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MY WEST COAST 10 FOOTER IS AT @cloudwarsvegas !! I had to rip it before I left back home and @ainsleedabs Helped out with lighting and pulling the bowl!! . Y’all come out, take a picture, maybe hit it or even buy it!! Tell them Southern sent ya to check it out!! And make sure you support you local smoke shop and glass artists!! . I LOVE VEGAS, THE CANNABIS COMMUNITY AND CLOUD WARS!!


I LOVE CALIFORNIA!! . California was amazing and I don’t want to leave. The people, weather and the medicine were incredible!! @kushstockfestival was a successful trip and can’t wait for the next festival!! THANKS FOR ALL THE LOVE!! . POSITIVITY ATTRACTS POSITIVE THINGS!!


KUSHSTOCK WAS A BLAST!! . Got to meet and see some cool folks! Here’s one of me and @thug.wife.420 hitting the Megatoke XL from @megatokebyyets !! . I love Cali so much I’m gonna have to come back every month!!


CLETUS CAME IN CLUTCH WITH THE 10FOOTER!! . Cletus came all the way from Texas to Cali to bring me my new 10 foot beaker since he broke the last one!! Hopefully him and @hbdabfellas_gmo can settle there differences. SEE YALL AT @kushstockfestival . POSITIVITY ATTRACTS POSITIVE THINGS!!


California combo. . First combo that I’ve taken on this trip!! It was like a combo tolerance break. I’ll be doing plenty tomorrow. .


I LOVE VEGAS!! . Me and my brotha @hbdabfellas_gmo mobbin in Vegas and everywhere we go. . We are going in on our Megatoke v2 and Megatoke xl from @megatokebyyets . POSITIVITY IS CONTAGIOUS


LAST DAY IN VEGAS!! . Now heading to Cali for @kushstockfestival !! It’s gonna be an epic event and LAS VEGAS WAS JUST AN APPETIZER!! . THANKS FOR ALL THE HOSPITALITY!! . POSITIVITY ATTRACTS POSITIVE THINGS!


PUTTIN SMOKE IN THE AIR AFTER AFTER A FAT BURGER IN LAS VEGAS!! . Me and @hbdabfellas_gmo grubbing and after we eat we gotta smoke so we grab our Megatokes. He was hitting his Megatoke XL and I went in on my V2 !! . @megatokebyyets is perfect on the go.


COMBO TIME!!! . Couldn’t ask for better hospitality, I thought I was still in Texas. @oddsmokeshop has shown nothing but love from the first visit to the last!! Hit them up and tell them SOUTHERN sent ya!! . Pushin positivity coast to coast!!


I LOVE VEGAS!! . I’ll be running around town today enjoying the sites and folks!! I’ll be kicking it at @oddsmokeshop on 5355 s. Decatur Blvd at noon and at @cloudwarsvegas on 4130 s sandhill rd at 3. Stop by and take a combo with the king or a dab with the @hbdabfellas_gmo .


Chillin and recording with my ninja @jackey_420 . I used his his MEGATOKE XL from @megatokebyyets because mine was still packed up at the hotel.


Making my rounds around Vegas. Had to stop and say what’s up to @dabb_matt And @medicatedmarley And hit that @zongglass I’m gonna do a couple meet and greets tomorrow one at noon @oddsmokeshop and at @cloudwarsvegas 3pm !! Stop by either one and let’s do a combo!!

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