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Freedom! The horse embodies freedom, freedom the human spirit craves, linked to the ancients over thousands of millennia.

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PART III: The Bump — Level II “Nothing is more revealing than movement. The body says what words cannot.” ~Martha Graham The bump, the push….I cannot tell you how difficult it was to find an image that represents this next level of agonistic behavior displayed here by these two, gorgeous stallions of the Pryor Mountain Range. In fact, I spent the better part of Sunday scanning six years of work from North Dakota to Utah, with stops in Colorado, and finally Wyoming to find an example! Using their head, neck, or shoulders to apply forceful contact with another horse is Level II - The Bump! I did notice that I had more images of foals and yearlings displaying this behavior versus the stallions, and I did not find one image of a mare/mare displaying this behavior. Of course…because this behavior isn’t one of the most heart stopping images to capture could be one of the other reasons I don’t have many samples of it. I liken this to the first revealing movement to the ensuing fast and fancy footwork in the dance of stallions! No words are needed once a viewer understands that this bump movement sets the stage for the most exciting dance steps and maneuvers in the world of wild, agonistic behavior in our beloved wild horses! Believe me from here to the next levels of agonistic behavior the blood starts pumpin'! Have an amazing hump day in your part of the world! Thanks for following along, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support! #betheirvoice #wildhorses #mustangs #adoptamustang #makeadifference #standforsomething #thinkoutsidethebox #stallions #pryormountains #thecloudfoundation #fingerprintofgod at Pryor Mountains


PART II: The Threat — Level I, Mares vs Stallions “Intruder on level one. All aliens, please proceed to level one.” ~Anna Lee I chuckle again at this quote….”Intruder on level one!” In my mind I can hear Maiden saying to the young ones..."Don't worry, I got this alien!" Maiden's laid back ears clearly exhibiting the first level of agonistic behavior at the threat of the alien intruder, wild, band stallion Flax. Flax with his gorgeous arched neck and flaxen mane tipped toward Maiden. Flax is clearly on the prowl for new ladies and had approached from below wild, band stallion Sidekick’s harem the morning of this image. It was quite exciting, one of my favorite mornings of behavior observations—stallion/stallion, mare/intruder stallion, harem mare/band stallion. I am sure you will be seeing more images from this morning. This is your kickoff to the weekend! Make it a great one in your part of the world and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support! See you Monday with more from the western range and the wilds of TRNP as we work through the seven levels of agonism behavior in America's beloved wild horses! Can't wait to share with you Level 7! #fingerprintofgod #adoptamustang #betheirvoice #makeadifference #findsolutions #wildhorses #horses #standforsomething #mytrnp #stallions #respectnature #pferd #caballo #horsesofinstagram #wildhorsepc #ig_nature at Theodore Roosevelt National Park


PART I: The Threat – Level I "What if I take you apart and turn you into a toaster oven, how would you like that tin can?” ~Julie Kagawa I giggle when I see the first initial and most common agonistic behavior between stallions, thus the tongue in cheek quote! Can you imagine the conversation between these two stallions as they begin the process of demonstrating the potential for the seven levels of agonistic behavior? “Dude, who you calling a tin can?” You get the drift! These two wild stallions from the Rock Springs, Wyoming area are displaying the most common and least intense form of the seven levels of agonistic behavior with the arched necks and their heads tipped toward each other and all because of that sweet little filly. Even mares will do this type of behavior with other mares, or mares and stallions, those threat behaviors more often include laid back ears. Most dominance and conflicts are resolved by these gestures alone and never escalate to the next level. We often see youngsters exhibiting the different levels of agonism in play, but that isn’t considered threat behavior, it is considered comfort. Behavior is fascinating to me and when I become so engrossed watching and observing the wilds in their natural element, I often miss capturing the moment. Remember, the best way to learn behavior is from a distance of a 100 yards or more through binoculars, then the wilds will reveal who they truly are and be sure to allow a huge space of time, because I guarantee you will be pulled into their wildness! Come back and visit as we go through the next six levels of increasing intensity over the next week or so as I scramble to be gone for a month to one of my favorite places and almost a second home, Medora, ND! I am so stinkin’ excited to be a part of the Medora Foundations Artist in Residence Program. My office area is stacking up with art work! Have a beautiful day in your part of the world! Thank you, as always, from the bottom of my heart. I hope their spirit talks to yours and remember…..hold your own wild to its highest form of reverence! Stay Wild! (Behavior resource: "Quantifying Equid Behavior")


A wild wanderess! Love the wild mares who are the keepers of life! We humans of the female form are also wanderers and kindred in spirit, as we face many of the same obstacles and decisions but 'most' of us are lucky enough to have a say, a voice in those decisions. She and thousands like her all over the western range will need homes as they are gathered over the coming months and years. Are you prepared to make a difference? Millions of Americans have never met a former wild one and may not know their story! How can we make that happen? Are you prepared to help our wilds become so sought after there is a LONG waiting list to adopt one? A lot like the wild Kaimanawas of New Zealand! I'm in...will you join me! #betheirvoice #fingerprintofgod #standforsomething #adoptamustang #wildhorses #wildmustangs #wildhorsepc #thinkoutsidethebox #ig_nature #horses #instahorses #pferd #caballos


This lovely, cremelo mare that lives wild in the Onaqui HMA near Dugway, UT may be one of the many gathered as part of the BLM's ongoing management plan to maintain a healthy range, as needed to continue to sustain all wildlife, including the wild ones, America's beloved wild horses. Are you prepared to provide her a forever home if she becomes available for adoption or will she languish the rest of her life in a long term holding facility? There is nothing more surreal than looking out in your own pasture and seeing a living piece of history you can call your own. Gives me goosebumps every time I look out and see Ms. Pinnacles, our once wild filly we adopted in 2016. As soon as we have reclaimed more of our land for pasture, we will adopt one more wild! In the mean time we must all do our best to be their voice! Off the range former wilds and horses targeted for gathers desperately need us to find them homes! We, you and I, need to sing their worth to everyone we know---horse person and non-horse person alike. Be Their Voice! #adoptamustang #betheirvoice #thinkoutsidethebox #bethesolution #adoption #wildhorses #stallions #wildmares #horses #insta_horse #wildhorsepc #onaquimountainwildhorses #onaquihma #utah #fingerprintofgod #shotwithlove at Dugway, Utah


The wilds in the Great Basin! Enjoy this sassy wild, band stallion! He knows not that he is small, he knows only that he is mighty! The wind howled in the desert this late, late afternoon last Saturday. #wildhorses #adoptamustang #betheirvoice #standforsomething #instahorse #stallions #desert #ig_captures #horsesofinstagram #fingerprintofgod #thinkoutsidethebox


Almost the weekend! I'll be chasing wilds again in a few short hours! The wilds of Utah! Thank you, as always, from the bottom of my heart for your support of America's wild horses! Thank you for all your thoughts and ideas on how to solve the adoption crisis for those living legends! #betheirvoice #standforsomething #fingerprintofgod #adoption #wildhorses #stallions #mustangs #thinkoutsidethebox #makeadifference #ig_naturelovers #horsesofinstagram #livinglegends


I shared this on our former wild ones page @born_of_fires a week or so ago. I kept the name we gave her as a few day old filly. We being myself and two other CSU techs in the spring of 2015. She was born wild in @theodorerooseveltnps and I was, at that time working on the Fly Without Wings body of work, in addition to working on the CSU wild horse contraceptive research project being conducted in TRNP. Our jobs as techs are to document the birthing rate of the mares living wild in TRNP. For documentation purposes only, the horses are given an identification name and the naming theme for 2015 was national parks. When Lincoln, Melissa, and myself documented that sweet little filly the morning of April 17th, 2015 I had no idea how blessed our lives would be by her tiny, blue eyed presence! For she bears the same blue eye of her smokin' hot sire, Blaze. The wild stallion who changed my life! His wild spirit was and still is an inspiration to me, even though he changed worlds in 2017. So with much thought we choose the name Pinnacles because it's a land "born of fires" and her sire is Blaze. She has lots of names now, most often it's just P. But she also is known by Ms. P, Princess P, Sweet P, and quite often I will say to her, "Oh P", and I'm pretty sure that may turn into "Opie"!!! 😱 I share this today because so many of America's wild horses need amazing forever homes. P is one of the lucky ones. That sweet little girl reaching out to her is Ellie, or Noelia Rose, our youngest granddaughter. P is ever so patient and drawn to the young ones and Ellie may never have had a chance to experience a wild if it were not for Ms. P. As many of America's youth today have limited to no experience with nature. That's part of P's task...as my husband and I continue to think of ways to give back to the wilds, not only through donations of a percentage my wild horse print sales but also by using our small 'farmette' to reach out to those at risk of losing their connection to nature, or to provide a place for those who have never connected with nature! You can make a difference too! Volunteer at a BLM facility. Talk wilds to everyone! The list is long!!! Dream Big! at Frontenac, Minnesota


Love a wild horse with no name! Makes them so much more wild to me! I can see their uniqueness with no preconceived ideas. I'm also a sucker for light! Combine the light with my other weakness, bay stallions and what do I get? What a wild horse means to me: Spirit!!! Have an amazing week in your part of the world! I hope to see this stallion of the #onaquimountainwildhorses again soon, a few short days away. #betheirvoice #standforsomething #adoption #adoptamustang #thinkoutsidethebox #bethesolution #wildhorses #mustangs #stallions #ig_exquisite #wildhorsepc #goandcapturethelight #caballos #pferd at Dugway, Utah


A future wild band stallion! Known as Xander, he lives wild in @theodorerooseveltnps and is four-years-old. He has big hoofprints to fill as his sire is the wild stallion, Thunder Cloud. A few weeks prior to this image he was being pushed from the nest by his sire, but the last week of May, Jamie of @thismustanglife and I witnessed him firmly back with his natal band. That process will start again, as @jackie_scherer shared in her post, the process of growing up!!! The beginning of greatness, for as Joe Sabah says, "You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great." Have an amazing weekend in your part of the world! Thank you to each of you for all your support and encouragement and for being the voice for America's wild horses! #betheirvoice #fingerprintofgod #wildhorses #stallions #standforsomething #adoption #adoptamustang #standforsomething #findsolutions #thinkoutsidethebox #mytrnp #wildhorsepc #ig_blackandwhite #ig_nature #horses #caballo #pferdeschoenheiten at Medora, North Dakota


Can you do it? Will you be part of the solution to solving the crisis in America? The adoption crisis that your beloved wild horses face? Will you be part of the solution to the biggest hurdle in managing our wild ones? #betheirvoice #thinkoutsidethebox #fingerprintofgod #wildhorses #stallions #mustangs #adoption #ig_nature #standforsomething #wildhorsepc #awesome_earthpics #hubs_united #wildlifefriend at Medora, North Dakota


The exquisite beauty of a wild mare when bathed in the late light of the day, gives me shivers and leaves me in awe that we were blessed to witness this moment in time! Ember's Girl, born in 2006, in @theodorerooseveltnps is one of the lucky wild mares. Her landscape will provide water and sustenance even in the bleakest of times, unlike many of her wild brethren who live in desert areas where water is scarce and food is gone and harem mares give everything they have to their foals, leaving them racks of bones. We must think outside the box to find solutions for America's wild horses! We must work together and stop placing blame and pointing fingers. The adoption crisis is real. America's wild horses need you....US....to be their voice! I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being a voice, for looking past the status quo, and standing up for their contribution to this amazing country! We must find homes for those wilds who can no longer be wild and free on land that cannot sustain them. They deserve a forever place, where they can be cared for and not have to fight and die for food and water. #standforsomething #fingerprintofgod #betheirvoice #makeadifference #adoption #adoptamustang #thinkoutsidethebox #bethesolution #ig_exquisite #horsesofinstagram #wildhorses #mustangs #caballos #wildhorsepc #raw_horses at Medora, North Dakota


Run Trooper Run! He had a 'hay' day hanging with the wild 'East Side' boys last week in @theodorerooseveltnps! In this scene he was running back and forth between wild, band stallion Vamoose, and the East Side boys - Urban, Evans, Sebastian, and Marty. Summer on the flats in TRNP has begun in earnest! (Love my big lens, allowing moments like this to be brought to you up close!) #betheirvoice #fingerprintofgod #standforsomething #makeadifference #adoptamustang #thinkoutsidethebox #findsolutions #wildhorses #wildhorsepc #mustangs_of_instagram #mustangs #mytrnp #stallions #ig_nature #horsesofinstagram at Medora, North Dakota


Last week was a blast hanging with the one and only Jamie B of @thismustanglife in @theodorerooseveltnps! The only thing that marred our visit was realizing our first night shooting that Domino had lost her 2018 foal to unknown causes. Other than that we were totally entertained by the "Boys of Summer" on the flats! So much we saw, so awesomely blessed we were by all the antics provided by the wilds who live in the amazing badlands of TRNP! I can't wait to get home this week from shooting grapes in Sonoma county, so I can share stories and images from TRNP. Hugs to you all and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support and encouragement! #horsesofinstagram #ig_photooftheday #mytrnp #nikon #wildhorsepc #betheirvoice #adoptamustang #standforsomething #fingerprintofgod #blackandwhite #raw_horses at Medora, North Dakota


Remember to remember those who have changed worlds. A nod to the heavens, a bowed head, a rose at a gravesite, a whisper of love....however you choose to express your heart to those you held dear, they love us still from their far away mystere! All the wilds we hold dear, use each day to remember their ancestral contribution to making America the great nation she is today. #memorialday #fingerprintofgod #betheirvoice #adoptamustang #thinkoutsidethebox #stallions #onaquimountainwildhorses #wildhorses #mustangs #ig_photooftheday #horsesofinstagram #wildhorsepc #sunrise_sunsets_aroundworld #raw_horses #shotwithlove at Dugway, Utah


I can't say enough great things about how awesome our They Shoot Horses workshops were the past two weekends! Thank you to each of you who made it an amazing adventure and overcame the adverse conditions!! A prescribed fire the first weekend leaving the landscape charred and black, to dark cloudy days the second weekend, but we all managed to witness incredible sights! Like this one of wild band stallion, Cloud, running right by us!!!! #betheirvoice #fingerprintofgod #standforsomething #thinkoutsidethebox #adoptamustang #wildhorses #photoworkshop #ig_photooftheday #wildmustangs #stallions #horsesofinstagram #shotwithlove #raw_horses #wildhorsepc #horses #nikon #mytrnp #westernartandarchitecture #equineart at Theodore Roosevelt National Park


The light, the wild landscape, a gorgeous stallion! That's what was presented to us yesterday morning here in the badlands @theodorerooseveltnps! Have an amazing day in your part of the world! #betheirvoice #standforsomething #adoptamustang #thinkoutsidethebox #findsolutions #fingerprintofgod #mytrnp #wildmustangs #stallions #wildhorsepc #ig_wildplace #ig_photooftheday #respectnature #visualambassadors #horsesplanet at Theodore Roosevelt National Park

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