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Using neutral density filters to shoot long exposures during the day can be a fantastic way to remove distracting objects. In this shot for example we were able to get rid of all the traffic. Check out the link YouTube link in the description to watch our reviews. #architecturephotography #architecture #bridge #istanbul #turkey #longexposure #filters #ndfilter #nisifilter #city #landscapes #buildings #urban #traffic #photography #youtube #youtuber #canon #tiltshift at Istanbul, Turkey


Using other buildings and structures to frame your subject can be a great way to compose your images. Although this was shot with just an iPhone, there are three things that really matter in a photograph. 1. Composition 2. Lighting 3. Colours If you nail them you’ve probably got a great photo regardless of other factors especially gear. Keep shooting, keep posting. at Leeds


Sitting at the edge of two continents, the incredible architecture in Istanbul is definitely something to behold. The distinct contrast between old and new can be seen almost everywhere. We absolutely love the older structures and the great pieces of history scattered around this stunning city. at Ortaköy Mosque


The story goes, a Byzantine emperor heard a prophecy that his daughter would die from a snake bite. Fearful of this he put her in this tower isolated. Unfortunately, destiny being cruel and inescapable, a snake had hidden in a fruit basket bought from the city, bit the princess and killed her after all. Have you heard any legends of this Tower in Turkey? at Kız Kulesi - Maiden's Tower

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