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😂🤫🤗😉 Tag someone who’s been there. 😎


The best moment 🙏 Tag your SOUL BFF to show them some love 💛 - 📷 Shane (@shane_fit4mylife), NorCal Instructor, and Jarreau (@seizethedaywithj), Vegas Instructor


Ready to channel your inner power this weekend, #SoulFam? ⚡️ Tap into YOU with Vancouver Instructor @abbeyashley’s pop, rock & hip hop playlist, ‘You Got This.’ 🎧 Listen to Abbey’s playlist only on @applemusic


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"When I go to SoulCycle, I feel like the best version of myself. No matter how my ride starts, by the end of class I feel better than how I did walking in. It's an emotional, physical, and mental challenge that I love accepting because I know it leads me to growth.” ✨ — Shayda (@withshayda), Austin Rider at SoulCycle


This (and every!) week is a time for us to show our support for the trans and gender non-conforming folks—both in our studios and beyond. 💛 #TransAwarenessWeek #TransIsBeautiful #TransRightsAreHumanRights


Meet Samantha Dunn (@samanthaloudunn), 28, Noho Rider. 💞 As a teenager, I found out that I had slipped capital femoral epiphysis, a hip condition that weakens your hip joint. I had to get surgery for it, which limited my cardio options, including my ability to go running, which was really disappointing. Over time, my weight started building, and two years ago, I weighed 215 pounds—more than I ever have in my life. ... So I was starting at rock bottom when I took my first SoulCycle class. My friends at work were obsessed with @akiniko. One day, they bought me a spot in his class and forced me to go with them. I sat in the back corner—and almost blacked out. But something else happened: I instantly felt hooked. I wanted to come back, to try to do even one thing better. ... Now, 625 rides later, I feel like a totally different person. Not only am I 50 pounds down and maintaining a healthy weight, but the class experience has also made me feel like the positive person I am at my core. Akin encourages everyone in his class. He will see the most minute increase in your ability. Even if you’re sitting in the back row. ... Something that Akin says a lot is, ‘Don't give into your excuses.’ For me, I’ve been trying to give into an excuse my whole life: ‘I have a bad hip, so I can't do this or that activity.’ Well, I can do SoulCycle with this hip that I have. I’m not giving into that excuse anymore. I can do this.” 💞 Samantha, we're so proud to call you #SoulFam - 💌 Do you have a story you'd like share with us? We'd love to hear it! Email us at [email protected] #SoulPeopleAreTheBestPeople


“Soul reminds me that we can always be stronger tomorrow.” 💪 - Lorena (@lorenamroque), DC Rider at SoulCycle


Show yourself some love today.💛 #WorldKindnessDay at SoulCycle


Be kind, receive kind. 💛 This #WorldKindnessDay, spread the love and share some gratitude with these fun, fill-in-the-blanks cards, created in collaboration with our friends at @btwfoundation. Head to our story ⬆️ to screenshot and fill in your own, or head to a studio near you and pick one up in person! From now until until December 21st, we’ll be working with Born This Way Foundation to #MultiplyYourGood, celebrating your power to do good in the world and pay kindness forward. Tap the link in bio to find out how to get involved 🙏


"You—at any point in time—have the ability to calm yourself. It starts with your breath.” 🌬 Let Senior Instructor Eve (@evelynnkess) help you find your calm after a crazy Monday. Listen only on @applemusic.


Which one are you? 🤗 📷: @adrianna_dinno

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