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Camping, creating new work, hanging out with dear friends and @bulleit from @sauceyapp... can’t think of a better way to spend the weekend PS - get $15 off your Saucey order with the promo code SUMMERTIME, you’re welcome☺️ at Alabama Hills


So excited to be back in the Eastern Sierras this weekend. Here’s a snap from sunrise at the hot springs last fall. at Eastern Sierra Mountains


Caught on the other side of the camera for once 🙃📷 by @dustyunderhill at Big Pine, California


I hike to clear my mind. I hike to be closer to myself and to those I’ve lost. I hike to find answers to questions I didn’t even know exist. I hike to celebrate this big beautiful living thing we call the Earth. #WhyIHike #contest at Eastern Sierra Mountains


Big old bucket of roses and beautiful babe Natalie, take two at Malibu, California


I learned two life lessons on this day. 1- stay away from National Parks on holiday weekends 2- six hours in a car looking for a campsite is a bit ridiculous, but so worth it when you find places like this at Yosemite National Park


Daydreaming with @margarettwash at Los Angeles, California


Always searching for that crazy light at The PNW


Because sometimes you just have to walk down the beach in your birthday suit, some fur, and a bucket of roses. It was an absolute dream working with such a ridiculously talented group of ladies on this shoot - more coming soon. Model: @irishfrecklegirl Makeup: @sashaborax Hair: @staysohair Styling: @lindseyshoresstylist at Robert H. Meyer Memorial State Beach


This moment, right here, right now at Eastern Sierra Mountains


Wild thing...I think I love you at The PNW


Spring springing in the PNW at The PNW


Dawn with @kelsey_walsh at Los Angeles, California


_________ (insert witty caption here) at The PNW


Tried to find Lake 23, ended up here instead at Lake 22


A house in the sky at Somewhere Under the Clouds


Took a break from Instagram to reset my brain, get lost in a new wilderness, and reconnect with my person. Honestly having a hard time getting back into it, but here goes. Photo by @dustyunderhill in the sweetest treehouse. at The PNW


The air felt so thick, almost like you could reach out and grab the layers of light by the handful at San Gabriel Mountains

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