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Training for HEALTH 💪🏼! I was chatting to my sister last night about inclusivity with health, training & nutrition. For me, sometimes it’s hard to step out of what I’m doing and where my focus is with my own goals. I forget that I have this platform not only to share my experiences, my journey and how I’m getting from where I am to where I want to go, but to also talk about the many other reasons people train and work towards being a healthier version of themselves without deadlines, or wanting to lose fat or build muscle. ::: Health is for everyone, training in whatever capacity that encourages you to move is amazing, caring about fuelling your body with nutrient rich foods without tracking calories or macros is amazing.. I would hate for you guys to think that what I stand for is exclusive to what I post. I understand why there might be confusion there, but that’s just because I share what I do day in, day out with really specific goals. You do not need to live the way I do to be healthy. Healthy means something different to everyone. :::: On the other hand, if you want to shape your body, lose fat, get strong, build muscle and work towards a specific goal within a timeframe then, yep you’ve gotta do what I’m doing! :: Not a sales pitch but just letting you know - whilst I market my programs for fat loss (alongside the nutrition) they’re also programs you can follow to MOVE your body, to get comfortable in the gym and have fun with your sessions! 🍊🍊 your nutrition really determines your fat loss results xx at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


💫 BLITZ YOUR WHOLE BODY💫 does anyone else get that anxiety when you go to a new gym and it doesn’t have the equipment/ machines you need? Even though I’m more than capable of choosing something with a similar movement pattern I like my routine and sticking to my plan.. today challenged that, instead of ‘using it as an excuse’ to not go as hard, I absolutely smashed myself with as many reps as I could, I paused and would smash out another 5 and I did that until I got to 31 reps on the last set of my leg press today.. it hurt. Anyway here’s a workout for you guys that requires no machines YAY ::: 🍒 4 sets 🍒8-10 reps A1) Resistance Band Romanian Deadlifts A2) BB Front Squats 🍒 4 sets 🍒 8-10 reps B1) Chin Ups Neutral Grip B2) KB Overhead Press 🍒 3 sets 🍒 10-12 reps C1) KB Squat C2) KB Sumo Deadlift at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


As I grow, I start to ask myself different questions to those which used to frequent my mind. Previously, my concerns have been very focussed on what others thought of me, my actions, my decisions.. my questions are less about what will X think about me if I do Y and more, how will I feel if I do this? Does this action, thought, response or behaviour bring me closer to the person I’m aiming to become? Do the two align? Present me & future me? For the actions we take now, set us up for who we later become. Gone are the days of wanting to occupy my precious headspace with gossip, drama and speaking about people. Born are the days of meaningful conversations about self development, empowerment and the impact I want to create. How? By setting up boundaries and only accepting conversations and thoughts that are meaningful and valuable to me. It’s ok to remove yourself from a situation, to disengage. To say no to someone ultimately leads to saying yes to yourself. These are complex lessons which I’ve been forced to address due to recent circumstances. But I am grateful 💫. I am grateful that these challenges have come up now, because I am so much stronger and self aware than ever before. I am capable of extracting the good, observing the bad and letting it pass me by. I truly believe that the universe throws us only situations which we are capable of handling. I also believe there are lessons I’ve been ignoring or unable to see, I wasn’t ready to learn. I feel that these will continuously come up for us all until we address and learn from them. Challenges are inevitable, learning is optional ✨. at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Hey girl, I’ve got an upper body workout for you! ✨ just been sitting at the airport for 4 hours with another hour to go cause I’m an idiot and left home late and Sydney traffic happened.. anyway I was v productive and have planned SO MANY EXCITING things for 2019! I cannot wait to start giving more info out 🥰🥰🥰 anyway less of that and more work::: let’s hit it!! :: ⚡️ 4 sets ⚡️ 8-10 reps A) Landmine Bent Over Row ⚡️ 4 sets ⚡️ 10-12 reps B) DB Floor Press ⚡️ 3 sets ⚡️ 10-12 reps C1) DB Prone Front Raise C2) DB Lateral Raise C3) DB Bent Over Row Neutral Grip ::: Go slay all day 🖖🏼🖖🏼🖖🏼 at Sydney


🔥🔥 PHYSIQUE UPDATE 🔥🔥 3 weeks into the mini cut using my 4 Week Kickstarter Shred Diet and 8 Week Lean Out Training Program. The interesting thing here is my body has changed a lot from day 1, but last week has seen no change to my scale weight. It goes to show how the scales DO NOT RULE ALL. My body fat % has come down, I’m feeling good and I take enough photos to know it’s all headed in the right direction - I’m feeling good and that’s what counts 💫 I’m actually expecting to see a drop in the scales soon though. Being a woman we fluctuate so much with our weight - I’ve been weighing myself daily and taking the average for the week and linking it back to where I’m at in my cycle, how was my sleep, how was my recovery, how has my training been, how many steps did I get, have I eaten anything that’s affected my digestion, what are my stress levels like. After I sat in the @basebodystudio infrared sauna for 45 minutes I dropped 300 grams according to the scale the next day reduced stress, inflammation & water) 💦💦 There are so many factors contributing to scale weight. That’s why measuring whether you’re on the right track is something done across multiple, but consistent ways. 📏 Scale weight 📏 Tape measurements 📏 Body fat analysis 📏 Photos 📏 Tracking your training (are your weights & reps increasing) 📏 How you’re FEELING are my favourite ways to ensure everything is going according to plan 🙌🏼. And then determining what ‘going to plan’ is actually defined as for you.. but more on that for a YT cause man can I talk ❤️❤️ Current stats Height: 160cm Weight: 59.2kg State: HAPPY at Sydney


🔥🔥LOWER BODY WORKOUT🔥🔥 who loves free workouts? 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️ I appreciate your ❤️’s to support meee; let’s go! :: ⚡️ 3 sets ⚡️ 15-20 reps A1) Smith Machine Romanian Deadlifts A2) Hack Squat ⚡️ 3 sets B1) DB Heels Elevated Quad Squat x 15-20 reps B2) DB B Stance RDL x 10-12 reps each leg ⚡️ 3 sets ⚡️ 30 reps BURN C) Banded DB Glute Bridge ::: Used to h8 high reps now I’m getting around them - such a mental game. It hurts, but you know you’ve got a couple more reps.. you’ve just gotta get them done 😂 have fun xx at Sydney, Australia


💈 I honestly remember when I first started following #fitspo accounts (is that even a thing these days..?) thinking to myself ‘ok.. so what’s the secret. Is there something I don’t know that they all know, that means they’re able to continuously workout and eat well and get results’. I seriously, truly believed there was a secret. The landscape of #fitspo on Instagram has changed a lot since then. It isn’t just about showing you hot rig pics and an unattainable lifestyle.. I mean it’s all still here. But with more access to information than ever, we have evolved as consumers and followers. We sense bullshit, we are more educated and there are big voices out there leading this movement. The secret? There never was one.. there is only hard work, genuinely wanting to achieve your goals & sticking to your plan. Everyone is so unique, some people have insane genetics that mean they can eat whatever they want and not put on fat, some people work really fkn hard to build their body, some people only diet, some people only train, some people gain 5kg in a weekend binge, some people lose fat really quickly, others very slowly, some people get results on one guide, some do not.. if you want to achieve great things, you need to put in great measures. So stop wishing for the secret. YOU are the secret ✨ On a more serious note.. long hair or short hair tho? 😂 wearing @ryderwear Royal’s set these are my favourite booty shorts atm ♥️ you can use my code SOPH10 for a discount on all purchases ✨ at Sydney


Ok so this hurt... one of the sessions from my new training program 💦 reverse pyramid training - first set is your heaviest set of each exercise, then the following sets decrease in weight and increase in reps 💫 :: 💪🏼 3 sets of every exercise 💪🏼 As many reps as possible every time until technical failure A) DB Bench Press B) Lat Pull Down (here I focussed on technique rather than heavy weight as bailing your technique before loading up is KEY) C) Machine Lateral Raise D1) Seated Hamstring Curl D2) Seated Machine Abductions ::: Loving training with a partner @micahkatarina we push each other to go HARD 🤛🏼🤛🏼 at Sydney


Last night I started journaling again for the first time this year. I have the same book I’ve been using since 2017, and when I started writing was when I was going through a break up from a long term relationship. One of the sentences I found in there said “I feel really alone right now. Like I want to change everything about myself to make me loveable”.. I broke my own heart reading that 💖. I understand the thought process, I understand that’s something that frequents people’s thoughts, but looking back on it now, I can’t believe I didn’t feel worthy of love being who I was. At no point in anyone’s life should we need to change ourselves to deserve to be loved. All we need is to remain ourselves and the right person will love you for exactly that. When we live, behave and make choices that do not align with who we identify with, who we want to be and how we wish to live our lives there is a massive disconnect. So going through a break up is hard, I will never deny that. But being disconnected with yourself and your values is harder in the long run. The biggest challenges lead to the greatest changes and realisations 🙏🏼 so if you’re in this place now, know that an incredible gift is coming your way 💎. Free 14 Day Action Plan around alll this kind of stuff is available on my website when you subscribe 💌 all about self development, love, growth, taking action & more ♥️❤️ at Sydney


‼️FULL BODY‼️ let’s get it, get it. FYI when you guys ❤️ & save my workouts I always check each week which is doing best and which I should keep making to HELP y’all - so if you see something you like please lmk by liking/ saving TY 🙏🏼 ::: 🌻 4 sets 🌻 10-10-8-8 reps A1) Trap Bar Deadlift A2) BB Hip Extension 🌻 3 sets 🌻 10-12 reps B1) Lat Pulldown Single Arm B2) DB Incline Y Raise B3) DB Skull Crushers 🌻 3 sets 🌻 12-15 reps C) Cable Crunches ::: Happy Saturday famular - I’ve created a cute 14 day action guide allll about self development, self love & growth 💖 I’ve put work sheets, how-to’s, a workout, my day on a plate, whole foods shopping list and more ❤️♥️❤️. If you want to join the little challenge head to my website (link in my profile), and subscribe to my mail list to get an auto download and start the guide with meeee 🥰💌 at Clean Health Fitness Institute


I AM NOT TRYING TO SELL RAPID FAT LOSS RESULTS 🔥 it just so happens that these photos taken 2 weeks apart since following my 4 Week Kickstarter Shred Diet ($30) have actually had a huge impact to my body composition. I’ve been documenting this mini cut for you guys over on YouTube, but basically the mini cut is a shorter more aggressive period of fat loss - given the aggressiveness of the deficit you tend to see results faster IF you: ⚡️ are in a deficit ⚡️ stick to the program ⚡️ train hard ⚡️ prioritise sleep & recovery ⚡️ ensure stress levels are kept to a minimum or elevated levels are managed On Monday I’ll be taking my week 3 photos and I wanted to wait to show you the whole end result but I got too excited 😂😅 I’ve stuck to an entirely whole foods based diet for this, as I want my performance in the gym to be its best - when I eat crap, I feel crap. I have another 3 weeks of dieting left and I would LOVE for you to join me. There’s been a bunch of my @sophactivesquad doing it together, if you’re interested the link is in my bio for my programs. The nutrition program is 4 weeks or you can do the 8 Week Lean Out Nutrition Guide which starts out less aggressive. I’ve also been doing the first phase of my 8 Week Lean Out Training Program which you can also grab if you want your training looked after 💖💖💖 can’t wait to see the end result and then get into my building phase 💦 at Sydney


⚡️⚡️ FULLLLLL BODY ⚡️⚡️ posterior chain, quads, shoulders, back, abs‼️ also NEW YT LIVE link in bio - meal prepping for fat loss, meal prep hacks & mini cut update ✨ ::: Workout: 💎 4 sets 💎 8-10 reps A1) Smith Machine Bulgarian Split Squats A2) Smith Machine Hack Squat (barrow stance, feet forward) 💎 4 sets 💎 10-12 reps B1) DB Arnold Press B2) Cross Cable Reverse Fly 💎 3 sets 💎 10-10 (each side)-5 reps C) ABS FINISHER: Hanging knee raise into hanging side crunches into hanging straight leg raises 🔥🔥 at Sydney

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