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Type One Lulu ❤️ TM 💘

1994 Honda Civic featured in Honda Tuning 2012 October issue

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Go away rain so I can cruise the hatch #hondaoutfit #nwp4life #spoonsports


Awesome day today got to meet Ian Sinclair very nice guy and have him sign my Metallic Whis pop and my Dragon Ball board & got to have @mikemcfarlandva sign my board super nice guy as well second time getting a sig from him. And a special thanks to my Marie for coming with me to Austin can’t wait for the next con to go to. #dragonballsuper #dragonballz #wizardworldaustin at Wizard world comic con Austin


Cool weekend got to meet Mr Android 17 Chuck Huber and have him sign my board & a pic for the homie @advanrg54 #android17 #dragonballsuper #dragonballz @chuckhuber


Did my best to clean up the sticker had like some kind of black tar on the outer edges maybe try to get a replacement sticker made or just keep it as it is. Have had this for a while got it as a gift from the homie @bricknerftw #spoonsports #spoonsportstypeone


Doesn’t look so bad for a car not washed in over 4 years #hondaoutfit #spoonsports #nwp4life #eh2


Vegetas Final Flash at the end. 😂💀 #dbs @advanrg54


👉🏻 Cant wait to see the new DBS movie in both versions Japanese dub and English dub BROLY looks beast glad I got that exclusive BROLY this morning. #dragonballsuper #broly #dbs @advanrg54


Wishing I could go and check out the appearance & cosmetic / build threads on NWP4LIFE but the links won’t load. 😔 #nwp4life #tbt #socialmediakilledthegorums


TE37 Tuesday 😔 #spoonsports #hondaoutfit #nwp4life #te37tuesday


Happy Birthday to my bff Brooke 🎉🎊🎁 #parterincrime


Wheel Wednesday? #spoonsports #spoonsportstypeone #nwp4life


Amazing time at the Kameha-Con with my bestie who stepped in cause Marie wasn’t feeling well. We had a lot of fun got to meet some very friendly voice actors and get them to autograph my pops 😆. Plus meeting Ryo Horikawa the voice of Vegeta in Japan was awesome Can’t wait for the next one! #dragonballsuper #dragonballz #kamehacon


Another great weekend with Marie @t.m.stroney


Happy 1 year anniversary to my lovely Marie Love you 😘 @t.m.stroney


Need to get you back on the road again #hondaoutfit #nwp4life #spoonsports #teamslipstream


J went 2-2 ⚾️ Astor’s FTW #slidhome


Spoon Sunday #hondaoutfit #nwp4life #spoonsports


Was so cool to meet the voice actors for Dragon Ball and get a pic and autograph on my Super Saiyan Blue pops cant wait for Kameha-con next month #dradonball #dragonballsuper #dragonballz #seanshemmel #christophersabat

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