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Sponsored Athlete @realjeffgrant breaks down his experience with SocialBuddy. ⚑️ - Try it for yourself by signing up at the link in our bio. at Los Angeles, California


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Welcome to the Team to our newest athlete @realjeffgrant! πŸ’₯πŸ’ͺ - Jeff is moving up quickly within the fitness world 🌎 at Los Angeles, California


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Please welcome our newest athlete to the SocialBuddy team! πŸ’₯πŸ›‘ @poweredbypreworkout - Chris grinds it out and is growing very quickly. We're happy to have him on the team πŸ’ͺ - SocialBuddy still has sponsorship opportunities available, if you think you've got what it takes, tag us in your photos βš‘οΈπŸš€ at Los Angeles, California


A big welcome to the SocialBuddy Team to our newest sponsored athlete @chrisdahlan πŸ’ͺ⚑️ - Entrepreneur, Model, Fitness "Guru" πŸš€ - Chris is on a road to greatness, mastering his craft, and always pushing forward πŸ’₯ at Los Angeles, California


#3: Growth Hacks. - 😈 The moment you've all been waiting for. This is usually the part that people like the most, but make sure you execute on the first 2 tips FIRST, because if you do, Growth Hacks will work 100x better for you. Be smart. - A good looking profile with value is nothing if no one sees it or knows about it. So in this last section I'll list some tips and suggestions for growth. - 1. πŸ” Engagement Circles: you probably already know how these work but don't underestimate this method it's not only good for boosting your likes and comments but it's main purpose is to use other peoples following to build on top of your own. It's great exposure. 2. πŸ‘― Collab: it's old-school but gives a good organic boost. If you have a friend in real life trying to grow their profile as well, do collabs and work the tags. Works best if you're in the same niche. Also works better later on when you can collaborate with bigger accounts. 3. #️⃣ Hashtag Research: use smaller hashtags to land in the smaller top nine's in order to boost yourself and have a higher chance of landing in the bigger top nine's. Make sure to have a few different sets of hashtags to keep them relevant to your post. 4. πŸ“² Stories: this one is up-and-coming. First of all, stories get you into your current followers mind, and gets them to check your profile more, intern Landing you on their newsfeed with your post more because Instagram likes to put your post and newsfeeds of people that might like it. So take advantage of this algorithm. This will help you get more engagement from your current followers. 5. πŸš€ SocialBuddy: if you don't have time to do this, SocialBuddy has proven through multiple clients to have the best growth rates available. If you've got a dollar a day to invest in your future, do yourself a favor and take action. You can go ahead and sign up for a free seven day trial to see the results for yourself. Head over to our website conveniently placed in our bio to learn more. - That's it for this Growth Tip Trio, did you like this? Should we do another one? Let us know in the comments, we read every one. - Don't want to wait? Check out our Growth Blog on our website for more tips ⚑ at Los Angeles, California


#2: Value. I'm sorry to say it, but unless you're a celebrity, nobody but your close friends are going to follow you on Instagram JUST to follow what you're doing in life. - When somebody goes to your profile, they will first see aesthetics, (Check Growth Tip #1) and that's what will get them to stay and check out your content. Then you want to provide VALUE to get them to push that follow button. (Funnel) It's like a newsletter, nobody will sign up for updates unless you're offering value. After that you use Growth Hacks to speed up this process. (Stay tuned for Growth Tips 3) - πŸš€ How To Provide Value: There is multiple ways to do this and you basically need to find what you like and figure out how to make it valuable, or entertaining. We'll list some examples: 1. Blogger: You could right short and interesting blog postings under your post. 2. Style: Keep a unique style and become a role model in a specific niche. People will the follow you for inspiration. 3. Talent: You know, singing, athletics, gaming.. etc. Find something you're better than most people at, and showcase it along with tips and tricks on that subject. 4. Good Looks: If you've got it you've got it. And if you got it flaunt it. If not, choose another method of value. Not everyone that's popular on Instagram is good looking contrary to popular belief. 5. Pleasing: This goes a little bit with profile aesthetics, but if you're a good photographer, use that to your advantage. - 🎯 That's it for Value. Obviously there is more ways to provide value but I just wanted to break down the concept for you to work further with on your own. - πŸ”œ Stay tuned for the last Growth Tip of this Trio. Growth Tip #3: Growth Hacks! ⚑️Once you've got the first 2 tips down, you'll want to use some Growth hacks to speed up those gains. at Los Angeles, California


In this Growth Tip Trio, we'll be going over 3 Tips to growing a personal Instagram. - # 1: Great Content. - 🍭 Choosing A Color Scheme: Having an aesthetically appealing profile is important. It's the hook of your profile, and if this part isn't right, your profile will develop a crazy high bounce rate meaning people will see your profile and leave before clicking on any of your content. - πŸš€ How To Do It: There's a couple of ways to do this... You could either choose 1 color and stick with it throughout your entire profile, including your profile picture, but this is difficult. You're going to have other photos you want to post. - πŸ₯‡ What We Recommend: Choose 1 color for every 3 post. So 3 photos will have a green theme, 3 will have a blue theme, 3 purple, and so on. You could also go H.A.M on this method and make the post BLEND. So you'll follow a color spectrum going from purple, to dark purple, to dark red, to red, to dark orange, to yellow, and so on. You get the point. That's a whole lot of work, but props to you if you could do it, your profile will look brilliant. - 🀺 Bonus Ninja Tip: Have a set of different colored profile picture to match the color theme that you're currently on. - Whichever method you choose, it's going to make your profile look nice, it's the HOOK to get visitors deeper into your profile, and closer to that follow button. Also try to use the same style edits, so if you use high exposure, to try stay consistent with that. - Stay tuned for Growth Tip #2 going over Value πŸ”œ Then Growth Tip #3 will be released going over Growth Hacks!⚑️ - All of this information is taken DIRECTLY from our blog. So if you want to get a jump on the tips, head over to our website and navigate to the 'Free Tools' section. β˜•οΈ at Los Angeles, California


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