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Michele Promaulayko

Looks like the Legend shoe just got a 🌟shiny🌟new update...


"I didn’t work out on my honeymoon. For once, I had the luxury of listening to my body. Coming back, I focused on my riding and I was kicking my own ass—hard—but my voice, my muscles and my soul are really grateful for the R☁️E☁️S☁️T that I had. ✨ It’s one thing to hear your body and quite another to listen.” - Kaley (@kaleyskoglund) ✨ Find her at: Short Hills, Hoboken, Bronxville #SoulSelfie


"When I was about 110lbs heavier, I used to dream about one day being considered an athlete. I admired their drive, talent, and the way they pushed themselves past what they thought they could do. With SoulActivate, we get to train like athletes and I basically get to live my dream." #grateful - @denitaelizabeth, Philly Instructor 💥 #SoulActivate is now in ALL MARKETS! Now is the time to start calling yourself an athlete. Because you are one. Link in bio for sign ups. ✨


"Sometimes it's hard to live up to the vision you have for yourself, that you see others having for you. It can be exhausting. When I feel recharged, I feel able to take on the world as myself, not as someone else, but as Jack. I feel able to tell the world who I am and show what I can do.” - Jack (@jpolikoff), NYC & ATX Rider ☁️ Shoutout to everyone taking the time to ✩recharge✩ this #selfcaresunday.


"For me, working out is ✨so✨ much better with friends. You help motivate each other and keep each other accountable." - @yvettecorinne, LA Rider


Believe it. 💛 - 📷@adamjk


🍭New Goods🍭 Ten Thousand makes you look really good while you’re working out. - #soulstyle: @nick_turk


You are unique and you are powerful. 💛


"Life is a series of thousands of tiny miracles. Notice them. You’re one of them." - @rock_yo_rizos, Rider Since 2018 ✨ - 📷 @emcalary at Georgetown, DC


"I’d rather workout with the sunrise so I can just enjoy the sunset" - @elyssekillin, ATL Instructor 🌅 Tag a rooster (and then sign up for a 6AM) 😉


P.E. Nation & NSF made us some sweats. ☁️ They’re fun, they’re comfortable and they go with you everywhere. Basically, your new best friends.


When we give energy, we gain energy. ☀️☀️🌙🌙 - Tag someone who reminds you to celebrate.

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