, these are slightly tricky to eat but it was a fun experience nonetheless! They've also added Chicken Yakitori into their menu which is a great side dish to order with some mains, or if you could just order a whole bunch of sushis, sashimis & sides to just share with your family & friends during this festive season! ❄️ . Hol' up that's not all, they are having some pretty awesome promotions such as '$1++ Conveyor belt yellow plate sushis between 2:30pm - 5:30pm daily (U.P. $1.50)' as well as '50% off yellow plate sushis on conveyor belt after 9pm! (U.P. $1.50)'! If you would just like a simple meal during lunch, the Salmon Head with Rice & Miso Soup is currently on promotion at $9.90! Who doesn't love some nice deals to sweeten up your day right? 😉 . Well, that's all from me for today! Have a good day ahead as always & stay positive! 💪🏻 . #onesushisg #sgsushi #christmasspecial at One Sushi 一口寿司


Hello everyone! It’s Finally Friday! Time to chill & unwind! 💃🏻 So, what are you plans for the weekend? . For me, I’m a potato that loves to chill at home so it’s really important that my house exudes a nice & homey feel! . In order to achieve that, I went around looking for contractors & chanced upon @buildersbox! I told them how I would like my house to be done & they sent me the price quote! It took about one month for them to be done & I’m pretty happy with the results! . In my case, I already showed them how I would like my customisations to look like & they just went accordingly after a face-to-face discussion to clarify some things here & there! They are really knowledgeable in their craft & were able to catch on pretty fast with our ideas! . I basically went for a more ‘muji-inspired’ theme because I just absolutely love muji’s simplistic wooden styles! . If you wish to know more about them, they have a facebook page as well so feel free to check them out! . Well, that’s all from me & I wish all of you a great weekend! Enjoy yourselves, stay safe & have fun! 😉✨ . #thebuildersboxsg #sghomerenovations #Bose #dyson #samsung #mujithemed at Singapore


Hello everyone! It's Talking Thursday! Today, let's talk skincare again! Recently, I've realised that rollers are getting really popular & @oasisskin has also released their very own rose quartz roller! . I'm always game for trying out new stuff so why not? The rose quartz roller is used to: ▫️Reduce puffiness and dark under-eye circles ▫️Tone facial muscles ▫️Reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles ▫️Increase lymphatic drainage ▫️Improve elasticity of skin ▫️Calm irritated, sensitive skin . I've only started using it so it's gonna take some time to see results but I fully appreciated the card that came along with it to guide you on how to use the roller because I was pretty clueless. 😂 . You can practically use this roller with anything whether it's a serum, moisturiser, a mask, etc. I personally used @oasisskin 'The Oasis' which contains hyaluronic acid, avocado & lavender! It's more to the oily side & it can be either used on it's own or mixed in with a moisturiser! I really liked the cooling sensation as I rolled the roller across my face & I think it's a pretty therapeutic process! It's nice to just sit there & roll the roller along your face as you unwind after a long work day, ya know? . Here's a question for you guys: What other cool stuff have you tried that's said to be good for your skin? Lemme know! I wanna find out what sort of cool stuff is out there! . P.S. @oasisskin is having some cool discounts right now on their website under the 'Christmas Market' link! Do check them out! . Ikson - Spring Music by @iksonofficial . #oasisskinsg #oasisskin #rosequartzfacialroller #facialroller #sgskincare #supportlocalbrands at Singapore


Hello everyone! I’m back again! So, remember how I mentioned about being busy getting my house done? Well, I’m almost done & I'm here to show you a little something something I got for my balcony! Presenting some outdoor blinds from @official.mc2 ! . I decided to go with the ALTEX SecureZip which is designed & manufactured in Singapore! These blinds provide protection against the sun’s UV rays, glare, drizzles, draughts, debris & even insects! Yup, you read that right, once these blinds are down, barely anything can get through it! You know what that means? Extra space! You could put your clothes outside in the balcony to dry without a worry with these blinds down because trust me, the rain won't even have a chance to touch your clothes. . It's been pouring these days & with the blinds down, only a very minimal amount of water leaks through the blinds & it's the kind where you could easily wipe it away & you'll be good. It's also super convenient because with a touch of a button, all the blinds come down in unison & I always get this satisfaction as I watch it slowly descend to the balcony floor. 🤣 . Honestly, these blinds do come pricey but it is so worth it. During gatherings when it's raining, I could easily just bring down the blinds & my guests will have more space to hang around in my house! Also, storage space is sparse in my house so the more the merrier. . So yeh, really, #noregrets . Well then, if you're interested to find out more, feel free to contact @official.mc2 ! They are really professional & dedicated people who are serious in making sure your blinds are on point during the installation. They used silicone to fill up gaps in between the metal bars & the walls to make sure no water could leak through it & no insects would sneak through! I was super impressed. 👍 . #mc2sg #securezip #motorisedblinds #outdoorblinds #officialmc2sg at Singapore


Hello everyone! It's Wonderful Wednesday! Of course, I'm have something wonderful for you from @putien_sg ! Are you a fan of oysters? What if I told you that @putien_sg has come up with 6 ways to cook them? . Braised? Fried? With egg? Salt & Pepper? Homaigod, so many choices, so little stomach space (for me). It's hard to choose a favourite out of all the different kinds but the Fujian Extraordinary Fried Oysters [$16.90 (S) / $25.90 (M)] was my top favourite! A simple dish of fresh oysters stir-fried with egg white turned out super yummy! I live for eggs so that might have been one of the reasons. 😂 . Who else never fails to order the lor mee when you go to @putien_sg? I know it's a must order for me whenever I'm there! Also, this came as a surprise for me but their sweet & sour pork is the bomb! The pork is so tender & maybe I've been eating subpar sweet & sour pork all my life but this was one of the best sweet & sour pork I've eaten so far. 😍 . Curious to know the other ways that they've applied to cook the oysters? Well, say no more: ▫️Fresh Seasoned Oysters [$16.90] ▫️Seaweed with Crispy Oysters [$18.90 (S) / $24.90 (M)] ▫️Fujian Extraordinary Fried Oysters [$16.90 (S) / $25.90 (M)] ▫️Braised Oysters with Fragrant Basil [$18.90] ▫️Salt & Pepper Crispy Oysters [$18.90] ▫️Seaweed Oysters with Fried Eggs [$18.90] . Which one do you think you'll be tempted to try? 😉✨ . P.S. If you're a fan of yam, you gotta try the Stir-Fried Yam [$13.90]. 🌚💕 . #putiensg #putien #oysterfestival #oysters at PUTIEN RESTAURANT

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