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QUAD GRAVITY BONG!! . 2 DABS 2 FLOWER RIPS IN ALMOST 1 BREATH!! . I’m getting better y’all. That was almost one breath and I didn’t lose too much smoke. So I’m thinking the next time I try I will knock it out!! . I put four 2 liter bottles together to make this insane gravity bong. For the dabs I used my @the_gravity_key with my @cloutproducts Bangers and for the flower rips I used my attachment from @grind_phoenician and my other one from @acgreebs . PUSHIN POSITIVITY AND PUTTING SMOKE IN THE AID ALL WHILE SMILING!!


DAMN YOU CLETUS!! “ALL IN ONE COMBO” BUT YOU KILLED IT!! . I set up for an “all in one”combo where I fill my bubble cap with bud, stick the dab to it and light the top of the cap and my cousin @cletus_dabber came in and did it while I walked out for a minute. He went in too hot on that @cloutproducts but that fire ass @brassmonkeyusa did the trick hit or not. AT LEAST HE KILLED IT. WAY TO GO CLETUS!! . PUSHIN POSITIVITY ATTRACTS POSITIVE THINGS AND COUSINS AND BE ASSHOLES AT TIMES. LMAO. ALL LOVE THOUGH AND HE’S GOT ONE COMING BACK. . CHEERS AND MUCH LOVE Y’ALL!!


HOW I’M STARTING MY DAY TODAY. . I always start my day with the bong rip to put smoke in the air. Today I’m gonna start it with some caramel @chronicelixir in my coffee. This stuff is perfect in coffee or even on pancakes!! It’s thc + cbd syrup that is a game changer!! Now a bong rip, then a couple dabs and a sip. NOW I’M READY TO KICK THIS DAYS ASS AND PUSH THAT POSITIVITY!! . Shoutouts of the meds, gear and glass!! . The syrup is from @chronicelixir , concentrate is @brassmonkeyusa , bong is from @texas_tubes , honey bear is from @dailyhighclub , black and yellow rig is from @diamondglassinc , enail is from @shatter_box_enail , hat is from @brassmonkeygear , shirt is from GANJA GALAXY @intergalacticodysseysco @ultrafireorganics IN SAN DIEGO! CHECK THEM OUT TONIGHT!! . PUSHIN POSITIVITY ATTRACTS POSITIVE THINGS AND SHOWING LOVE IS THE ONLY WAY TO GROW! STAY SMILING YALL!!


Combo combo combo it’s all I know. Lol You know I gotta put smoke in the air First.... and all this smoke with no flame, push a button and pull. I went in on the Megatoke Xl for the bong rip and the dabatoke for the combo. Both devices from @megatokebyyets Use code SD420 at checkout. . PUSHIN POSITIVITY ATTRACTS POSITIVE THINGS!! STAY SMILING


START WITH A COMBO, END WITH A KILLER COMBO! . I’m always stepping it up a notch or at least trying too. Gravity bongs are tough doing alone and incorporating them into combos are insane but I love them. . Push yourself to the max, you have a lot more potential than you give yourself credit for. You are you’re own worst critic and also the one capable of anything!! I’M NOT TALKING ABOUT SMOKING I’M TALKING LIFE IN GENERAL!! . YOU ARE CAPABLE OF WHATEVER YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO!! . PUSHIN POSITIVITY ATTRACTS POSITIVE THINGS, DO GOOD AND GOOD WILL COME BACK TO YOU


THICK CLOUDS!! . I just felt like grabbing My big ass @zongglass and doing some fat ass rips with my dabatoke from @megatokebyyets Clouds so thick I couldn’t see my phone while I was recording! Lmao. . HAVE FUN IN WHATEVER YOU DO AND NEVER GIVE UP ON WHAT YOU WANT!! HARD WORK AND DETERMINATION WILL TAKE YOU ANYWHERE!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!


FUTURE FLAME COMBO!! . I went in a little different on this one, I did the dab first to put smoke in the air. It was just as effective as a flower rip.only more intense on the head and less on the lungs. Lol. . The future flame is a flower bowl that is rechargeable so all you do is push a button to ignite. No flame needed, this is the future of smoking. @futureflameglass . TELL THEM SOUTHERN SENT YA!! . PUSHIN POSITIVITY DAILY AND ALWAYS SMILING!!


RIP, SIP AND A 4 PIECE COMBO!! . Some mornings you wake up and you feel like you can take on the world, that’s how I felt this morning. I pulled out all my @mjarsenal rigs and tried to do 6 piece combo but there was no time for that so I did another video with 5 pieces and I was still over time. Now, a gram later, I’m stoned as hell doing a 4 piece combo and ready to start my day. . Smoking on some forbidden fruit flower in my cup mug and “The white” nug run shatter from @brassmonkeyusa !! 💯 ⛽️🔥 and ripping out of these mini rigs from @mjarsenal lets you savor the flavor. . NEVER GIVE UP, ITS NOT AN OPTION. . PUSHIN POSITIVITY ATTRACTS POSITIVE THINGS!! STAY POSITIVE AND KEEP SMILING!!


1 GRAM DAB . Went in on a gram of skywalker OG about 30 seconds too hot lol. It’s from @brassmonkeyusa , this stuff is an Indica dominant strain that packs a punch. . Y’all know I gotta put smoke in the air first with that bong rip of some good flower off that @texas_tubes beaker. Time for the gram. I heated my @cloutproducts thick ass banger up and went in way too hot. It retains heat very well. Now its about to get cloudy in here. CHEERS AND MUCH LOVE . PUSHIN POSITIVITY ATTRACTS POSITIVE THINGS!!


Taking a stroll on this beautiful day!! . Look for the good in all things. Be a difference in this world. Be the reason someone smiles. Strive for greatness. Push positivity. Never give up!! . It’s easy to medicate with the dabatoke by @megatokebyyets Dual chamber for flower, concentrate or both at the same time. Use code SD420 at checkout. . PUSHIN POSITIVITY ATTRACTS POSITIVE THINGS!! STAY POSITIVE AND STAY SMILING!!


LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT SO MAKE IT GREAT!! . Today I decided to do a combo before I do a combo. Lol. some mornings you need to go little bit harder than others. But just know your limitations and expectations. . People are their own worst critics, never having faith in there selves and always giving up. You need to know your self worth and value and push yourself to the limits. Follow your dreams, know what you want and never give up. . HAVE A GREAT DAY YALL . PUSHIN POSITIVITY ATTRACTS POSITIVE THINGS!! . RIPPIN and REPPIN- donut rig from @dailyhighclub , @pureglass water bottle rig from @highlifegoods , coffee cup pipe from @zangproducts , and my shirt is from my homie @mr.h_greenthumb !! ALL LOVE ALL THE TIME!


COOL COMBO! . This was more of a rip and sip combo but with those glasses on I couldn’t call it anything else than a COOL COMBO. . I poured some cream soda in my recycler mug from @smokeshopauction And topped it off with some mango @puffsauce1 ! Smoke in the air first off my V2 from @megatokebyyets Now I’m ready for the combo. Dabatoke rip out the henny rig from @hemperco And a Megatoke XL rip before the chug!! GREAT WAY TO END YOUR DAY AND BEGIN YOUR NIGHT! . Some videos go right on the first try and some take about 20 to get right. I’m not sure if you can tell or not but this was one that took about 20 times to get right. LOL but it all works out at the end because never giving up will always lead you to the finish line. . PUSHIN POSITIVITY ATTRACTS POSITIVE THINGS!!

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