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Greetings ladies and gentlemen! How’s your saturday coming along? Not sure what to eat? Well, why not go to @wingzonesg ? . With 14 different sauces for you to choose from ranging from sweet ones like mango thai that bring out the fiery kick only after a few seconds. . I’m can’t handle chilli at all so when I tried this, I was all like, “Oh oh! It’s cool! It’s sweet!” And then a few seconds later I was gulping down my drink like a fish. That’s not the spiciest though, if you really want some spicy kick then the Nuclear Habanero is probably for you! . Of course, there are non-spicy ones like liquid gold (tastes kind honey mustardy and dijon-y?), garlic parm (the garlic taste for this is S T R O N G) and many many others? . Spoiled for choice on the sauces? I say just wing it! 😉 If not, well, you can always go for the burgers! They have a newly launched Mozzarella Burger with chewy cheesesticks for the cheese lovers. . If you’re still up for dessert, I highly recommend the brownie bites! 😍 Those brown little things might look unassuming but looks can be deceiving! 🤤 . TL; DR . Not sure what to eat? Why not just wing it & head down to @wingzonesg? With an extensive selection of sauces, tasty sides and mains, this will be a good choice for sharing food amongst your friends or family! . P.S The kettle chips are said to be able to last 8 hours, isn’t that amazing? It’s super tasty too. 😍 . Thank you @wingzonesg & @kenpgl for the invite! 🙏🏻💕 . 📷: Leica . #wingzonesg #chickenwings #leicasg #kilogrammerz at Wing Zone Singapore


TGIF FOLKS! 💃💕💕 I hope the week didn't go soba-d for you (yes, that's a bowl of soba 🌚)! And even if you had a bad week, it's alright, the weekend is here! Just chill and go do things that make you happy! Remember to stay optimistic everyone! ☺️ . P.S This hot soba was sooo good. It's at Shimoyoshida Club, Fujiyoshida. That moment when you randomly walk into a cafe near the train station and you end up eating one of the best sobas in your life. 😍 . #shimoyoshidaclub #fujisan #visitjapanjp #gellyinjapan #kilogrammerz at Shimoyo Shida


Hello everyone! It's Talking Thursday! I'm on a skincare streak for this week so I'm gonna talk about yet another skincare product! . Are you a fan of clay masks? How about clay masks that are made of 100% natural and high quality ingredients? It's also 100% free of parabens, sulfates, & 400 other synthetic substances! Sounds complicated I know but it basically means your skin has a lesser chance of freaking out on you when you try this. 😂 . Today, I'm going to share with you a new local brand @oasisskin ! Yup, it's homegrown folks & their products are all handcrafted in Singapore in small batches to ensure freshness and quality of experience! . It's actually powder inside this glass tub so you will need your own mixer to mix this powder and create your own mask! There's loads of mixers you can use such as honey, diluted apple cider vinegar, etc. that can offer different benefits for your skin! . For me, I used diluted apple cider vinegar & used the spoon that came along with the tub, since it was my first time mixing a clay mask, I did it slowly & tried not to mess up. 😂 . Applied to the skin, waited for it to dry, washed it off & HELLO BABY SMOOTH SKIN. 😍 My skin felt so supple & smooth that I couldn't stop feeling my face. It felt a little sticky after the wash off but I was cool with it since I don't mind using stickier products at night. . I felt like a chemist (hey, lemme have my moment okay?) when I was mixing the mask & I totally loved the experience! 😍 I have yet to get the mist so I'm just eyeing the set now. 👀 .  TL;DR . oasis:skin is a local brand that uses 100% natural, high quality ingredients to handcraft products that are made in small batches right in our homeland! Fans of clay masks (and mists), how about giving @oasisskin a try? 😉 . Thank you @oasisskin for this tub of goodness! I'm loving it! 💕 . 📷: Leica . #oasisskin #allnaturalskincare #claymasks #sgskincare at Asia/Singapore


Hello Everyone! It's the mid-week! Wednesday is here! Hang in there! 2 more days to the weekend!  Meanwhile, -clears throat- lemme go into commercial mode for abit to suit this picture. 🌚 . Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, do you often feel tired after lunch, especially when you've eaten loads of food and you can feel yourself falling into the deep deep depths of food coma? Well have no fear! I have just the right thing for you! . Innisfree Green Tea Mineral Mist! . Honestly, coming from personal experience, this is perfect if you need to refresh yourself after a heavy lunch! . I mean, yeah, splashing water on your face works too but it's just not as awesome as fabulously whipping out the can and then glamourously spraying it on your face. 🌚 (For guys, well, you can macho-ly whip it out, but if you also wanna be fabulous, go right ahead.) Not only that, it helps you moisturise your skin as well, so why not? 😉 . Yep, so that's it from me guys! Have a good Wednesday and spray those sleepy vibes away with some Green Tea Mineral Mist from @innisfreesingapore . Once again, thank you @innisfreesingapore and Melvin from @thegoodfolks for the awesome box of goodness! (I'm super happy it came with one of my favourite things from Innisfree 😂) 💚 . #BeautyGreenTea #GreenTeaSeedSerum #GreenTeaMineralMist #innisfree #innifriends #innisfreesingapore at Innisfree Singapore


Greetings! I come bearing a cheese tart for Tasty Tuesday! I'm sure this cheese tart is familiar, it's one of the more popular ones. 😉 . Honestly, I've never tried it in Singapore so I had my very first tart in Japan. Took one bite and understood the hype. (Oh look, that kinda rhymes!) . #pablo #pablocheesetart #visitjapanjp #gellyinjapan #kilogrammerz at Pablo Cheesecake Shibuya


Hi everyone! 😁 Guess we're back to Moody Monday again eh? 🙃 Well, no worries, Moody Monday will always come but always remember! A smile a day will keep the Moody away! Think of happy thoughts, embrace the positive vibes and charge on! 💪🏻 at Asia/Singapore


Hello everyone! Happy Saturday! 😁 I hope you’re enjoying your weekend so far! If you’re a korean skincare lover & you’re not sure how to spend your weekend, well, how about going to an @innisfreesingapore pop-up event? . To celebrate the launch of the all-new 2018 Green Tea Line, from 11 to 15 April 2018, shoppers are invited to experience a new world of hydration through fun and interactive activities at the hydration kiosk to replenish their skin’s moisture! . They even have fun events for you to participate and you can stand a chance to redeem a Green Tea Morning Kit or Night Kit, while stocks last! . I love the pop-up event’s concept! It’s like a petrol kiosk with even a ‘car wash’ and ‘top-up stations’ that are actually filled with green tea serum! 😍 . Fellow innisfree lovers, what’s your favourite product from the green tea series? Mine is the green tea mist as it’s really refreshing! 💚 . TL;DR . Innisfree is having a pop-up event from 11-15th April to celebrate their launch of the all-new 2018 Green tea line, do pop by and check it out, it has fun events & you might walk away with a Green Tea Morning/Night Kit! . Venue of Pop-up Event: Bugis Junction (Bugis Square & Shelter) . Big thanks to Melvin from @thegoodfolks as well as @innisfreesingapore for the wonderful box of goodness! 😍 . 📷: Leica . #BeautyGreenTea #GreenTeaSeedSerum #innisfreesingapore #innisfriends #innisfree at Innisfree Singapore


Hello everyone! TGIF! It’s Finally Friday! 💃🏻💕💕 . So what are your plans for the weekend? Heading out? Or are you just gonna chill at home and do some online shopping? Well, if you’re the latter, then I have a place that you can check out! . @21stylestories is a newly opened online store and they carry clothings of various styles! Do check them out and see if there’s anything you fancy! If you do come across anything, make sure to use the discount code: gelly10 at checkout to enjoy a 10% discount! . And if you’re someone who’s pretty impatient & very eager to receive their stuff asap (like me), no worries! They deliver at top speed! I ordered the dress on a Saturday and it came on Monday night! I received a message asking if they could deliver which I like because it’s always nice to have a heads up before delivery. 😁 . The clothing quality is decent and my dress fits well, however it’s always important to take note of the measurements to make sure they fit you well before buying clothes online! 😊 . Well that’s all from me! Have an awesome weekend everyone! If you have time, why not check out @21stylestories? . TL;DR . Please support this newly opened online store and check out their stuff! Before you make a purchase, make sure to use the discount code: gelly10 to enjoy 10% off! Easy peasy, delivery comes in a jiffy! 😁 . Thank you @21stylestories for my dress! It’s really comfortable and I really like it! 💕 . #21stylestories #sgblogshop #sgfashion #kilogrammerz at Asia/Singapore


Hello everyone! It’s Thursday! Which means 2 more days to the weekend! Hang in there deeries, all will be fine. Let’s all gallop together towards Friday! 🦌 . 📷: Leica . #narapark #naradeerpark #visitjapanjp #gellyinjapan #kilogrammerz at 奈良公園 -Nara Park


Hello everyone! It’s Wonderful Wednesday and I come with something fresh! What’s that? Nine Fresh! . I’m sure many of you have heard of Nine Fresh & if you haven’t, well, that’s what I’m here for! 😉 . Nine fresh has recently brought back several products (as well as introduced new ones) that cater to the Singaporean palette such as: ▪️The Chendol Cup [$2.90] ▪️The Cheng Teng cup [$2.90] ▪️Durian Yin-Yang [$3.90] ▪️The Bubur Cha Cha Cup [$2.90] ▪️Honeydew Sago Ai-Yu Jelly [$2.90] . Amongst all those stated above, personally my favourite was the cheng teng as well as the honeydew sago ai-yu jelly! The rest was good as well but the others get abit too rich for me after awhile and they’re very generous with the serving size. . The cheng teng was so light and refreshing! The crunchy white fungus has such good texture and the dried longan helped enhance the sweetness without it being too overwhelming. . The honeydew sago’s main star for me was definitely the honeydew balls. It was so sweet and it just filled me with happy vibes. 🤤💕 . Not only that, they also have bubble tea now! I love their taro pearls. So good. 🤤 . Are you intrigued yet? If you are, then go check out @ninefresh! . P.S Durian lovers, you need to try the durian yin-yang, super shiok. 😍 . TL;DR . @ninefresh has brought back the local favourites and also introduced some new ones! Go check them out! For those who prefer lighter desserts I would recommend cheng teng or honeydew sago ai-yu jelly. 😁 . Big thanks to Maxine and @ninefresh for the invite! As always, I really enjoyed myself! 😁 . #ninefresh #ninefreshsg #KeepingTraditionsFresh #kilogrammerz at Nine Fresh 九鲜


Greetings everyone! It’s Moody Monday! Well, do you know one thing that can help chase away the Moody? FOOD. And do you know another thing that can also help chase away the Moody? FOOD DEALS. . Well, Hoshino Coffee is currently having a dinner set special at $60++ that consists of: -2 Main Dishes -2 Drinks -1 Dessert . Ain’t that awesome? Well, the one thing I always love to order would be their souffle rice. 🤤 I would always be like, “I’ll order something else next time!” And then fall victim to the souffle rice over and over again. 🤣 I mean, the eggs are so fluffy and foamy it‘s just so satisfying. 💕 . This time I got to try their matcha souffle pancakes as well and although it isn’t as fluffy and airy as gram’s (it’s more similar to ah ma sponge cake’s kinda texture) it’s still really enjoyable! . P.S Please be prepared to wait for their souffle stuff (and their french toast too). Good things come to those who wait right? 😉 . A huge thank you to @hoshinocoffeesg, Lester as well as @lagoon for the invite! 🙏🏻💕 . #hoshinocoffee #hoshinocoffeesg #soufflepancake #kilogrammerz at Hoshino Cafe


TGIF everyone! THE WEEKEND HAS ARRIVED! 💃💕💕 Isn't that wanderful? 🌚 Well, I hope you'll have a magical weekend, all my fellow muggles out there! 💕 . (If only we could just use Accio! Weekend to get weekends to come immediately... Ah... Wouldn't that be great...?) . 📷: Leica . #usj #universalstudiosjapan #harrypotter #wizardingworld #kilogrammerz #visitjapanjp #gellyinjapan #leicaCamera #leicagram at Wizarding World of Harry Potter


Hey everyone! It's Thursday, so that means... TWO MORE DAYS TO THE WEEKEND! 💃 How's everyone feline today? I sure hope no one's feeling catty. Positive vibes now everyone, positive vibes. Together with me now, deep breath iiiinnnnn, and breathe oouuuuttt. Iiiiinnnnnn~ Ouuuutttt~ Iiiiiin- Ok, I should stop. 😂 . Have a good thursday everyone! Stay positive and chill like this adorable kitty right here and stare at the weekend with sparkles in your eyes! Woot woot, let's go! 💪🏻 . 📷: Leica . #philosopherswalk #ねこ #catsofinstagram #visitjapanjp #gellyinjapan #kilogrammerz . . . . . . . #igsg #sgig #instasg #igerssingapore #instagramsg #ootd #ootdsg #sgootd #sglookbook #sggirls #sggirl #sgblogger #sgbloggers #vscocam #vscosg #styleblogger #stylepost #instafoodsg #sgeats #asianblogger #sonyalpha #sgfoodies #leicaCamera #leicagram at Philosopher's Walk


Greetings everyone! It’s Wonderful Wednesday! Today, I shall tell you guy something I discovered while eating at Ramen Nagi! 🍜 . Apparently, if you take a picture of yourself with a bowl of their ramen, you have a chance to get a free bowl of ramen! . Has anyone tried Ramen Nagi yet?  For me, I thought it was pretty alright, you get to choose the lightness of your broth, firmness of your noodles, whether you would like pork belly or pork shoulder, etc. . Personally, I thought it was pretty decent and I wouldn’t mind going back again. 😊 . That’s all from me today my good folks! If you have ramen cravings and have yet to try Ramen Nagi, well, go try and remember to take a picture of yourself with the ramen! . 📷: Leica . #ramen #RamenNagi #RamenNagiSingapore #kilogrammerz at Ramen Nagi Singapore


Greetings everyone! 👋🏻 It’s Talking Tuesday! Today let’s talk about...Dim Sum! 🙌🏻 . Do you have an insatiable appetite for dim sum? No matter how much you eat, you just want more? Or you just want to try one of everything just for kicks (this is me)? . Well, here’s sum good news! Ban heng is having a dim sum buffet lunch where you can satisfy your dim sum cravings and eat until you shiok! . Excited to know more? Well, here comes the information! . Ban Heng Dim Sum Buffet Lunch Lunch hours: 11.30AM - 2.30PM . Prices: Mon - Fri: $22.80++ /pax (Adult) Sat, Sun & Eve of PHs: $25.80++ /pax (Adult) Public Holidays (PH): $27.80++ /pax (Adult) Fixed price for child: $14.80++ /pax . Thank you @hfc_sg , Ban Heng & @kenpgl for the invite! It was awesome! 🤩 . 📷: Leica . #dimsum #banheng #flatlay #kilogrammerz at Ban Heng Pavilion Restaurant


Hello everyone! 👋🏻 I hope everyone rested well and had fun over the long weekend. It's time to welcome Moody Monday again! Time to get back to the grind! 💪🏻 Chiong arh! Let's stay optimistic and charge through the week! 😁 . P.S Japan weather, I miss you. 😢 . #visitjapanjp #gellyinjapan #kilogrammerz at Dōtonbori 道頓堀


[GIVEAWAY] . Greetings my lovely people! It’s Sharing Saturday! Today I’m going to share with you a giveaway! . I shall just cut to the chase and share with the giveaway details on how to get this beautiful bracelet handmade by the amazing @covetcrystalsjewelry! . [GIVEAWAY DETAILS] . Here’s what you have to do: 1. Like this post. 2. Follow @covetcrystalsjewelry & @so.gelly 3. Comment on why you would like to win one and tag a friend to let them know about this giveaway as well! Giveaway period lasts from 31st March 2018 - 30th April 2018 . Do check out for more bracelet choices! . Thank you @covetcrystalsjewelry for giving me the chance to hold this giveaway! 💕 . #covetcrystalsjewelry #covetcrystals #kilogrammerz #giveawaysg #sggiveaway #sgcontest at Asia/Singapore


Hi everyone! It’s Thrilling Thursday! Why? Because I’m thrilled about 2 things. A giveaway that’s coming up & the long weekend! 🤩🙌🏻 /silent squeals of joy . Are you a fan of crystals and gems? If you are, this post is for you! I’ve always thought that crystals and gems were really pretty to look at but I never knew the many benefits that came with it till I got to know about @covetcrystalsjewelry ! . Did you know that Seraphinite is said to prevent cancer and aquamarine is said to bring safe travels? Isn’t that cool? It was one of the reasons why I brought the pink and blue bracelet overseas (the one in my kimono picture) because it has aquamarine gems! Besides that, it’s really pretty to look at and it gives me a sense of calm. ❤️ . Well enough of me and my new found knowledge about crystals and gems! Do check out: for more bracelet choices! . P.S DO KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR AN UPCOMING GIVEAWAY! . Thank you @covetcrystalsjewelry for my beautiful bracelets! 💕 . #covetcrystalsjewelry #covetcrystals #kilogrammerz #giveawaysg #sggiveaway #sgcontest at Asia/Singapore

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